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Understanding “Kingdom Come”

KG Brenham 1-31-21bKathy — I have prayed or read or quoted or sang the phrase, Thy Kingdom come, for years without really being aware of the magnitude of what I was saying.  In my early understanding, Thy Kingdom come was a reference to heaven and eternity only.  So it was like a salutation, a verbal salute, before beginning the actual prayer of Thy will be done on earth as in heaven.  I’m fairly sure a good percentage of the Church prays the Lord’s Prayer with a similar paradigm which boils down to this: may heaven be ours someday and meanwhile, Thy will be done in things concerning the earth.   However, there is a different understanding of the Kingdom of God in the light of  Psa 145:13:  “Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and Your rule endures throughout all generations.”  Rather than a place and a future existence, the Kingdom is the rule of God, His power, His authority and His government and order in effect already, in fact, for all generations.

Unique Participation

Kathy — According to the way you as an individual process and function, God knows how to make things clear to you. Then the way you participate in His Kingdom coming to earth will likely be unique, something that I nor anyone else but you would ever do. The Kingdom lifestyle, bottom line, is basic obedience that facilitates God’s will and influence and power and purpose coming into a life or a town or a situation or a church or a business or a family, etc. There is no way to list all the unexpected turns or varying ways that obedience may be walked out. We have a friend who took care of her household diligently for years. At the same time, she cared for many others with her gift of hospitality and ran her own business. I’m sure she did not foresee her part in the Kingdom of God on earth would also include raising and sowing into the lives of three small step-grandchildren even after she transitioned into widowhood. Her story is a vivid example of the unpredictable uniquenesses of living a Kingdom lifestyle and seeing the will of God done on earth as in heaven. There is literally nothing like it and nothing with more God-infused fulfillment. 


Kathy — We have to have our minds renewed to think like our Father. A renewed mind equips us to walk in dominion because we are enabled to discern both what’s going on and what to allow in earth that aligns with “as in heaven”. When Jesus taught the disciples to pray “Father, Your will be done on earth as in heaven”, who knew how much the answer to that prayer would extensively involve sons and daughters? We are all involved in this heaven-to-earth process, and our starting posture is looking to Him.