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What God Can do in a Minute

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In this brief video Melissa addresses the question: “What Can God do in a Minute?”
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Will the Body of Christ Pray?

Jim Hodges2Jim Hodges—“The question is not how much does the Kingdom advance before the King returns. The question is how much will the Body of Christ pray and participate in the agenda of the Kingdom of God in the culture? An increasing Kingdom that was prophesied by Isaiah demands an anointed, activated, and fearless people of God.”
(JIM HODGES will be speaking at Kingdom Congress 2022 March 3 at 7pm. Jim Hodges website: fmci.org   Grace Church Willis: 936-856-2455; All info for KC2022 – martygabler.com/kc2022/)

Like a Lost Sheep

As the people of God assemble today may those who have strayed like a lost sheep respond to the Good Shepherd’s seeking of them. May they not forget His commandments and may they return to the safety of the fold. “I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek, inquire for, and demand Your servant, for I do not forget your commandments.” (Ps.119:176, Amp)

Bitter Roots

Free RootsLarry Burden — Bitter roots are defined as sinful reactions to painful events. The events, themselves, do not cause the root. The reaction to the events is at the core of the bitter root. Bitter roots express themselves as condemning judgments of people or the refusal or inability to forgive those who have hurt us. They manifest as names or careless words that we have either thought about, called others, or said about the ones who have hurt us. They are powerful toxic pollutants that damage and defile our souls and others around us as well. In response to hurts, wounds, or painful events, we express condemning judgments. We may try to push down the hurts, rationalize them, blow them off, or simply just pass them off as no big deal. But they are big deals! Over time these seeds of bitterness will build a root system and, if left unchecked, become the driving force of our personality, manifesting such things as: Cynicism, Apathy, Negativity and more.  (LARRY BURDEN will be speaking at Kingdom Congress 2022 March 2-4. Grace Church Willis: 936-856-2455; All info for KC2022 – martygabler.com/kc2022/)

Delay or Growing in Strength?

Melissa—I love this definition of “threshold”: A point at which something would take effect. There are things that take time to build and hone.  Some things that have seemed like massive delay are things that have been growing in strength, knowledge and size this whole time.  As much as it feels like we have been holding on for dear life just to make it, the truth is our Lord’s intention beyond our understanding has been building steam.  It’s been building to the point of taking effect. We are there.  We are at the threshold and stepping over.  So, even though things may not look different, you are.  What that means is you will now be able to handle things in an EFFECTIVE way.  If you decided to keep holding on, then you need to prepare for this threshold geyser to erupt! And to take it another step deeper, these kind of eruptions can’t help but cause awakening.  When the atmosphere begins to quake, blinders fall off and eyes open.  “Do not remember the former things, Nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness And rivers in the desert.”  (Is. 43:18-19)

Melissa will be leading worship and speaking at the 15th Annual Kingdom Congress on March 3, 2022 at 10:00am.  No Fee
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Transition and Change

KG Brenham 1-31-21bKathy—Transition and change and growth and maturity can feel as drastic and unsettling as war; and the long-standing plans and purposes of God for our generation involve transition and change and growth and maturity. Our goal is NOT to change for change’s sake, but to obey God and let the word of God have effect.  If traditions of men are challenged, let them fight for themselves.  When Gideon tore down the altar of Baal, the men of the city said to his father, “Bring out your son that he may die, for he has torn down the altar of Baal!”  But his dad said, “Are you Baal’s deliverers?  If he is a god, let him contend for himself!  If any traditions of men prove to be God-ordained, they will live.  Meanwhile let’s not be distracted from obedience to give them CPR or keep them on a breathing machine.  We can pray for discernment and wisdom so that we can cut through the fog of emotions and opinions that arise during transition and change and growth and maturity and war.  God’s wisdom will keep us from standing against the changes that He is bringing to His church and our lives.  Jam. 1:5  “But if any of you lack wisdom, you should pray to God, who will give it to you; because God gives generously and graciously to all.” (GNB)
KATHY WILL BE SPEAKING AT KC2022 Mar.4 at 10:00am.
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Keep Out Obsessing

Keep Out!–May the power of the Word of God and enablement of the Holy Spirit help us keep out tendencies to obsess over difficult people.   “Forget about what’s happened;  don’t keep going over old history.  19  Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new…” (Isa.43:18-19a, Msg)

15th Annual Congress

Marty & Melissa Gabler are excited about seeing what the Lord will do in the meetings Mar.2-4,2022 at the 15th Annual Kingdom Congress. They are talking about some of the awesome things Almighty God Jehovah has done in past meetings and some that the healing, delivering Jesus has done in recent days. They are looking forward to the remainder of 2022 and to the future and to the equipping of Holy Spirit for the Kingdom purposes of King Jesus. No Fee to attend. All info for KC2022 is at martygabler.com/kc2022/


Threshold Gateway

Melissa—We are at a new threshold! I sense that this threshold is the gateway to some things that we have held on to for a long time.  These are things that we have considered giving up or walking away from but couldn’t quite let go.  This is a gateway to some promises and manifested dreams, a place of seeing what we know is the character of God right before our eyes. Look at the definition of “threshold”: the starting point of an experience, event, or venture, a level or point at which something would take effect. (Dictionary.com) This speaks to me of something coming all along that we had to be prepared to participate in.  It’s not magic, it’s time.

Melissa will be leading worship and speaking at Kingdom Congress 2022 March 2-4.
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Connecting the Dots

Kathy—Since clarity and connecting the dots is the goal of communication, then pursuing God for wisdom is evidently what He had in mind for us to do.  If we remember the definition of wisdom is sage advice or the act of interpreting dreams and the ability to discover the meaning of a mysterious number or vision, then when we ask for it, we know we are asking for the ability to interpret and discover meanings.  And James 1:5 tells us that if we ask for wisdom, God will give it.  Even if God doesn’t give you a gift with a bow on it like a word of wisdom, He will give you wisdom that leads you in the search and discovery process. Then you will be able to find answers or find resources or references with answers, and once you understand a dream, you can ask for wisdom also to know how to respond to it.

Keeping Our Grip

As the people of God assemble today may they deeply experience the knowledge that Yahweh has a plan and that He may be fully trusted to keep His people on track with His intent regardless of the circumstances and fear-inducing turmoil so readily available on the web and on TV. May they determine and encourage one another that they won’t stop doing anything Jehovah has ordained them to do with any less faith, dedication, enthusiasm or determination than they committed themselves to in the past. Heb 3:14,Msg—“If we can only keep our grip on the sure thing we started out with, we’re in this with Christ for the long haul.”

God Asking, Who is on My Side?

When Joshua saw the man with the sword in his hand he asked, “Are you for us or for our adversaries?” (Josh 5:13) The man said, “No.” Joshua met someone who was not evil that was not on his side. He had to stop and think. We are so concerned about our causes, our comfort and our interests that we seldom stop to find out what God’s causes and interests are in a region or in a season. Many are asking, “What is going on?” I think God is probably asking, “Who is on My side?” “Who truly has My interests at heart?” “Occupy till . . .” (Lk.19:13) sounds like: don’t stop doing anything I have ordained you to do with any less faith, dedication, enthusiasm or determination!  What is going on? What is going on is that “what can be shaken” (Heb.12:27) is being shaken until all that is left standing is an unshakeable Kingdom.  Heb 3:14  If we can only keep our grip on the sure thing we started out with, we’re in this with Christ for the long haul. (The Message)

15th Annual KINGDOM CONGRESS Mar.2-4,2022

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Speakers: Marty, Kathy, Melissa, Jim Hodges, Dr.Crum, Dr.Crawford, Larry Burden
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New Threshold

Melissa—It’s been something else the last month or so! There have been many calls, reports and instances from individuals that could keep one in the prayer closet 24/7 (let alone considering what’s going on nationally).  It’s one of those moments that, while feeling bombarded, you realize there are many feeling the same way so there must be something bigger afoot.  If you are nodding your head in agreement right now I would just like to encourage you. In the middle of a rather intense evening recently my Mom said, “This is a threshold war.”  That was the hammer that struck the gong right there! I then saw me and my family pushing through a clear membrane into a new place. Then around 3:00AM the next morning, I woke up and kept hearing, “You are there.” The only thing left was writing on the wall! We are at a new threshold! 


To Interpret Dreams

Kathy—Genesis 40:8 says, “It is God who gives the ability to interpret dreams.”  I grew up thinking that interpreting dreams was a specialized gift and a calling that God only gave to certain people, but the scripture doesn’t really say that.  When we consider Daniel and Joseph, we find that they pursued wisdom.  They knew that God had answers and they were confident they could go to God to enlighten them, (and they both said as much.)  We too can go to God and ask for wisdom and understanding, and we know that God can release a gift of His Spirit that opens understanding with a word of wisdom or a word of knowledge or discernment or prophecy, etc.  So, I’m beginning to realize that pursuing God’s wisdom and understanding is more the heart of interpretation than seeing it as a specialized or rare gift. 

Issues That are no Longer an Issue

In my post this morning I mentioned that there are some special needs children in the home of seven I was praying for. Night before last, one of the children was taken to the emergency room and checked into the hospital because he was repeatedly throwing up and he has had a diagnosed liver condition as well as pressure behind his eye and a problem with his pancreas. The mom called a number of people to pray. At the insistence of the mom, numerous doctors and specialists were called in yesterday to check him out and run tests. By 2am this morning he was at home because the lead physician on the case said the little boy is alright. Those major issues are no longer an issue! Jesus can heal more than one issue in a person. When they drove up in the driveway at home about 2am, the little fellow (who doesn’t talk very often) said, “Whew, all done!”. Jeremiah 17:14–“Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.”

We Can Experience HealingS

As words of knowledge were given, an elderly lady at the Compass Regional Day Conference last Saturday was instantly healed of an injured hip which was causing her “terrible pain”. Another lady was healed of plantar fasciitis (I can personally testify to what a relief that is!).  Today I have been praying for healing for a number of people. There is one household I have been praying for where there are seven people. All seven (including special needs children) each need healing in several areas. I know there are times when each of us have need of more than one healing in our body but we tend to pick the one causing us the most problems to ask the Healing Jesus to heal. But He will heal ALL of our diseases (Ps.103:3) and… He wants to. Matt.8:16-17, Msg—That evening a lot of demon-afflicted people were brought to him. He relieved the inwardly tormented. He cured the bodily ill. He fulfilled Isaiah’s well-known revelation: He took our illnesses, He carried our diseases.” Jn.7:23,KJV—“…I have made a man every whit whole…”.


Morning sessions 9:30am. Evening sessions 7:00pm. No Fee to attend.
15th Annual Kingdom Congress. All KC2022 information: martygabler.com/kc2022/
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Awareness and Change

Melissa— We can detrimentally become self-focused or we can become self-aware. Here’s the beauty: awareness can cause a change of emotional state instantaneously!  It can do so because it is the bigger picture.  You can see that beyond this moment there are many reasons to get out of self-destruct mode.  There are greater things to behold and be a part of.  Awareness sheds light on the little foxes that do mess things up (SOS 2:15).  First steps: grab that bad mood, anger, frustration, fear and keep it from manifesting outwardly.  It’s not worth the consequences. A great help is praying in the Spirit!  That gift sheds light on things we had no idea were at work in us.  Of course it does!  Our gracious and merciful God made sure we have what we need to do this life, and do it well.  Awareness is such a gift.  It is key in not only living an abundant life, but also in depositing the Kingdom wherever you go. Don’t lose heart!  As long as you are alive, moment by moment, there is an opportunity to change.  Moment by moment there is an opportunity to become aware!
(Check out previous posts Melissa addresses on this subject: Jan.27,Jan.31,Feb.3,Feb.7,Feb.10)

Love of Jesus Stands Out in History

The awesome contrast of the LOVE OF JESUS stands out vividly and most significantly in history.  It stands out noticeably in comparison to the harsh government and rulers and culture of that time.  Political rulers and military were cruel and unforgiving while religious rulers were stiff and legalistic, meting out punishment without mercy. Jesus walked among the people, talked with them, touched them and wept over them–all motivated by His love and compassion.  His signs and wonders never benefited Him, only those He lovingly touched.  I suppose that if we look at the life, motivation and actions of Jesus, we would come to the conclusion that the definition of love is “redemptive action.” “For God so loved . . . that He gave . . .” (Jn.3:16)

True Rest

As the people of God assemble today may they find rest unto their souls. May they exchange tears and weariness for strength and joy. May they discover that true rest is responsibly acting in the authority they have been given by their Lord and Savior and not try to live a lifestyle driven by mere desire and obligation to people and causes not ordained by their Lord. “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest. I will ease and relieve and refresh your souls.” (Matt.11:28) 

Battle and Heat

Kathy–Life’s battles do not intensify just because the devil gets mad or has a personal grudge.  No, the battle heats up by reason of the needed outcome.  As surely as heat can determine the strength of a weld, so does the intensity of battle establish the strength and longevity of the victory.  The vehemence of battle welds the outcome in undeniable purpose rather than just leaving us with fragmented memories of war. Heat is one of the components of long-term victory and intense battle yields intensely awesome results! 

Accelerated Understanding by Word of Wisdom

Kathy—God can communicate matters to us in a dream. If you have to search for understanding, He will make it worth the effort. Thankfully, there will also be times that Father accelerates our understanding with a gift of the Spirit, (a word of wisdom from 1Cor. 12), and the symbols and the meaning of the dream just become clear!  That’s exactly what happened the first time I interpreted a dream.  It happened at the breakfast table when I suddenly understood Marty’s dream.  I had no idea that was a “word of wisdom” in operation.  All I knew was that God had finally answered my years of prayer to be like Joseph, Daniel and my Great Grandpa who were able to interpret dreams.