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21st Century Obed-Edom

(Sam Brassfield) We have an emerging generation that has the right DNA, or what I call Divine Nature Anointing, waiting in the wings, but not for long. They are so properly wired for this next great spiritual awakening in the earth. From what I have experienced visiting the many local churches and attending places, these youth are involved in praise and worship. I have absolutely no doubt that they are the next Davidic generation arising in the earth. They are the twenty-first century spiritual type of Obed-Edom and family who will leave the farm so to speak, and move to Zion the city of David. They will become the next attendants in the newly rebuilt spiritual Tabernacle of David.   (SAM BRASSFIELD will be speaking and imparting at KINGDOM CONGRESS 2018 March 7-9. Information: 936-856-2455)




FMCI Conference Podcasts Ready

FMCI Annual Conference in Waxahachie, TX. Jim Hodges, Dutch Sheets, Dr. Don Crum, Cynthia Dunbar, Dr. Patti Amsden. It is a time of intercession and declaration over our nation, calling it back to the righteousness of God. I led a team of people last night in making declarations of life and righteousness. There are people from across the nation and several foreign countries who are here joining their voices with ours.
To hear some of the messages and reports that are ready to view, go to: fmci.org  and the podcast options are at the bottom of the page.

More will be added as meetings progress through tomorrow. Dutch Sheets is speaking tonight. His message should be up sometime in the morning.