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Hide In God

As the people of God assemble in their homes and around their computer screens to Under Wing.jpgjoin in worship and the Word may they be strengthened, encouraged and comforted by the life of the risen Christ Who has already risen victorious over the grave, let alone any other life-defying thing. May they hide in Yahweh Who is the God of heaven and earth and the One Who protects and sustains His children. “Please, God, show me mercy!Open your grace-fountain for me, for you are my soul’s true shelter. I WILL HIDE beneath the shadow of your embrace, under the wings of your cherubim, until this terrible trouble is past.” (Ps.57:1, TPT)

The Lord is our Refuge




As the people of God assemble today
may they not be afraid of the terror
by night nor the arrow that flies by
day and may they not rehearse those
matters but rather encourage one
another and say that the Lord is our
Refuge, our Fortress, the One we lean
on and confidently trust in. (Ps.91:2)

Watch Outside by the Fireside

Outside by the Fireside with Marty Kathy and Melissa Gabler.
They discuss Psalm 91 and the One Who is our Refuge from
the terror by night and the arrow that flies by day.
Click on the video below:
Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 11.38.37 PM.png


Cuppa Cocoa by the Fireside

Grab your Bible and a cuppa cocoa. Throw an extra log on the fire (I’m gonna throw on a couple of pine cones too) and let’s see what the Word of God says about what we and our families can expect at this time in world events. Kathy will be joining me Outside by the Fireside.
Outside by Fireside

Consequences of Speaking Curses

Criticisms and curses which are being plenteously doled out in this nation will find a place to land. Those undeserving persons for whom they are intended will find that curses are like flitting birds that fly around with no place to land. ”Like the sparrow in her wandering, like the swallow in her flying, So the curse without cause does not come and alight [on the undeserving].” (Prov.26:2, Amp) But that is not the end of it. I have heard it said that the old rabbis taught that the undeserved curse returns to roost on the roof from whence it came. Scholars believe that the wording in the Hebrew text expresses that the unprovoked curse shall return upon him who uttered it. An old Turkish quote says, “Curses, like chickens, always come home to roost.” Much of what sounds like some opinionated smart aleck just sounding off in a microphone, carries with it dire consequences if not repented of. Those who are the subject of undeserved curses should counter the curse by not receiving it and by speaking life over them and theirs, and speaking the covering of the provisions of Psalm 91.
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