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Prophecy Book Release at DVP2017

DVP2017 Location: Grace International Church just north of Houston.
Click on this link:  DREAMS VISIONS PROPHECY 2017



Occupy UNTIL

In recent days preachers, e-mailers and ministry newsletters have been proclaiming the near end of all things — that there is no more to come. One of the first signs of agreement is that some people even stop paying tithes and some missionaries have had to leave their posts of duty because certain sentiment dictates withdrawal of support. While certain sentiment has been the cause of withdrawing financial enablement, fear over unknown economic fallout of current events has also been a factor. One preacher spoke to a conference of leaders and proclaimed our need to prepare the next generation and our need to pour ourselves into that generation. The speaker that followed him got up and proclaimed that its all over with, we’re out of here and we each need to be ready to meet our Maker. The latter speaker received more response. There is a sudden rise in concern to see that everyone is ready to meet Jesus and that is, indeed, important. Yet it cannot be simplistically important at the expense of all else. People are not to be simply prepared to miss hell but to become a productive part of the Kingdom of God and a lively member fitly joined (in rank and order) to the Body of Christ (Eph 4:16). Jesus left us with the mandate of “occupying until” He returns (Lk 19:13). Strong tells us that “occupy” means to “busy oneself with”, “to trade”. Thayer says that “occupy” means “to carry on a business”. There is plenty of Father’s business yet to be done and when our Lord does return, He should find us slap dab in the middle of doing it with all the strength, passion and resources that we can muster to do it with. (Marty is speaking at DREAMS VISIONS PROPHECY 2017  Sept.22-24 at Grace Int. Church just north of Houston. 936-856-2455)  Info: DVP2017



Discovery Conference  October 6-7, 2017
Livingstones Church   Tomball,TX  at the edge of Houston.
Team: Shawn O’Hearn, Bubby Morgan, Dr. Terry Thompson, Marty Gabler
Invitation is open to all who are in a life-changing pursuit of God.



Following Signs or Signs Following

News services are using their valuable air time and print space reporting on Christians declaring the end of the world. Christians have said time and time again throughout my lifetime that no generation has seen things worse than they are now, and it is now the end of the world and the coming of the Lord. They have looked up into the sky and sought all manner of natural signs to confirm their suspicions (Gal.4:10). Yet, I find it interesting that not one time have I heard anyone say that no generation of Christians has ever been more like Jesus than this generation (even after all these years and all these centuries of church attendance and observing the stars and dispensational charts). Amos has a great suggestion: “SEEK HIM that maketh the seven stars and Orion… THE LORD IS HIS NAME:” (Amos 5:8) Could it be that Amos would rather have us take valuable time and effort we are using to seek signs and actually use it to SEEK The LORD?

Apostle Paul’s great concern was not to get Christians off the planet but to, somehow, labor and strive until they were conformed to the image of Christ (Gal.4:19).  Hopefully there will come a time when we become weary with following signs and we turn around and look behind us to see if there are any signs following us. (Mark 16:17) “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;”  It’s not time for the end. It’s time for the sons of God to be manifest (have signs follow them) as the answer to the groaning of creation (Rom.8:19,22). Then maybe news services will have something really worthwhile to report about what Christians are saying AND doing.
(Marty is speaking at DREAMS VISIONS PROPHECY 2017  Sept.22-24 at Grace Int. Church just north of Houston. 936-856-2455)

Detailed information is at this link:  DREAMS VISIONS PROPHECY 2017

Dreaming and Instruction

As the people of God assemble today, may they hear what they need to hear from their Lord and Savior for victory in all aspects of their life in the coming week. May they, throughout the week, know that they are under the eye and care of God Almighty so that they dream the dreams that are instruction from the Lord. (Job 33:15-16) “In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; 16 Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction,”  (DREAMS VISIONS PROPHECY 2017  Sept.22-24)


God Equips Us For The Weapon

While thinking about recent events I had to deal with, the scripture Isaiah 54:17 “no weapon formed against you will prosper” came up again. This time, however, I saw it differently. I think a lot of times this is used as a defensive scripture when really it is an offensive scripture! God equips us for the weapon BEFORE, not after, it is formed against us. The reason the weapon doesn’t prosper is because He already set countermeasures in place prior to its launch. He already equipped you with everything necessary to walk out of this battle in tact. That, my friends, is an offensive scripture loaded for battle! —Melissa Gabler (Melissa will be speaking on “Prophetic Lifestyle” at DREAMS VISIONS PROPHECY 2017 Sept.22-24)
Detailed Information Click Here: DREAMS VISIONS PROPHECY 2017


Strategic Dreams

A friend called with a strategic dream that was an answer to her prayer. She has been in a on-going trial at work and is weary of the situation. She asked God if she could leave the situation. In her dream she was a nurse in an emergency room and she was tending to three patients. A doctor walked in and she was relieved to see him because she knew he was a trustworthy doctor. He told her to go get something and she was walking quickly down a long hall. A door opened in the hall and a lady walked out. In the dream she realized it was angel. The angel beckoned her to come with her. But she knew the care for the three patients must be finished first, so she asked the angel if she could check with her tomorrow. The angel answered yes and walked back through a door which disappeared as it closed.
The trustworthy doctor was the Great Physician coming on the scene to intervene. That is why she knew Him and was so glad to see Him. Often, as in this case, a hall represents transition or moving from one place to another, one opportunity to another. She was encouraged to realize that He had given her instructions to enter a transition time, and allowed her to glimpse a new door, an opportunity divinely provided. Her sense of integrity kept her there to finish with the three patients. The three patients symbolized the three years of trial of her “patience” with her co-worker. She actually passed a test of character when she chose not to go through the door and to stay until finished because “three” also is significant of completing a divine process and purpose. And as the angel said, there will be another divine opportunity when the time is right.—Kathy (Kathy Gabler will be speaking at DREAMS VISIONS PROPHECY 2017 – September 22-24 at Grace Int. Church just north of Houston. 936-856-2455) Info: DVP2017