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Changing Our Reference Point

ManPointEvening.jpgThe developing of a person’s character includes God getting a hold on his/her tongue. Since we have been accustomed to speaking from our own personal reference point, we must allow God to begin to change our reference point to His reference point. People, circumstances and time will be used by God to mold us and shape us and transform us into a usable vessel. (Ps 35:28)

The Thrust of Relationship

PointToSelf.jpgNeed-based relationship: someone being in a relationship for what the other person or institution can do for them, not for what they can put into the relationship for a greater cause. There should be a point at which seeking to be part of the expression of Father’s Kingdom and being productive for Father is the main thrust of the relationship and His meeting our needs is just a bi-product of facilitation for that purpose. (Matt. 6:33)

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Investment Toward Tomorrow

SmokeFire.jpgThe Holy Spirit gave me specific instructions one day to put my heart into the day. Graciously, He did not say, “Instead of murmuring today, try living like it connects to My good plans for you.” Whether we can see past the smoke of the fire we are in or not, we can decide to persevere each day with the confidence that it truly is an investment toward tomorrow. (Mt.6:34) —Kathy

A Sheer Gift

James 1:2 says “Consider it a sheer gift, when tests and challenges come at you from HandHeadWoman.jpgall sides.”(Msg) So on those days when your spouse, children, mother-in-law and cocker-spaniel are all screaming for attention at the same time a check is missing in the check register and the fridge is dying and melting all over the kitchen floor…you need to think,“sheer gift”. Uh-huh… this is obviously going to take some practice! —Kathy
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Feet to the Path

Walking on the SidewalkAs we persevere through trials God
will not be manipulated or blackmailed
or bribed into shortening the time needed
to mature our character. Ps.66:8-9 says
that He holds our lives in his hands and
He holds our feet to the path. Evidently,
God not only intends for us to outlive the
heat of trials, He intends it to transform
us on our way through it. —Kathy

Timing is the Key

I encourage you not to get frustrated if a dream has to wait and open over time. There may be elements in it that are in process and not yet reachable, but the dream can still be a landmark or confirmation later.  One dream I had over 25 years ago just opened to me the first week of September this year.  In the dream, Marty and I turned off a major four-lane road onto a dirt road.  It led to an old country house.  There was an elderly lady sitting in a rocker on the porch.  No Golden key in keyholewords were spoken but we knew the old home place was ours and that she had been overseeing it and waiting for us to get there.  She was a watchman (angel) guarding our destiny and heritage.

When I got out of the car, there was a wooden fence a few feet from me and a huge bull was standing on the other side of it.  He came as close to me as he could get with only two boards separating him and me.  He lowered his head and glared at me.  My legs felt weak as water.  I sensed the bull and I were facing off and I could not cower to his silent bullying.  I took a deep breath, crossed my arms to stop the trembling, and I stared into his eyes and said, “I’m not afraid of you.”  I turned my back on him, let my breath out slowly and walked away.

There was a bag that was full of seed when we got up to the house.  The bag seemed to be moving as though the seeds were active and alive within it.  Marty was suddenly urgent to get the seed planted, and I felt compelled to help him.  There was a tangible sense of sowing for a specific harvest that would be fruitful and have powerful impact in the future.  As the sun set, we ended up in the house, sleeping in a small room, like a parlor off the living room (where the lady now sat).  Melissa was also there with us then.  I remember thinking she must be part of the ministry call we were realizing in this destined time and place.

The whole dream was an allegory about our family and how our calling and purpose  and heritage is pre-destined by God and already in place.  However, the dream was a loud message for me personally to keep in mind the potential danger of my strong will (the bull).  While I am not to yield in fear of its strength, neither can I ignore it.  The bull didn’t just lie down or go away because of that face-off, but neither did it break out of bounds.  I’m sure the Lord intended my will to be an asset and would not want it weak or useless, but neither should it be allowed to do damage or dominate my life if I am to walk out the destiny God has planned. 

I had never forgotten the dream and often wondered why it did not open in my understanding for so many years.  Now I see that timing was the key.  Had I squared off with my will at the time of the dream, I would have been determined to conquer it in my own strength. Ironically, that would have built more muscle in the “bull” and beefed-up the problem in the process.  Instead, the Holy Spirit has been saving and sanctifying my soul and that strong will for 25 years, and that was the wise way to keep it within necessary boundaries.  I am grateful for this understanding now and so very grateful for His faithful tending of my soul. 

  I pray 2020 becomes the year of clarity and courage to walk into God intersections and see His Kingdom come on earth as in heaven. —Kathy