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Watch the Lord do Great Things

ChurchPeoplePray.jpgAs the people of God assemble today may they be looking around, not to see who is in attendance or who is absent but to see what wondrous act Yahweh will perform next in someone’s spirit or someone’s body or someone’s soul. “Now watch as the Lord does great miracles.” (1Sam.12:16, TLB)

God of the Moment in the Abdomen

In a meeting recently I had a word of knowledge about a raw stomach and raw intestines and Kathy had one about problems with the mind and with thoughts. PraiserejoiceThat was in the service on Saturday night. For three years a lady’s stomach and intestines have been raw and she was able to eat only certain kinds of food. She had to carry her food with her everywhere she went because certain foods could have caused her death. She said that her body was eating itself. She also had a swollen liver that protruded from her abdomen about the size of half a grapefruit. Everything going on in her body and all the medications were having an effect on her mind and thought processes. She was having great difficulty at work because she could not keep her thoughts on a concept long enough to get it written out in a complete thought. But when she heard the words of knowledge, the pain stopped and her swollen liver went down. Sunday morning she testified that she was still without pain and that she had eaten sausage and cheese for breakfast which she had not eaten in three years! Her thoughts were clear and she had no pain. He is the God of the moment. (3rd excerpt from Marty’s article “God of the Moment”)

Praying for Miracles This Christmas Season

(Kathy Gabler)— Miracles are begun in grace and perfected in glory.  They start with God’s supernatural enabling and come to complete manifestation through His intent and purpose and timing. As I wait on God, I shall continue to pray for miracles this Christmas season because the coming of the Christ is still in effect as well as God’s goodwill toward men.  May His presence and power and purpose and timing change your life as His goodwill touches the earth again.

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God Confirms His Word

God reveals Himself in truth. We are not only to recite truth but we are to experience truth. The truth is that GOD IS AWESOME, that He is great and greatly to be praised. What better way to praise ALMIGHTY GOD than to praise Him with our very lives – spirit, soul AND body.  What about the importance of the Word? He promised that He would confirm His Word with signs following (Mk.16:20). He didn’t just talk about the power of His Word. He showed what the power of His Word would do! “The things that distinguish a true apostle were performed among you with great perseverance—supernatural signs, startling wonders, and awesome miracles.” (2Cor.12:12,TPT)

Miracle-working God Today

As the people of God assemble today, may they realize anew that the Lord God Jehovah, the Lord God Almighty, Elohim, He is this day, not just in the Old Testament, not just in the New Testament, but is this day, worldwide, the God of miracles. May they know without a doubt that not only is He the God of miracles of the faith healer but He is their God when they need a miracle and that opportunity is today.  ”You are famous because you worked miracles in Egypt, and you are still working them in Israel and in the rest of the world as well.” (Jer.32:20, CEV)


The God of Miracles

The Lord God Jehovah, the Lord God Almighty, Elohim, He is this day, not just in the Old Testament, not just in the New Testament, not just in moves in Europe hundreds of years ago, but is this day, worldwide, the God of miracles. Not only is He the God of miracles of the faith healer but He is the God of you when you need a miracle. You can take all of your needs, every one of them no matter how severe and you can pile them up in one pile and they will not even be a molehill compared to the power of your miracle-working God Who spoke worlds into existence, Who parted the Red Sea when a Hebrew stretched a stick over the waters. It was not the Hebrew who parted the waters, it was your miracle-working God. You can take all of the stresses of all of the complex personalities involved in your situation and you can put them in the pile and they won’t even be a speck compared to the power of your miracle-working God. The Lord your God would even note to you that you can stack up all of the stresses that are known this day in international news around the globe and they will still only be a speck compared to your all-wise, loving, beneficent, heavenly Father. So load me up today, says your God. Try me and see if I cannot fulfill my Word, for I can fulfill my Word. This is a day of reckoning for the powers of darkness and I would have my people call upon me to do great and mighty things that they have not yet seen me do. (Marty gave this word 4-23-17 at Grace International Church in Willis,TX)


2017: The Game Changer #3

(Melissa) 2017: The Game Changer #3 — Miracles, Signs, Wonders. Just get ready for these to become the norm. And get ready to be the gate through which they come.  What you have been in training to release will become obvious this year.