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2023 Declarations #1

I declare that in 2023:
1. THERE WILL BE A Fresh Outpouring of the Supernatural.
Kids Version: We declare that we will speak the words that bring heaven to earth.
Numerous people will be anointed by THE Prophet to prophesy awesome stuff. Your cry will be “Oh, God, let me prophesy the awesome, the extraordinary, the unconventional of your power, your love, your compassion, your wisdom, your provision.”
1Cor.14:3,TPT—“But when someone prophesies, he speaks to encourage people, to build them up, and to bring them comfort.”
(You may watch the service at Grace when Marty gave the 2023 Declarations here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVGOsYMU5dY) Move slider over to 55:55 where Marty begins speaking.

Shortages and Scarce Supply

Kathy—Days of Elijah were times of shortages and scarce supply.  The God-backed stand we take must pivot on obedience to God’s will and directions. After Elijah confronted the king, the Lord told him to leave and go hide near Cherith Creek.  He was to drink water from the creek, and eat the food God told the ravens to bring him. Elijah obeyed the LORD and ravens brought him bread and meat twice a day.  He drank water from the creek, but after a while, it dried up because there was no rain.  The drought lasted over three years and everyone was affected.  The shortages even reached Elijah, but so did God’s detailed plans and supernatural provisions. After the airmail deliveries stopped, the Lord told Elijah to go to Zarephath where a widow would give him food.  At first the widow adamantly told him she couldn’t feed him because she was also in scarcity and lack. In fact, she was planning her last meal before dying, but there was Divine connection between Elijah’s lack and the widow’s shortage of supplies. That connection not only brought provision for both of them, it also revealed a supernatural resource for both of them. We too shall come through days of Elijah having experienced the miraculous of our God and His planned connections.


Kathy—Workers of darkness are counterfeiters, but counterfeit shouldn’t be mistaken to mean “NOT REAL.”  Counterfeit money is real and even spendable, but it is not authorized, NOT LEGAL!  Some workers of darkness are frauds practicing trickery to deceive people into believing they have supernatural powers at their disposal, like magicians who learn quick hand tricks or slip through panels to disappear.  Others can actually produce supernatural displays because they have tapped into the spirit realm and (knowingly or not) have agreed and connected their lives to spirit forces of wickedness. So, like Moses, we are not here to deny the power of darkness, we are here to de-fang it and defeat it.

Creation is Groaning

Kathy — Creation is groaning for people of God to do supernatural things and bring God’s order. Children WalkWaterperceive it early on. It’s in the DNA of their spirit to reach beyond natural to supernatural. That’s why they love video games that take them beyond natural limits. If we don’t teach them to know God, they won’t know they were born to walk on water or heal the blind WHEN it is obedience to Father’s instructions. Rom.8:19,TPT—“The entire universe is standing on tiptoe [i.e., intense anticipation], yearning to see the unveiling of God’s glorious sons and daughters!”

All we Were Born to Do

Kathy — Whatever is on the horizon, God does not intend that we live in fear or dread. We are to live in expectancy that we will do all that we were born to do and that the supernatural presence and power of God Almighty will be manifest through our lives to His glory. Ps 91:7, TPT — “Even in a time of disaster, with thousands and thousands being killed, you will remain unscathed and unharmed.”

That Was Then But This is Now

“They” are still saying, “That was then but this is now. What God did then, doesn’t happen now.” Jesus preached to 5,000 at one time. Reinhard Bonnke preaches to hundreds of thousands at a time. In one service, entire cities are accepting Jesus Christ as Savior. On one island in the South Pacific, the king and his prime minister help oversee Gospel ministries and the training of ministers which are being sent to Europe. Those who say “that was then but this is now” don’t really mind quoting the old hymn which speaks of God having worked in “mysterious ways, His wonders to perform” but they are not inclined to trust Him to work in mysterious ways now. However, God is working in mysterious ways and performing wonders quite out of the ordinary in the earth, in this hour. In this hour God will have a supernatural people who are no strangers to His supernatural ways.

Sons and Groaning Communities

Streetcrowd(Kathy Gabler) What “used to be” is not the witness that will impact a community or a region for the Kingdom.  I AM is being misrepresented if He is not present tense and awesome.  If we refuse to allow pride or fear to keep us from fresh and timely obedience, sons of God will be redefined and repositioned as needed and we will flow into a momentum that causes the good plans of God to manifest.  The groaning (Rom.8:19) communities and regions will reel with the supernatural results and exponential harvest that He has planned.

(This excerpt is from a message by KATHY GABLER. Kathy is speaking
at Kingdom Equipping Congress 2016. The theme is
“Sons/Daughters of the Kingdom”.)

KATHY GABLER is speaking at the Kingdom Equipping Congress.
KEC2016 March 2-4, 2016
Audio excerpt Kathy at KEC:
More Info on KEC2016:




SEEC Magazine Volume 18 Issue 6




SEEC Magazine — Ministry Magazine of Marty & Kathy Gabler
Volume 18  Issue 6  — December2014/January2015


Click on cover.
After magazine opens, scroll down to read.


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Signs And Wonders And God In The Moment

Signs And Wonders And God In The Moment (Kathy Gabler)

It’s amazing that after over 2000 years we still struggle to think like the Last Adam, but we haven’t really been trained by the church or experience to take dominion and participate in the increase of God’s government.  No Wonder, before Jesus said the Kingdom of heaven is within reach (Matt4:17), He said repent (consider things differently and change your mind.)  We can repent and learn to think beyond what is to what should be.  Kingdom thinking impacts the natural with the supernatural! (Matt6:10)  One key to being part of that impact is that we do not look for miracles, signs and wonders; rather, we look for God in the moment.

The Kingdom Template For Developing Leaders