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Available Imagination

A child is always full of anticipation and is always using their imagination to carry them beyond the mundane of ever-present limitations. When children approached Jesus in Mark 10:13-15 He expressed a desire to be surrounded by them and their minds ripe with anticipation. He announced to GirlLookingUpthe deeply, zealous religious people around Him that He desired they become like those little ones who don’t try entering the Kingdom with agendas, preconceived ideas, preferences and jaded imaginations which leave no room for the limitless possibilities of Almighty God. It would appear from this context that we will not see (v.15) the awesome, mind-shattering acts of the rule and power of Jehovah unless we approach Him with an imagination and attitude of anticipation to enter into His redemptive workings in this hour of unprecedented need and opportunity. Many have made their time, talents and money available to God to do the predictable, but mustn’t we make our childlike imaginations available to participate with a God Who has never been creatively stagnant and Who has never bowed to limit Himself to the mundane?

Marty audio excerpt: “God’s Will Has Never Changed”