Daily Devotions


What is Said in Our Home?

What have our children heard? Have they heard blessing like the voice of blessing of Abraham to Isaac and the voice of Isaac to Jacob? Have they heard words of honor around the house and words of life, words of productivity? Are we just repeating in our home what we experienced when we were growing up or are we determined that our children will see the faithfulness of God in their generation?  “As for me,” God says, “this is my covenant with them: My Spirit that I’ve placed upon you and the words that I’ve given you to speak, they’re not going to leave your mouths nor the mouths of your children nor the mouths of your grandchildren. You will keep repeating these words and won’t ever stop.” (Isa.59:21, Msg)

First FMCI Blog

Marty Gabler writes in first FMCI Blog. Click here for FMCI Website
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Intercessory Dreams – Three Keys

Three keys considering intercessory dreams:   (1.) Don’t take vicarious dreams as personal threats, because being afraid will hinder your response.   (2.) God always gives insight in time if you are being called to make a difference.   (3.) Never fail to follow through with authoritative declaration of the will of God over the situation or person.

The Frustration of Destructiveness

We pray that your mighty hand, O Lord, might stop the plans and machinations of those individuals and entities that have designs upon the deterioration of the United States of America, its family units, its morals/values and its economy.  I declare that the all-powerful Hand of Holy God that intervened for the Israel of old and restored her to victory in her Lord God, is the same Hand that is active in this nation to the tearing down of strongholds and the raising of the standard of righteous victory, transforming lives to the glory of our Redeemer and Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I declare the frustration of unrighteousness, of destructiveness and of delusionary influences.  “He frustrates the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise or anything of [lasting] worth.” (Job 5:12, Amp)

Is Worship a Strange Sound in Your Home?

David developed in Solomon a love of God and a love of worship and a fear of God.  Solomon grew up on a steady diet of worship. His father sang songs to the Lord that came up out of his spirit. His father didn’t need a church service to worship God. He worshipped God unashamedly before the whole nation. Worship was a lifestyle lived out before Solomon. He was accustomed to hearing his father’s voice lifted in praise or in prayer. It was a familiar sound, not a strange one.

Mistakes With a Troubling Dream

God does not expose people to a troubling dream so they can be worried and tormented or start grieving early.  Intercessors must shake off the emotions of the experience to be able to agree with God and change the situation.  The biggest mistake with intercessory insights is the lack of follow-through by the dreamer, and that is usually because:  (1.) they do not realize it is a call to intercede,   (2.) they fail to accept the mission because of a sense of inadequacy or being unqualified as an intercessor   (3.) they stay in the emotion of the dream rather than taking a position of authority and agreement with God to break an assignment or   (4.) they go into panic over timing, considering it a done-deal already. — Kathy Gabler