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How do I Know if it’s God?

Melissa — How do you know if what you are hearing is God? Well, does it line up with His word? For instance, murder and adultery… not God! Also, He trains you to hear Him. “The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, the Lord hath GodWalkWithmade even both of them.” (Proverbs 2:12) Sometimes we train ourselves to ignore the prophetic lifestyle because we don’t want to be weird. This really is an epic life we are meant to live — not fairytale or fantasy, but epic. Why epic? Unlike fairytale or fantasy that denote magic, rainbows and butterflies, and other-worldly superhumans, “epic” denotes work, grit, fight, humans living their destiny and winning. So, don’t ignore His training. Don’t ignore that relationship. 

God of an Ever-Expanding Glory

“Sanctify” means “separate yourself.” Get rid of the things that are extra, added weight. Get rid of the things that are not the image of Christ. Let go of attitudes that don’t fit Kingdom thinking. Elders, deacons, bishops SpaceLightExpandand presbyters won’t be able to help you on this one because none of us have been this way before. (Cf. Josh 10:14 and there was no day like that before it or after it.) I heard a conference speaker say, “The Lord of life leaves enough mystery to be intrusive, disruptive and surprising in order that He might shatter our tendencies to predictability; and yes even boredom. Saints die of many things but to die of boredom is an insult to the God of an ever-expanding glory.” Though some of us desperately long for the routine of our lives to be radically changed we are disturbed and consequently resistant when confronted with the acts of God’s power which are required to change them. In order for God Almighty to radically change the present state of our lives, for Him to bring reformation to our nation we must allow Him to forcefully break in upon us. Nahum 1:3— “…the Lord hath His way in the whirlwind” (Nahum 1:3). That means that we will not escape the Whirlwind.

SEEC Magazine Volume 25 Issue 2

SEEC Magazine Latest Issue   Volume 25  Issue 2 __ April/May 2021
*** Our 25th Year of Publication! ***
Marty and Kathy Gabler invite you to read this issue.
(Give the PDF magazine a few seconds to load.)

Healthy Legacy

Kathy — The best way to teach our children is by example. As we daily learn to think like God thinks, that becomes our legacy and influence. A healthy legacy makes it essential to get the basics right. The starting Happyfamilyplace is how we think about our salvation. Many generations have been taught that salvation is just an escape from hell, but they need to think differently. Salvation is empowerment for life!  Rom.1:16-17,TPT— “I refuse to be ashamed of the wonderful message of God’s liberating power unleashed in us through Christ! For I am thrilled to preach that everyone who believes is saved—the Jew first, and then people everywhere! 17 This gospel unveils a continual revelation of God’s righteousness—a perfect righteousness given to us when we believe. And it moves us from receiving life through faith, to the power of living by faith. This is what the Scripture means when it says: “We are right with God through life-giving faith!”

Prophetic Lifestyle Opens Opportunities

Melissa — You are a representative of heaven during your lifetime. “But you are A CHOSEN RACE, A royal PRIESTHOOD, A CONSECRATED NATION, A [special] PEOPLE FOR God’s OWN POSSESSION, so that you may proclaim the excellencies [the wonderful deeds and virtues and perfections] of Him who called you out of lookintodistancedarkness into His marvelous light.” (1 Peter 2:9, Amplified) The prophetic lifestyle opens opportunities, timing, and connections. Opportunities: having the ears to hear to be at the right place at the right time for yourself and others. Timing: none of us understand the timing of God because He is working on so many levels. It takes a prophetic lifestyle to see beyond the limited vision of our normal dimensions. It can keep you sane where timing is concerned. Connection: Brings lives together for God team-ups, projects, events, etc. We were never meant to do life alone (1 Corinthians 12:20-21). In this day and age, this way of life is a total necessity for the body of Christ. 

Promise of a Nation Born in a Day

Isa.66:8 — “Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things?
Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be
born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children.”
Israel PassoverOn May 14, 1948 Britain withdrew their mandate over Palestine and David
Ben-Gurion announced the formation of the new state of Israel, much to
the chagrin of the Arabs and other enemies of Israel, for a nation was
born in a day in spite of disappointments and delays and misinterpretations
of events for hundreds of years. After the prophecy was given millions of
people went to their graves never seeing Israel become a nation. But you
and I have seen it. Keep holding on to the word of the Lord. It does not fail.
Hab.2:3, Amp — “For the vision is yet for the appointed [future] time It
hurries toward the goal [of fulfillment]; it will not fail. Even though it delays,
wait [patiently] for it, Because it will certainly come; it will not delay.”

Agreeing With God’s Agenda

Kathy — Recently a friend told me of an open vision she had.  Sitting at a red light she saw a thick cloud that was low to the ground.  Suddenly, the air was sucked out of her body as she saw into the cloud to see it was HorsesAngelsWarriorsfilled with angels, warring angels, armed and mounted on horses.  The horses were jumping with nostrils flaring as they anxiously waited to charge into battle.  Overwhelmed by what she was seeing, she cried out and shouted to God, “It’s BIG!  God, it’s so BIG!”  Another friend while praying for the nation also saw an angel army on horseback getting ready to be released.  The vision impacted her, convincing her that God is answering the cries for our nation and what He is doing is far BIGGER than we knew to ask.  There is no telling how many have seen God’s angelic forces positioned for assignment in our behalf, and each of these moments of awareness are prompts for the ekklesia to say, “YES” to God’s agenda!

Our Confidence

As the people of God assemble today may they sing about, testify about, hear about and encourage one ManStandBibleanother about their confidence in their heavenly Father to be and do what He has promised in His never-failing Word. May they decide that they will not move from off of that firm foundation of His Word that will find them confident in the face of any storm or threat knowing that “no matter what the case may be, I know He’s gonna fix it for me.”
Heb.13:6,TPT—“So we can say with great confidence:‘I know the Lord is for me and I will never be afraid of what people may do to me!’”.

Have Been AND Gonna Bring it In

We are bringing in and we are going to bring in a harvest. Satan is going to be kicking himself for being so stupid as to set up our nation to be so fed up with unrighteousness, deceit and chaos. I read a report recently that claims 20% more people are reading the Bible since the outbreak of the virus. Don’t forget the murder MenCarryHarvesthornets and the riot thugs the enemy threw into the battle when he realized the virus wasn’t going to do just what he had planned. People are looking for answers, looking for peace. Since the shutdowns and quarantines came into effect, more people have been spending more time on the internet. I have been contacted by people I haven’t seen in forty years and family members who are looking for hope. Our home church Grace Church in Willis,TX has had parking lot services on Friday evenings. One evening a guy on a motorcycle drove up because he heard the worship team doing a sound check. He stayed for the whole service, raised his hand for prayer and took communion with us. People stopped on the street and listened as we worshipped and prayed and declared over our city and nation. We are set up for awakening, revival, harvest to the glory of the Father through Christ Jesus our Lord.

Creation is Groaning

Kathy — Creation is groaning for people of God to do supernatural things and bring God’s order. Children WalkWaterperceive it early on. It’s in the DNA of their spirit to reach beyond natural to supernatural. That’s why they love video games that take them beyond natural limits. If we don’t teach them to know God, they won’t know they were born to walk on water or heal the blind WHEN it is obedience to Father’s instructions. Rom.8:19,TPT—“The entire universe is standing on tiptoe [i.e., intense anticipation], yearning to see the unveiling of God’s glorious sons and daughters!”

Your True North Will Never Fail You 

Your True North Will Never Fail You
In this 9min.video Marty
encourages us with the fact that Holy Father’s faithfulness in these bewildering times is more certain than north on a compass.

Click on the video below to view.
Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 7.27.52 AM

Don’t Forget the Harvest

I have seen some videos of harvest coming in. I have seen videos of church services and prayer meetings on downtown sidewalks, of nurses and doctors kneeling in hospitals praying out loud, videos of black people CrowdWalkingloving on white people loving on Hispanics loving on Asians and First Nations people. I have been in meetings with people of various colors and ethnicities and we were loving on each other, laying hands on each other, prophesying over each other because there is a harvest to bring in. Don’t forget the harvest. Don’t get so focused on the immediate concerns and events of your community and nation that you forget about the harvest of souls to be gathered in for the Lord of Harvest. Col.3:11—“Here there is not Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave, free; but Christ is all, and in all.”

What we Need Right Now

FloodWaterGateMelissa — God simply does not produce junk.  He didn’t create humanity with only “one shot” to make it a good life, so “you better not mess up” or get sick in the process or “your life is over”.  We have in us what we need right now, at this moment in time, for ourselves AND for our nation.  Dare I even say, for the world.  We have it because we have a relationship with Jesus Christ which opens us up to be a floodgate of Heaven on earth.  

Gablers With Compass Regional Network

Team Gabler will be with Compass Regional Network
April 17, 2021  at the Courtyard Marriott in Killeen,TX. 
10:00am — 6:00pm  *** No Fee to Attend
Marty, Kathy and Melissa will each be speaking and ministering in the meetings.
Killeen April 17

God’s Power Displayed on Earth

HeavenLightRaysHillsKathy — Jesus said the Kingdom of heaven is at hand because the authority and power of God is within reach! Everything in heaven displays God’s authority and power and that same authority and power can be displayed on the earth. Matt.6:10,Amplified—“Manifest your kingdom realm, and cause your every purpose to be fulfilled on earth, just as it is in heaven.”

Resurrection From Dead Dreams

As the people of God assemble on Resurrection Sunday may the power of that very Resurrection fill the room and fill each person. May He, Who IS the Resurrection revive all the dreams and all the visions that have died AnticipationJumpWavesor ceased to function in each one. May we come through Resurrection Sunday standing up again and going out in the name of the Lord preaching His ever-expanding Kingdom that those who are captive might be set free in King Jesus’ resurrection power for the purposes of our Lord.
Rom.6:4,TPT—“Sharing in his death by our baptism means that we were co-buried with him, so that when the Father’s glory raised Christ from the dead, we were also raised with him. We have been co-resurrected with him so that we could be empowered to walk in the freshness of new life.”

To Stand up Again

Martha spoke of resurrection in terms of an end-time doctrine. JESUS spoke of resurrection in terms of that which is a present fact applicable to present circumstances. JESUS was challenging Martha to see it and experience it BEFORE the Last Day.  If JESUS cannot raise us from the death of failure (“death”: termination or extinction of something; cessation of all vital functions), from the death “of ceasing of function”, from the death of “not functioning because of fault or breakdown”, how can He raise us from the dust at the Last Day?
ResurrectionTombHere at Bethany, where JESUS is speaking to Martha, He is only two miles from Jerusalem where He healed one who had been diseased for 38 years; He healed one who had been blind since birth; now He raised one who had been dead for four days. Surely He can raise you up today. I like this definition of resurrection: “to stand up again.” Rejoice, it’s Resurrection Day! You can stand up again because Resurrection is a Person! (v.25) Jn.11:23—“Jesus said to her, “Your brother will rise again.”  24  Martha said to Him, “I know that he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day.”  25  Jesus said to her, “I AM THE RESURRECTION and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.”

When Jesus Took Those Stripes

Melissa Gabler — God Himself created the original warranty when Jesus took those stripes on His back WomanHandsUpSun(Isa.53:5 & 1Pe. 2:24). Yeah, that’s right, we have a never ending warranty on us, signed in blood. This warranty includes, “…all things that pertain unto life and godliness” (2 Pt. 1:3).  Whatever you are dealing with is covered in your “warranty”. It’s fixable!  The siege is over because the Lord has already lifted up a standard against it (Is. 59:19).  Our individual lives are about the greater good so go ahead and be healed right now! You are too important to be silenced by sickness, pain or emotional turmoil.

April is for Getting Up

The month of April is for getting up and coming out of
the tombs that have held us in guilt, disease, self-pity,
crippling judgment and fear. 
(Acts 13:34; 1Peter 1:3)

April2021 is For

Ready to be Reached

EvangelismOnStreetThis nation is likely riper than it has ever been. It is probably riper than it was in the 1960’s when there was so much turmoil and chaos with the rioting and unrest. We are sons and daughters of God, there is a harvest and Isaiah says that God has harvesters and gatherers who can bring it in. There is a harvest of souls, of people who are fed up with chaos and lawlessness, misinformation and lies and the consequences of unrighteousness. There are people who are ready to be reached, ready to be loved, ready for peace in their lives.

Night of Worship at Grace Church

Worship Night at Grace Church Willis,TX with Melissa Gabler
and the Grace Worship Team. Click on banner below for more information.
Grace NOW 4-2-21

God’s Authority Over Disease

HandGodManHandsKathy — Even though His throne is in heaven, God’s domain and His authority and power are both in heaven and on the earth. That’s why when Jesus healed, He said, “The Kingdom has come upon you.” God’s authority and power over sickness and disease has come upon your physical body, here, now, on earth. Lk.10:9, TPT — “Heal the sick, and tell them all, ‘God’s kingdom has arrived and is now within your reach!’”

Is This the End?

Melissa — Is this the end? Well, it is for some very old wickedness. It has mocked God and is getting crushed to oblivion. We have to remember this when the battle is this intense. Hey, if those who have sown to the flesh MilkyWayDarkSkyare reaping destruction, then the other side of that coin is heaven on earth! “But the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. Let us not grow weary or become discouraged in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap, if we do not give in.” (Gal. 6:8-9, AMP) Don’t push this promise off to someday when you die. God’s original intent is for us to be heaven-on-earth during our lifetime. Heaven is invading earth right now. This harvest is here for both sides of this coin! While the corrupt are meeting their corruption the just are receiving their promises. This is a beautiful time to be alive. We get to see the justice and goodness of a God that will never be mocked. You can be assured of that! Angels, attend to the harvest! 

Grace to Reign in Life

HandHoldScepterAs the people of God assemble today may their eyes open even wider to the wonders of their God and to His plans in this earth and to His grace that enables His sons and daughters to overcome and reign in life. Rom.5:17, TPT — “Death once held us in its grip, and by the blunder of one man, death reigned as king over humanity. But now, how much more are we held in the grip of grace and continue reigning as kings in life, enjoying our regal freedom through the gift of perfect righteousness in the one and only Jesus, the Messiah!”