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Which is More Costly?

When wading into war became obvious on the present course of progress, 10 spies decided to change course for a whole nation and a whole generation. Not desiring to deal with any difficulties, they began to yell, “Giants!” Taking that lead in opposition to the will of God became very costly for them – much more costly than the war which was waged for the promised land (Num 32:13). But Caleb’s response to the opposition was, “We are able to overcome it.” Caleb and Joshua, who gave the good report, were the only two out of that generation who possessed the promised land.

Courage Accompanies Purpose

In the Bible God gives us the example of a young teenage boy with very limited abilities. He shows us this David who will not tolerate the bullying and tyrant posture of opposition to the will of God. Courage accompanies purpose. When we do not understand God’s purpose and God’s ways, not only will giants intimidate and prevent us but anything which poses as a possibility of change or adjustment in our comfort zones. When we receive a prophecy, the elements of that prophecy will require adjustments in some area. From the moment David received his prophecy, his life was in continual change being propelled toward destiny. Consider the story of Joseph’s life if you still have questions about change and adjustments.

Contend, Wage War, Heed

Do you have a word or promise of God that has not come to pass in your life? Then (1) CONTEND—Deut.2:24 “begin to possess… and contend”; “contend”: to excite oneself against a foe,  (2) WAGE WARFARE— 1Tim.1:18 “wage the good warfare”: expedition, campaign, (3) HEED—2Pe.1:19 “…the prophetic word which you do well to heed”:  to attach oneself to; to be given to or addicted to; to devote thought and effort to.  Seems that while we are expecting God to do it all, there is a considerable amount we can be doing.

Convictions and the Things That Inch Upward

How far up on the list have we let “minor” items inch toward “major” positions in recent years? Habits, indulgences and expenditures tend to creep ever upward among priorities and can eventually press biblically-based convictions out of position.  May the Lord help us to keep things in the order that the wisdom of biblical values would put them.   “First things first. Your business is life, not death. Follow me. Pursue life.” (Matt.8:22, Msg)

Sound of Hope

The sound of hope is never insignificant. Hope is the sound of heaven moved into the earth through songs, preaching of the Word of God, prophecy, conversation, teaching and testimonies. No hope is too small.    “…the mere sound of his name will signal hope, even among far-off unbelievers.” (Matt.12:21, Msg)

Consequences of Speaking Curses

Criticisms and curses which are being plenteously doled out in this nation will find a place to land. Those undeserving persons for whom they are intended will find that curses are like flitting birds that fly around with no place to land. ”Like the sparrow in her wandering, like the swallow in her flying, So the curse without cause does not come and alight [on the undeserving].” (Prov.26:2, Amp) But that is not the end of it. I have heard it said that the old rabbis taught that the undeserved curse returns to roost on the roof from whence it came. Scholars believe that the wording in the Hebrew text expresses that the unprovoked curse shall return upon him who uttered it. An old Turkish quote says, “Curses, like chickens, always come home to roost.” Much of what sounds like some opinionated smart aleck just sounding off in a microphone, carries with it dire consequences if not repented of. Those who are the subject of undeserved curses should counter the curse by not receiving it and by speaking life over them and theirs, and speaking the covering of the provisions of Psalm 91.
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Acceptable Words

As the people of God assemble today, may they discipline their thoughts and actions and keep focused upon their Redeemer and may their speech, about one another and about events, be filled with God’s Word. May they verbally demonstrate hope for a victorious future in Christ and His Kingdom purposes. ”Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.” (Ps.19:14, NKJV)