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Live the Difference to Build a Legacy

ArkNoah.jpgWe are not hopeless and spiraling into despair with predictions on the news, we are NOAHS’s building the future. We are not puppets obligated to carry on religiousness that does NOT display Jehovah God’s presence and power, we are JOSIAHS born to kick devil butt by the age of 8. Do you hear the difference? We need to HEAR the difference to LIVE the difference. We need to LIVE the difference to build a LEGACY that will make a difference! —Kathy Gabler


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Don’t Live a Watered-Down Version

(Kathy Gabler)—That “BID me COME” is in the heart of all of us.  It is deep calling unto deep and JESUS is saying to us too, “COME ON!”  There is no need for us to live a watered-down version of what God had in mind for our lifetime.  We don’t have to leave a wimpy, skimpy heritage.  Fear may hold us in the boat and tempt us to refuse the dominion mandate, but there is a stronger force at work in us.  There is a heart’s cry, “Lord, BID me COME.”  We may consider just stepping back from sonship and dominion because we have not seen it or lived it vividly yet, but dominion is not about being an experienced son, it is about being an obedient son.  There will be times in all of us that the cry of “BID me COME” stirs in our breast and we have a choice to respond to the Lord’s, “Come on.”  (KATHY GABLER is speaking at Kingdom Congress 2019. Location: Grace International 503 W.Marlin  Willis,TX 77378  Phone: 936-856-2455)

Godly Legacy and a Nation

King David gathered, created and formed an inheritance for his son so that son could build a house for God (1Chron.22:5). David wanted to be assured that his son would have an encounter with the God he had an encounter with. David not only loved his son and wanted to be assured that he would have a relationship with God but David also loved what God loved: the nation of Israel. He wanted to be assured that the presence of God would be in the midst of Israel. There was a nation at stake and David facilitated its preservation. In preserving his family, in consciously working on leaving a godly legacy, David preserved a nation.

Legacy of Anticipation

Marty Gabler gives a word on “Legacy of Anticipation” at an FMCI Conference.
4 minute video.


Fathers Put Their Children on Their Shoulders

There is a statue in the Woodlands area just north of Houston. A child is standing on the shoulders of a man. The plaque at the base of the FatherChildShouldersstatue is a quote attributed to Sir Isaac Newton. It reads something like this: “The reason the present generation can see so far is because it is standing on the shoulders of the former generation.” Is the generation coming after us presently standing on their fathers’ shoulders? Does that generation even know that those shoulders are available? Have we taken that generation and lifted them, no matter what the cost, up and onto our shoulders? Are we expecting them to simply stand alongside us and inherit the same inadequacies and shortcomings we have been willing to live with? Some people rehearse to their children the failures and injustices and less-than-desirable qualities of their heritage. While some boldly abort the coming generation while they are still in the womb, some abort them in a more socially acceptable manner once they are out of the womb. In either case, the future has been robbed of their God-ordained potential. Perhaps it is the job of the mothers to push until they are born and then perhaps it is the job of the fathers to push up until they are securely standing on our shoulders. 





Promise and Legacy

FamilyWalkingTogetherMay we walk in the commandments of the LORD GOD and keep His Word so that our days and the days of our children walking in the realization of promise fulfilled may be increased. May we not just speak of what was in “days gone by” but live and speak presently of the goodness of Jahveh as we acknowledge His Word, abide in it and leave that legacy to our children.

“That your days and the days of your children may be multiplied in the land which the Lord swore to your fathers to give them, as long as the heavens are above the earth.  22  For if you diligently keep all this commandment which I command you to do, to love the Lord your God, to walk in all His ways, and to cleave to Him—“ (Deut.11:21-22, Amp)

How to Build a Promising Future… with the Future

UnCommon Legacy How Build Future
—Marty Gabler was interviewed on the UnCommon Legacy Broadcast.

—To read the article and listen to the interview click on link below:
UnCommon Legacy

Free To Walk In Destiny

Having  a cracked self-image, a shattered self-worth or a failed self-government, does not void our Father’s love or intent, nor His good plans for us!  If we learn to think in our hearts like that, that truth will free us up to walk in destiny and keep us from giving up before we become all God had in mind that we were born to be.  Father, may my life glorify you to the fullest extent.  Let me see me as You see me.  Cause me to value as You value.  Grace me to live honoring Your boundaries for my life.  May I live in the truth and may it be not only my freedom, but also my legacy.

(This is the last excerpt from Kathy’s article “Seeing Us The Way God Sees Us—Part 2“ which was published in SEEC Magazine [Marty and Kathy’s ministry magazine]. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Previous excerpts may be read by scrolling down this page.)

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