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God Mightier Than Hand of Evil Intent

In prayer I saw what looked like a large tea kettle over a fire. It was boiling and steaming. A hand that somehow represented a spirit that is against all Christ godshandsmanrepresents picked it up and proceeded to pour it upon those who give themselves to the purposes of God. But before it could be tilted and begin to pour, it was turned back upon the one pouring and the boiling water poured on him. (Gen.50:20) There are entities that are working in league with darkness and are in direct opposition to everything Christ and His Word represent. They do not just lift their voices and votes on occasion, they are actively intending evil. But I declare that the hand of God is mightier than the hand of evil intent. Isa.14:27 “For the LORD of hosts has planned, and who can frustrate it?… His stretched-out hand, who can turn it back ?”

Location of KC2020

Location of Kingdom Congress 2020: Grace Church Willis,TX
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The Kingdom of God is at Hand so go up to the Penthouse

Some of the Speakers for Kingdom Congress 2020
March 4-6, 2020  __  No Fee to Attend
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KATHY GABLER __  “The Kingdom is at Hand so go up to the Penthouse”
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SIMON PURVIS  __  “The Age to Come”
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Location: Grace Church Willis,TX just north of Houston off I-45N.

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The Sword that Defeats

The sons of righteousness cannot displace the sons of unrighteousness on the earth until we win the battle in the realm of the spiritual heavenlies. The assistance of angels and of the intercession of the saints who already occupy the third heaven will be necessary.
warriorangelI like what my friend, Pastor Tim Sheets, calls the angels: “The Heir Force.” The angels of God, who are ministering spirits, are assisting the heirs of salvation (Hebrews 1:14). We, the sons of righteousness, are the heirs of the earth. The sons of darkness are false heirs, and they incessantly resist our agenda to advance the Kingdom of God in all the nations!
Our warfare manual instructs us that we must take up the sword in order to defeat the enemy. The sword is the Word of God. The Greek word here is rhema. This term refers to a specific revelatory word from the Lord which gives us the needed strategy in the battle. A rhema from God can come through a dream, vision, impression, inner witness, or a word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit. —Jim Hodges (Apostle Hodges will be speaking at Kingdom Congress Mar.5, 2020)

Worshiping on the Journey

Jesus was God on a mission and He had men with Him called disciples. [Matt.8:18f] They had started their journey in joy, going somewhere with Jesus. They passed through a terrific threat that exposed their fear. They got to the other side and participated in deliverance. However, I think the real mission was to see the Lord in a new way, to have Him revealed to them in such a way that they could not help but BoatStormmarvel, “What manner of man is this?” That is worship. The effects of the mission accomplished was the deliverance of a city from demonic possession, but the real mission was to get the Church to worship. When we worship, we move into a dimension of God called His throne room. By the way, we are already seated therein. We are here in our physical bodies, but we have an even greater, more significant presence at the right hand of God the Father in Christ. At the right hand is the place of highest authority. As God gets us into that understanding, then from earthly place and time, we really worship as we are worshiping already in the heavenly realm. Seated in the presence of His majesty we are worshiping Him along with angels and creatures and elders that cannot stop even if they wanted to. This is the seat of His government which we call His Kingdom. It is important that we marvel and worship, for when the Church worships, that tips the scale. —Dr. Don Crum (Dr. Crum will be speaking at Kingdom Congress Mar.4)

Dr. Don Crum will be speaking at Kingdom Congress Mar.4, 2020.
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Christ and His Government

Acts 2:41 — “Then those who gladly received his word were baptized [were changing governments]. And the same day there were added about three thousand souls.  42  And they were continuing steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine.”  The Apostles’ doctrine has two main themes, Christ and His government. That includes Christ’s ManBowingCross.jpgbirth, His earthly ministry, His death, burial and resurrection, His ascending and sitting on a throne and His sending the Holy Spirit. All that can be summed up in Christ and His government. As the apostolic grace is being restored back to the Body of Christ, the message we hear all over the land is “The Kingdom of God”. Ten years ago people would not let us talk about the Kingdom of God. (I’ve got the scars to prove it.) People don’t mind others going to church or singing songs or doing good works or talking of going to heaven, but changing government is radical. When men stand before judgment, they will not be judged for their sins. They will be judged for what they did with Christ. —Simon Purvis (Simon will be speaking at Kingdom Congress Mar.5 at 10:30am.)

Surrendered Son

In the passage of John 21:15-17 we see a time of critical change in the life of the church and Peter as an apostle. Peter had made a bold statement to Jesus prior to His arrest that he would go to prison and to death with Jesus (Luke 22:33). While his HandHeartintentions were noble, we all know that he ended up denying three times that he ever knew Jesus. Jesus is crucified, is raised from the dead, and is now searching for Peter. When He finds Peter, He asks him in verse 15, Simon, son of John do you love me more than these? Another translation is, Simon, son of John, is there ROOM in your heart for me?
In order for Peter to move forward into the harvest, he had to make ROOM in his heart for the love of Jesus. This is the Ephesians 2:4, great love wherewith He loved us kind of love. Peter had to make the decision to love Jesus more than himself and the things that represented his identity. He could not accomplish his assignment in God as anointed minister of Christ; he could only attain success by surrendering to a son. Jesus restored Peter by facilitating a change of heart from self-serving orphan to a surrendered son. —Larry Burden

Larry will be speaking at Kingdom Congress March 6, 2020 at 10:30am.
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