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Signs, Wonders And Prompting


Signs, Wonders And Prompting (Kathy)

Our biggest challenge may be learning how the Spirit prompts us to participate and cooperate with God in the supernatural.  I remember when Melissa was a teen and a prophetic sound would stir in her.  She would feel like she was about to throw up.  Finally instead of getting to such a drastic extreme, she learned that she had something to release when she first heard a phrase or saw a picture.  Job 33, tells us that some people hear instruction in dreams and visions. William Branham had a lifetime full of signs and wonders.  He learned to hear God and get instruction through detailed visions. These visions set the stage for miracles:  A woman sent him a request to come and pray for her daughter who was crippled.  He would not go to any of these requests unless the Lord gave him a vision of it. In this case he saw the girl lying on a bed in the corner of the room and her father standing by the bed.  He also saw a man sitting by the front window looking outside and her mother was standing by the doorway next to the girl.  An old woman was sitting in a rocking chair next to the mother.  Then he prayed for the girl and she was healed.  When he and his friend arrived at the house, everything was just as it was in the vision except the old woman was not in the rocking chair and no one was seated by the window looking out. So Branham said, “It is not right yet. We will wait.” In the meantime, his friend sat down by the front window and was looking out, and an old woman came from next door and sat in the rocking chair.  Then Branham said to bring the girl, and the father picked her up and brought her.  Branham laid hands on her and she was completely healed.

One last consideration is the principle of “some plant and some water, but God gives the increase” (1Co3:6-8). ”The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but of power! (1Co 4:20)We are born into this Kingdom to participate in that power and the miracles, signs and wonders will follow.
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The Lord God Keeps Israel And Us

This is the day the Lord has made so…

I will rejoice because the Lord God Most High is actively involved in current events. He will not overlook or ignore unrighteous ploys and will not allow ours or Israel’s or His enemies to prevail. (Ps74)

“Yours is the day, Yours also is the night; You have prepared the light and the sun. 
You have established all the boundaries of the earth; You have made summer and winter.
Remember this, O Lord, that the enemy has reviled, And a foolish people has spurned Your name.
Do not deliver the soul of Your turtledove to the wild beast; Do not forget the life of Your afflicted forever.
Consider the covenant; For the dark places of the Land are full of the habitations of violence.
Let not the oppressed return dishonored; Let the afflicted and needy praise Your name.” (Ps74:16-21)

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Signs, Wonders And Hearing

Signs, Wonders And Hearing (Kathy)
Recently, our daughter Melissa heard during worship, “It’s time to exhale.” She felt it was God in the moment and stepped up and released those words in song.  To her it was simply a proclamation to put in the atmosphere, but it was a sign and wonder to a pulmonary doctor in the congregation.   He was so excited he went to the pastor to tell him that the song was healing instructions for a patient of his that was also there in the service.  It was a sign and wonder to the patient also.  (She’d had a tracheotomy).  
Hearing instruction and obeying the instructions are the basic essentials for miracles, signs and wonders.  It is highly possible that the instructions will be as unique as the participants.  Mozart heard a unique sound and gave instructions to the instruments for the sound of light being created during creation in Genesis.  When the orchestra played his music, supernaturally, light came up out of the orchestra pit and the audience was frightened with the sign and wonder.  Isaiah didn’t just get up one day and decide to become The Nude Wonder-Boy, he was following instruction and obeying God for a governmental turnover in a nation.  Elisha hadn’t practiced throwing a stick in lakes to make iron swim, but he had practiced hearing God. When he heard God in the moment, the axe miraculously floated. 

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Signs And Wonders And God’s Instruction

Signs And Wonders And God’s Instruction (Kathy Gabler)

      We look for God in the moment rather than looking for signs and wonders or merely responding to need. Need may set the stage, but even need cannot be our priority focus.  God’s instruction is priority. But Peter put them all out [of the room] and knelt down and prayed; [AFTER HE ASKED GOD WHAT HE WANTED IN THIS MOMENT] then turning to the body he said, Tabitha, get up! And she opened her eyes; and when she saw Peter, she raised herself and sat upright. (Acts 9:40, Amp)  Peter didn’t presume or panic over Tabitha lying dead before him.  He did not respond merely to the other widows being upset, nor just act out of compassion for a friend. He was a man under authority, not a man under emotion.
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Signs And Wonders And God In The Moment

Signs And Wonders And God In The Moment (Kathy Gabler)

It’s amazing that after over 2000 years we still struggle to think like the Last Adam, but we haven’t really been trained by the church or experience to take dominion and participate in the increase of God’s government.  No Wonder, before Jesus said the Kingdom of heaven is within reach (Matt4:17), He said repent (consider things differently and change your mind.)  We can repent and learn to think beyond what is to what should be.  Kingdom thinking impacts the natural with the supernatural! (Matt6:10)  One key to being part of that impact is that we do not look for miracles, signs and wonders; rather, we look for God in the moment.

Signs And Wonders And Kingdom Thinking


Signs And Wonders And Kingdom Thinking (Kathy Gabler)

Kingdom thinking is not just the latest spiritual fad. That is where Adam and Eve started.  The garden  reflected the desire and design of God, the security and peace of God’s order and the potential of God to flourish in calling and purpose and fulfillment.  They lived in the righteousness, peace and joy that is the Kingdom (Rom14:17).  God’s will was being done on earth as it was in heaven!  When Adam and Eve chose to do their will on earth instead of His, that separated mankind from Kingdom thinking, and Kingdom thinking became the exception instead of the rule, until, the King of Kings, Jesus, the Last Adam (1Co15:45), restored what was lost and brought it within reach again.
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Words Concerning USA and Israel

Marty prophesied and made declarations concerning the USA & Israel at Grace International Church on Sept. 16, 2012.


Signs And Wonders Within Reach

Signs And Wonders Within Reach (Kathy Gabler)
We’ve only had peeks of God’s government impact in our lives and families and nation. We have only seen glimpses of God’s order in church history, but God is going to answer our prayer that Jesus taught us to pray: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.” (Mt6:10)  That is an invitation to pierce the natural realm with the supernatural.  So, we are going to have to adjust our thinking accordingly.  We are going to have to think differently than previous generations.  We must become convinced the supernatural dynamic of the Kingdom is within reach (Mt10:7) because we were born to participate and demonstrate the Kingdom just like Jesus demonstrated it. Coming under God’s order and government contradicts ruling forces with miracles, signs and wonders as necessary in order to usher in healing, deliverance and reformation.
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The USA, Israel and God’s Upholding Word

The USA, Israel and God’s Upholding Word
When people creatively put something together, we are hoping that it will stay together long enough for us or someone else to get some amount of use out of it. But when the Lord our God creates something, He is not simply hoping it will stay together for a little while; He has a plan before He creates it (Isa46:10) and He upholds it by the Word of His power (Heb1:3). We see the chaos in our operative 5 dimensions and tend to focus on it and tend to believe that things will go the way of the deterioration processes within our 5 dimensions. However, our Lord is above those dimensions and comes into those dimensions from His limitless dimensions. He is indeed upon His throne but the Word of His power is already in every dimension. God’s physical sign of His faithfulness upon earth He calls “Jacob” (Isa43:1). That is the word most often used in the Bible when emphasizing the physical lineage of Israel. Israel will always have a physical lineage and will be preserved by the power of Jehovah’s Word that was present when He created “Jacob.” Take hope, people of God. The people of God, redeemed by the blood of Jesus, are being upheld by the Word of His power and that includes a way to overcome chaos which works against our Lord’s purposes. We declare the faithfulness of Jehovah guard the nation of Israel and guard our embassies around the world. The Lord God is not without initiative or resource. It was all in place before He created “Jacob” or this nation, and He is able to create something never seen before to bring His upholding Word to pass (Isa48:6-7).
“But now, thus says the Lord your Creator, O Jacob, And He who formed you, O Israel, ‘Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine!” (Isa43:1)
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Our Creator Has A Creative Solution

Blessed is He who is so creative, our Lord God. If He can create such beautiful wonders that our eyes can barely believe what they are seeing, can’t He creatively bring about solutions and resolve concerning us and our nation and Israel? I think the answer is: Well, He’s done it before! 

“Don’t you know anything? Haven’t you been listening? God doesn’t come and go. God lasts. He’s Creator of all you can see or imagine. He doesn’t get tired out, doesn’t pause to catch His breath. And He knows everything, inside and out.” (Isa40:28, Msg)

Increase Of Signs And Wonders

Increase Of Signs And Wonders (Kathy Gabler)
Just by being born again, we’re already positioned for Kingdom thinking.  In John 3:5,  Jesus said being born of water and [of] the Spirit is the way to enter into the Kingdom of God. When you heard the call to be born again, was the emphasis on entering the Kingdom so you could participate in God’s will being done on earth as in heaven, or was the emphasis on escaping hell?  We are not on earth just to get saved, stay saved and go to heaven.  Your salvation is much more awesome.  It is empowerment for life!  You are on earth with a purpose.  You are part of what God is doing in the history of the world, history that has already been written, because God knows the end before the beginning, Isa 46:10. We are here to demonstrate a higher government to a generation.  Isaiah 9:7 says there will be no end to the increase of His Government and Peace.  Therefore, there will be no end to the increase of signs and wonders as His government manifests in powerful contradiction over conditions of darkness.  

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Signs And Wonders

Signs And Wonders (Kathy Gabler)
The words translated miracle or sign or wonder are, for the most part, interchangeable in the Bible. A working definition is: displays of the supernatural in this natural realm.

That is encouraging in one way because that implies one reason we don’t see signs and wonders is because we don’t SEE them, even though they are on-going. How many of the 5000 plus that were eating on the hillside realized their lunch was a miracle? I’m thinking a good percentage didn’t have a clue! How many thousands of people saw the same star as the three kings, but didn’t know it was a sign and a wonder? When David saw Goliath, he wasn’t looking for a miracle! He was just looking for a rock! However, there were miracles (plural) in the mix that day, beyond the anointed impact of a rock from a sling. The whole scene was a miracle of timing, circumstance and possibly Goliath choosing the wrong helmet that day! Someone who is trained in CPR can easily fail to see the miracle of being in the right place at the right time to participate in the intervention of God in a situation. Isaiah 20:3, calls it a sign and wonder that Isaiah walked naked and barefoot for three years. I’m just not so sure his wife called that a sign and wonder!

We build definition boxes in our minds, then if supernatural interventions don’t fit in our box, we tend to miss it. I submit to you today that our thinking must change and is going to change. We cannot think as mere humans. We need Kingdom thinking as sons. Jesus said in John 14:12-13, “He who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do.”
(This is the first of a series on Signs And Wonders.)

The Holy Spirit Will Come Upon You

The Holy Spirit Will Come Upon You
The angel Gabriel who shows up on earth about every 2,000 years appeared to a teenager named Mary and told her that, against all odds (Lk 1:26-33) she would fully, miraculously walk out the purposes of God in her generation. Totally stunned at the prospect of it actually happening through such a person as she, Mary asked the angel, “How shall this be?” I think it is obvious that Gabriel’s response to Mary’s incredulity was, “Mary, don’t forget to factor in the Holy Spirit.” viz., “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you…”
Just like in Gen 1:2, the nonproductivity of Mary’s womb took on the order of heaven brought to her by the Spirit of God. And this is what brought that order, that conceiving of heaven into earth to contradict the chaos of darkenss: “And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.” (Lk1:38) Let us make ourselves as readily available as Mary did and the Holy Spirit will bring the fulfillment of the Word through us too, and we will walk out the purposes of God in our generation.
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The Holy Spirit Is In The Fight

The Holy Spirit Is In The Fight
Recently I was praying about our nation. I was listing the issues and the chaos and the unrighteous rulers before God. It was then that I saw a vision of a boxing ring. A man in a tux walked out into the center of the ring, took the microphone and announced the fight. He pointed to his left and said, “In this corner is anarchy, liberalism, atheism, existentialism, failing morals and failing values.” The crowd would gasp in horror each time the announcer would list another of the creature’s attributes. Each time he listed another name or description, the dark creature in that corner grew another inch and gained another 20 pounds until he menacingly filled that corner of the ring. Then I heard a voice cry out and ask, “But who will figure the Holy Spirit into the equation? Who will announce Him?” In the vision I jumped to my feet and cried aloud, “I will!” I climbed into the ring, took the microphone and said, “BUT in THIS corner is the One who, in the beginning when the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the deep, this One, the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and chaos was changed into order!” The crowd jumped to their feet and began to shout until the roar was deafening. The whole atmosphere changed.
Don’t count out the Holy Spirit. Too many people are climbing into the ring of discussion and opinion, taking the mic and announcing the negative. Every time we announce the negative, we give it more size and weight in our thinking and the thinking of others. David overcame his enemies but reported this pattern while he was doing it: “From the rising of the sun to its setting The name of the Lord is to be praised.” (Ps113:3)
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Five Facts

This is the day the Lord has made so…

I will rejoice and be glad and be assured in emphasizing these 5 facts: 

1. THE Lord (the Lord above all lords) is my Shepherd

2. the LORD (“Yehovah” – “the existing One”) is my Shepherd

3. the Lord IS (now, in these circumstances and this day) my Shepherd

4. the Lord is MY (not just my momma’s and my preacher’s) Shepherd

5. the Lord is my SHEPHERD (provides for and guides me because I am His) *  (Ps23:1)

Opposition + You + Holy Spirit = Victory


Opposition + You + Holy Spirit = Victory

Numerous times in the books of Judges, Samuel and Kings we read the phrase, “and the Spirit of the Lord came upon him (e.g. Jud 3:10).” Have you ever noticed that when we read that phrase that shortly after that, the whole set of circumstances turns completely around for the entire nation of Israel? If the Spirit of the Lord came upon one individual under the old covenant and completely intervened for an entire nation, what could happen when, under the new covenant, the Spirit of the Lord endues a body of believers? What will happen when we begin to factor in the Holy Spirit to everything that concerns us, our families, our churches and our nation? What will happen when we make room for Him, time for Him and actually expect Him to show up and do something through us? As a child in Sunday School, I was actually taught as truth that “one shall set a 1,000 to flight and two 10,000.” I was also taught with some degree of vehemence “greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” Numerous times in public places, the Holy Spirit has used us in gifts of power that have demonstrated the love and power of God to individuals. Because we travel the same routes repeatedly, we have seen some of those people again and they remember that time we ministered to them. 

In Jud 3:10 the Spirit of the Lord came upon aged Othniel and saved the day for a  nation.  The equation was NOT: Israel’s oppression + aged Othniel. BUT it was: Israel’s oppression + aged Othniel + the Spirit of the Lord. The Holy Spirit is the key to our authority and His power is our enablement. Barnes says that “the Holy Spirit endued them with extraordinary wisdom, courage and strength.”

To See Clearly

This is the day the Lord has made so…

I will see clearly into situations and people today, looking beyond the surface of what, at first, seems to be. Then I will know how to make quality decisions that will align me (and hopefully others) with the purposes of the Lord. (Num24:3)

“And he took up his [figurative] discourse and said: Balaam son of Beor, the man whose eye is opened [at last, to see clearly the purposes and will of God]” (Num24:3, Amp)

Wallowing In Worries Or Working With The Holy Spirit?

Wallowing In Worries Or Working With The Holy Spirit?
In our worries and concerns and fears, we tend to allow our focus to get fixed upon them. There is also the tendency to omit prayer and declaration and just discuss the negative factors with others who are aggravated and worried and operating out of fear like we are. We then begin to wallow in the impossibilities those things threaten and we forget about the One who is on stage to act in behalf of the Kingdom purposes of Almighty God. Yes, satan has come to steal, kill and destroy BUT JESUS has come to give life more abundantly. (Jn 10:10) And don’t forget that where sin did abound, grace did MUCH MORE abound. (Rom 5:20) The Holy Spirit is present and active in this earth to represent the program of Almighty God but there must be hearts and minds in tune with His will and purpose.

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