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As You Go

As the people of God assemble today may they rejoice in sharing with each other inhandofgodthe good news of what Father God is doing in the lives that they are touching as they go about preaching the Kingdom of God. May the propane man, and the plumber and the A/C man and the babysitter tell others about what they experienced of a touch from God when they came into contact with each of us. “And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ (Matt.10:7) “As we go” we can tell people that God’s authority, rule, government and power are at hand to meet them where they are.

The Word – The Rock

Stand On WordThe Goliath of this age: the mind, the thinking, the reasoning of opposition in this hour of history must be hit with THE Rock, i.e., His Word, His righteousness, His purpose, His Name, His actions… consistently. None of these can have effect without a biblical worldview foremost in the hearts and actions of sons/daughters of God. For David, nothing in his life was separate from the Word and purpose of God.(1Sam17:45)

Unprecedented Victory

StoneSlingshotDavid hit Goliath in the mind with a rock. That resulted in an unprecedented victory. There are unprecedented events that are making history for the first time. There are more to come. Unheard-of giants must be met with unprecedented courage and means. “I will work a work in your days, which you will not believe, though it be told you. (Hab.1:5; Acts13:41)

The Rock Doesn’t Move

rock_hugeOne of the types of Christ in the Bible is a Rock. The Rock we are instructed to build upon in Mt.7:24 is none other than Jesus. The Rock doesn’t move or shake or crack because there are things leaking in deep parts of the ocean. The Rock is steady and firm no matter what political system or false god is threatening with teeming hordes within our borders or outside them. Run to the Rock and stay on the Rock.

Breaking Out Starts With Us

ChainsBrokenTwenty generations of Israel had known nothing but slavery. Master commands and slave responds. No freedom and no fulfillment, just like many today. We can break in our generation the things that have bound us so that the coming generation does not have to live under them. If we remain under the bondage of past generations, so will our children. The breaking out starts with us. (Gen.13:14)

Setting Your Face

HandEyes.jpgIsaiah shows Messiah setting his face like flint (Isa.50:7) as He heads toward Jerusalem. He could not be dissuaded from His purpose. “Steadfastly set His face…”(Lk.9:51) means “courage, firmness, resolution”. There are goals yet to reach, purpose yet to fulfill and mature sons of God will accomplish what they are purposed for and will not shrink back or change their minds just because circumstances threaten.

Answer Creation’s Groaning

walk waterKathy — Our children perceive early we are called to answer creation’s groaning. It’s in the DNA of their spirit to reach beyond natural to supernatural. That’s why they love video games that take them beyond natural limits. If we don’t teach them to know God and think like He thinks, they won’t know they were born to walk on water or heal the blind WHEN it is obedience to Father’s instructions. Ps145:5