Daily Devotions


Hand of God Moving and Covering

As the people of God assemble today may they begin to see what they have not seen before. May they see the Hand of Jehovah God moving and covering and directing them in ways that they have only imagined. May they see the gifts and anointings in each other and pray for each one to get free in the intentions of the Lord for their lives and their unity as the people of God redemptively advancing in spite of chaos. Isa.41:10,Amp—‘Do not fear [anything], for I am with you; Do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, be assured I will help you; I will certainly take hold of you with My righteous right hand [a hand of justice, of power, of victory, of salvation].’

Subtle Things

Subtle things in the Bible that no one noticed until they were put in place and activated by the timing and purpose of Yahweh: (1) One Hebrew in Pharaoh’s prison (Joseph);  (2) 300 men on a hillside outside a Midianite camp (Gideon);  (3) 14 yr. old with a slingshot (David);  (4) A baby born in an obscure stable (Jesus);  (5) 12 nondescript men sitting at the feet of Jesus (ragtag, imperfect group of disciples);  (6) A little boy’s lunch (feeding of 5,000);  (7) 120 people having a prayer meeting in an upper room (believer-empowering, city-rocking move of Holy Spirit).  Result: History Changed!  Conclusion: Don’t give up!

Being Developed

Melissa — Back in the day, I used to have my own darkroom where I developed pictures.  The process it took to walk out with a picture is quite remarkably like the past era we have been in.  You start in a very dark room with a safe light, take a piece of light sensitive paper, put a negative between the paper and a white light and it burns an image on that paper. Now, you can’t see that image… yet.  Next you put that paper in DEVELOPER, but you don’t just leave it there.  You have to agitate that paper until the image starts to appear.  Then you move it into a stop bath which stops the developing process.  You don’t want an over-developed picture, it’s overdone. You agitate it some more to make sure the picture stops developing.  Then you move it into something called “fix” which gets rid of extra particles and keeps the final product from being sensitive to light.  Agitate some more.  Then finally, the picture gets put into a water bath to clear it of chemicals so it is ready to be presented.  Oh, you agitate it some more to make sure those chemicals are washed off.  Lastly, you let that picture dry and it is ready to be presented.  That’s just the process it takes for the picture to be developed.  The film development, the captured/intended image, happens in complete darkness! 
This process is a great picture (no pun intended) of original intention of God being developed on this earth.  There are intentions developed in secret so the enemy cannot touch them.  Then they go thru the process of birthing the image of God.  You notice the agitation required for the image to be fully developed, but also notice there is development, movement, fixing and washing.  Come on! 

Solitary Dot

Kathy — We are never a solitary DOT on a globe. God is always working through more sons’ awareness than yours alone. Also, because of relationship with God and one another, we little DOTS can do something corporately. Then we become one big honkin’ DOT on this earth, a portal, a floodgate for heaven’s incoming changes! So, let’s not waste time considering our participation with Father might be insignificant or of no consequence. In Joel 2:25, the Lord said He would restore the years that the locusts have eaten. One meaning of the root word for locust is “insignificance”. God can restore the times that a sense of insignificance stole your thunder, stole your success, stole your opportunities or stole your fulfillment because you didn’t know how much your obedience mattered or did not realize you were God’s Access Point to family or the workplace or the community or to nations. 

Invisible God Served by Visible Creation

The purposes of an invisible God are served by a visible creation. We are the visible representation of the unseen heavenly realm. It all culminated in the Person of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit who anointed Jesus now dwells in us and enables us to be God’s visible, tangible point of rule and authority on earth. The Holy Spirit and the Kingdom of God go hand in hand. You don’t get one without the other.

Stage of Development

Melissa — It really is an exciting time even though it may not look like it because we have entered a new era. Let’s look a little closer at what this means.  Merriam Webster defines “era” as: “a memorable or important date or event, especially one that begins a new period in the history of a person or thing, a stage in development.”  When I read this definition, that last part jumped off the screen, “a stage in development”.  So, I looked up “development“: “1. An unfolding; the discovering of something secret or withheld from the knowledge of others; 2. The unraveling of a plot.” Oh my! We have been in the midst of an “unraveling plot” our entire lives! I am basing the time span of the past era on the life of Dr. Billy Graham.  There were several words out there that the death of Dr. Graham would mark significant change, and that is when I knew we were truly in a new era.  So, for most of us we have been in this “stage of development” all of our lives.  God has been developing the Kingdom here on earth throughout the past era and we are about to see what He has been doing.

Doing Father’s Business

Free_Red DotKathy — Perceiving what the Father is doing may blow our doors at times. Participating in His Original Intent for your life can include tasks and experiences that you did not see coming. The scope of your participation may be overwhelming to the point that you want to shrink back because you suddenly feel you are just an unequipped, insignificant tiny DOT on the globe! I am alluding to one of those RED DOTS on a map that says, “You’re right here.” If you are feeling like a DOT yourself, you see such a map and think, ‘And so what! What possible difference can I make?’ However, doing what the Father is doing means we have to focus on Truth rather than our feelings. The truth is that this little DOT is a son or daughter that is right here, right now, to do Father’s business. This little DOT is an agent of agreement and this little DOT is an access point for Almighty God to bring “as it is in heaven” into this earth! 

Heart Will not Fear

As the people of God assemble today let them rejoice in His holy name and let them raise together their courage and determination to continue to trust God and His unfailing Word as they praise Almighty God confidently in spite of the entities and circumstances that seem to be bringing impossibilities against their destiny in the King’s purposes for them in their generation. Ps.27:3,Amp—“Though an army encamp against me, My heart will not fear; Though war arise against me, Even in this I am confident.”

Fear, Stress, Infirmity

Melissa — Fear leads to stress and stress puts off a fragrance that the spirit of infirmity is looking for.  “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.” (1Jn.4:18, NKJV)

Reachable Kingdom

Kathy — If we have a subconscious someday in our thinking that makes the Kingdom ONLY reachable SOMEDAY “in the sweet bye and bye”, everything is distorted, our hope, our faith, our Life, our purpose and our heritage.  That “thinking”  blatantly contradicts the presence and purpose of JESUS Christ in His ministry on the earth.  He demonstrated the Kingdom by healing and delivering people and telling them, “The Kingdom has come upon you.”  He told them to repent, for the Kingdom is at hand, meaning that we must think differently so we can realize the power and will of God are within reach, now.