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Don’t Miss Creativity

ManTelescopeLook.jpgAs the people of God, what do we need to be watching, listening for and heeding? Watch for creativity and ideas being unleashed that will produce finances, answers, healing, refuge and change in hearts. Deut.28 sounds like we won’t miss creativity and ideas “if” we listen diligently to the voice of the Lord our God, being watchful to do all His commandments. —Melissa Gabler


Healthy and Vibrant

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Possible to Reach God’s Intentions

LightRayGardenPathOn the day of disobedience in the garden, Adam and Eve knew their behavior contradicted their relationship and their righteousness, so they hid. Nothing was neutral or innocent anymore. From that day on everything fell short of God’s intentions. Thousands of years later Jesus came to restore and made it possible to reach God’s intentions again. (1Co.15:22) — Kathy Gabler

Wilderness Seminary

WildernessJesusThe result of Moses taking things into hand within an acceptable timeframe were: (1.) only one Egyptian out of the way; (2.) the status of Israel remained unchanged; and (3.) Moses has just paid full tuition for the next 80 semesters of “The Wilderness Theological Seminary.” After experiencing the wilderness, however, Moses was then ready to receive the mandate that he had been set aside 80 yrs. earlier to carry out. (Heb.3:5)

Enabling Blessings

PraiseMay the Lord bless you with good brain activity and efficient thought processes and may you have better memory recall than you ever have. May He reinforce your cell walls and rejuvenate your organs to operate at full capacity without fail. May the Lord of Heaven restore lost and damaged blood cells and make them healthy and vibrant. May He give you every enabling blessing for His Kingdom purposes. (Prov.14:30)

No Vacancy

Jesus said, “The ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in me (Jn 14:30).” In other words, there was nothing of the nature of the ruler of this world in Jesus NoVacancy.jpgthat he could lay claim to. Everything of God that is in you that is born of the Spirit and the Word, satan cannot lay claim to. He cannot get hold of it and he cannot jerk you around with it. But everything that is akin to his nature, everything in our peevish attitudes, everything in our personality, our fleshliness and carnality that we allow out from under the lordship of Jesus Christ, the prince of this world will get hold of it and jerk us completely off the course of destiny for our lives. And he will use the controlling agendas and side-tracking focus of men’s designs if they can find some greed for power or craving for notoriety within us to hold on to. It is time now to put up neon-bright “No Vacancy” signs on the temples of God which we are, to notify the enemy that we are already obligated to Him who has bought us and we are not our own (1Co 6:19-20).

According to Thy Word

Praise man hands liftedAs the people of God assemble today may they tremble at the Word of God (Isa.66:2) and declare before the Lord “be it unto me according to thy Word” so that His redemptive purposes may be performed through willing hearts in this earth.  Isa 66:2  “…to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word.” Luke 1:38 “And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.”