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Function as a Unit

As the people of God assemble today may each member of the body of Christ be holding others upcertain to be in their place with a preparedness, a willingness and a desire to be and/or release the part that the Master has allotted to each one of us; so that we may grow and function more maturely as a unit than we ever have and effect a synergistic release into the despair of this present world system.  “For because of Him the whole body (the church, in all its various parts), closely joined and firmly knit together by the joints and ligaments with which it is supplied, when each part [with power adapted to its need] is working properly [in all its functions], grows to full maturity, building itself up in love.” (Eph.4:16, Amp)

No Obedience Sabotaged

We dare not expose our obediences to sabotage with our doubt and unbelief. I Stopmean, even after the fact, we can go away analyzing and criticizing and speculating for months about its success to the point of concluding it was a failure or worthless effort. Unfortunately, the harvest crop can be tall and to the point of the ears forming or being almost complete, but our conclusions were all the thief needed to kill, steal and destroy. It takes as much trust with the after effects as it does to obey in the beginning, so let’s rest in the confidence that He will always be Lord of the harvest.  —Kathy Gabler

Times That God Moves Us

StandAtCrossroadsConsidering scriptural examples, I know I must be willing for God to move me if He sees such a necessity. Sometimes God moves us geographically or with reference to a career or status among our peers. Positioning and timing are high up on God’s list of imperatives (cf.Eph.1:9-10;Gal.4:4-5). There will, no doubt, be need for modifications in our point of reference and our understanding of God’s timing in order to bring the fulfillment of promise. God does not give gifts to be squandered but to bring the fruit forth from our lives that He desires to minister to others.

Sniffing Out Your Purpose

If your enemy has sniffed out the purpose and call of God in you, he will go after it. Wolf NoseTechnically, the devil can’t decide to touch God’s plan and purpose, he is just not big enough.  His only hope is to derail God’s participants from it through evil devices like injustice, deception, false accusation, etc.  He will use anything he can to limit or stop you or your passion.  Stopping you from being who you were born to be and doing what you were born to do is his only way of hindering the GLORY of GOD in the earth.  But Jesus said in John 17:4  “I glorified You on the earth, having accomplished the work which You have given Me to do.”   —Kathy Gabler

Your Word is a Lamp Video

Beside Still Waters With Marty Gabler
“Your Word is a Lamp”
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From Potential to Actualization

When we are willing to be moved where God deems best and when we are willing to LookingForwardbe modified even though it means we must change our mind about some inaccurate views we were formerly willing to die for, then the promise begins to come into place. It is then that the position of the promise changes from potential to actualization (cf.Lev.26:3-13; Deut.28:1-14;Rom. 12:1-2;Js.1:3-4,12;4:7-10;Phil.1:6).


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