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Him Who Moves in the Affairs of Men

May the people of God be filled with the knowledge of Him who is moving by His hand in the affairs of men. May they be encouraged and filled with faith that their Mighty God is actively moving people into situations that are advantageous for acts of righteousness to penetrate into the cultures of all nations. And may they realize their praying is significant and integral to it all.  “. . .and you will learn that the High God rules over human kingdoms and that He arranges all kingdom affairs.” (Dan.4:25, Msg; also Jer.29:7; 1Tim.2:1-2,8)

Warfare Praise

The prophetic church knows how to put the enemy to flight with warfare praise. Their mouths are always filled with praise. In our praises not only is the enemy made aware of the God who fights for us but we are also brought to realize Who fights for us, and then more likely to let Him! As we exult in Him, enemies are set to flight. “May God arise, may His enemies be scattered; may His foes flee before Him (Ps.68:1).”

Visions and Equipping

The curtain rising on equipping insight may come in a vision.  Recently, I was concerned about some dear friends who are in spiritual war in a different region of Texas.  I asked the Lord for insight on what they were dealing with.  His answer was, “Whispers in the wind.”  Caught up in the moment, I did not speak but used my hands to war (Psa 144:1).  I thrust my hand in the air, snapping from an open palm to a pinching grip to silence the noise and shut up the foul breath.  Immediately, I heard, “Who are you to address me?”  The sudden comeback implied I had no legal right to touch a battle in another place.  The comeback also carried a threat that I’d better stay out of this for my own safety,  but springing from my spirit, I declared aloud, “’Greater is He that is in me’ is addressing you.”  Enough said. –Kathy Gabler 
Video from Tent America “Awaken the Dawn” (Melissa Gabler and the Grace International Worship Team on the south steps of the Texas capitol)  may be viewed on the Grace International Church Willis,TX Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/GraceICWillisTX/

In Spirit and in Truth

Our God created us to have fellowship with Him and it should be obvious that He is Spirit (Jn.4:24). According to John, the only way to worship this Spirit God is to worship Him in spirit and truth. Many have been drawn to the supernatural and to darkness trying to fill the void which should be full of spiritual worship to Almighty God. Rick Joyner writes, “If this is not fulfilled by the Spirit of Truth, who leads us to worship the Lord in spirit and truth, we will be deceived by the spirit of error.” The great writer C.S. Lewis observed, “If you deny a man food, he will gobble poison.” “If we deny people access to a proper supernatural relationship with God, they will succumb to the oppression and seductions of evil supernatural power.” (Joyner)

A Communication Tool

Dreams can also be a communication tool that is a disclosure within ourselves, between our subconscious and conscious mind.  Though these dreams may not be a telegram from God, they can still be sanctioned by a God-purpose for our life. These type dreams can help us “work out our own salvation,” by revealing issues that are causing dysfunction or lack or sickness. 

These dreams spring from our senses, concerns, questions, thoughts, choices, emotions, desires and imaginings, “dreams which you cause to be dreamed” (Jer.29:8) or they spring from memories, beliefs, values, worries, fears, stresses, etc., “dreams come when there are many cares” (Ecc. 5:3).  A common disclosure dream is that you are back in school, but can’t find your class, or you didn’t bring your homework, or you forgot your clothes!  In either case, the disclosure of what is going on inside is that you are dealing with feelings of being unequipped or inadequate or you are fearing failure or humiliation, etc.  –Kathy Gabler
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Where we Stop Short, Our Children Will Stop

If we haven’t been delivered from our bondages, we will take our children into the captivity we have endured and it will be repeated at least one more generation, and likely for more. What one generation does in moderation, the next generation usually does in excess. What one generation abandons, another is not likely to pick up. (That works both positively and negatively.) Where we stop short of glory, our children will stop short. We must be able to say “do as I do. Look at me and imitate me; do what I do, even when no one is looking.” The fact is: they will imitate us whether we say it or not.

New Gates Are Not Optional

(Kathy Gabler) —While prophesying to a lady, I saw her as a bird in a gilded cage. The door was open on the cage, but she would not fly out. Instead of leaving her captivity, she decorated it, but the golden captivity was still captivity. We can comfort ourselves with former revelation, with blessings already received and with testimonies of past obediences, or refuse to move and just focus on quests that everyone would call godly, but God’s designs are always moving beyond the past and even beyond the now. When He builds a gate, He is not presenting options; rather He is giving direction. That gate will lead to growth, increase, maturity and change. Purpose beckons us beyond our current fence line. God is faithful to build the gate, but it is up to us to choose to go through it.

Kathy giving a 2min. video encouragement that God is a too awesome God who does too awesome things! This is an excerpt from her introduction at Dreams Visions Prophecy 2018.