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Momentum of Kingdom Lifestyle

Kathy — Let me say something softly so our souls hear liberation and not accusation: a Kingdom lifestyle is not self-focused or self-absorbed. Jesus thrust us into the momentum of a Kingdom lifestyle when He taught us to pray: Father, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven; and Father’s answers to that prayer are continually incoming into earth. A Kingdom lifestyle is staying positioned to participate in that incoming process. 

Kingdom Mentality

Looking in the Bible and looking at the decisions and actions of its victorious characters, it is obvious that the possibility exists for us to have a Kingdom mentality and act victoriously out of that mentality regardless of the pressure of overwhelming circumstances and insurmountable opposition. When we pray “Thy Kingdom come” we are praying: Thy will come, Thy authority come, Thy power come, Thy rule come, Thy order come, Thy sovereign activity come, Thy heavenly culture come (cf.”Kingdom of heaven; as it is in heaven”; also Acts17:6). If we truly pray “Thy Kingdom come”  we will not be of the mentality that dismisses the extraordinary of God Who is able to “do the undoable, change the unchangeable and provide the impossible”. If we are of a Kingdom mentality when it comes time to break loaves and fishes, we will not be thinking, “Oh, swell, now I will simply have two pieces of fish and two pieces of bread.” Rather we will be set up for the extraordinary of God since we know that, in our lifetime, we have only seen a fraction of the many-layered, many-sided wisdom (Eph.3:10) of God that can feed 5,000 with a sack lunch (Jn.6:9).

Seeing His Kingdom Come

PackingSuitcase.jpegKathy — No matter what has been religiously emphasized thus far, we are NOT here just to spend a lifetime packing our bags for heaven singing, “This world is not my home” and threatening to rapture out on bumper stickers! This world IS our home while we’re here and God told us to take dominion and see His Kingdom come and see that His will is done. If we live a lifetime doing just that, we’ll have fulfillment in life and a legacy for the future.

Kingdom Congress 2017

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What of the New Year? — Thoughts, Plans & Inventions



What of the New Year? — Thoughts, Plans & Inventions

The Psalmist declares he is aware that He is included in God’s thoughts. One of the meanings of “thoughts” (Jer.29:11) is “an invention.” God has a plan for you in 2013 and, if necessary, He will INVENT required elements to work together to get you to that goal that glorifies Him and serves His purposes. He is beneficent and He is creative.

“thoughts”: a device, a plan, a purpose, AN INVENTION (Thayer)

“For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.” (Jer.29:11, Amp)