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Your Redeemer

locustA redeemer is one who delivers, avenges or ransoms as needed, one who buys back what was lost.  Think about all that can be lost to us, like lost opportunities, lost resources, lost potential, lost strength, lost harvest and lost energy (to list a few).   Our Redeemer can even buy back time, He said so in Joel 2:25,  “And I will restore to you the years (I will make up to you for the years) the swarming locust has eaten, the locust larvae, and the stripping locust, and the cutting locust. . .”  This scripture does not only say He can restore the years, it says He will.   He will make up for those times that no matter how many bugs you killed, they kept coming.   He will restore those years it took to fight and endure the swarming  circumstances.     He will make up for the time it took for circumstances to consistently strip away your strength and hope.  He will make up for all those mornings when the sunrise woke up the dread in your soul again and circumstances continued to devour your day and your future.    He will make up for the months and years that opposition smothered you and circumstances robbed you through changelessness. He is, indeed, your Redeemer!

(This is the first excerpt from “Wait For It”, an article by Kathy Gabler in the August/September 2013 issue of SEEC Magazine.)

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Yearn To Burn

The air was bone-chilling cold. The fire had gone out and it seemed useless to pick up the stick and stir the ashes which looked so lifeless. Yet, when I began to stir around in the ashes, sparks began to fly, fireembers were exposed to the air and they began to flame into life. The embers that came to life had not been apparent before I stirred up the ashes. I added some small twigs and in a short period of time, after feeding the fire with some larger pieces, I had a full-grown fire to warm myself.

Paul urged Timothy, “Stir up the gift of God within you (2Tim.1:6 KJV).” There was no impassioned plea for Timothy to sit quietly by until a holy stick-bearing angel came and stirred up the fire. Actually, the imperative is to do just the opposite: “[You] Fan into flame the gift of God.” This phrase was used in the common vernacular of the time to describe the rekindling of a fire that had been allowed to die down through neglect (W.E. Vine).

(This is the first excerpt in a series about “Yearn To Burn” from Marty Gabler’s book “Why Sheep Have Short Legs.”)

Melissa Gabler and the Grace Worship Band
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