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Dreams and Thought-Clutter

Self-to-Self dreams can clean house by flashing scenes from our life into dreams so we can gather and toss “thought-clutter” and have a clean start the next day.  Scientists and doctors have proven these kind of dreams are a nightly reset that de-clutters the mind and de-stresses the mind.  Since stress is the starting point for many, if not most health issues, the ability to dream self-to-self is healthy. The Hebrew word for dream is chalam (khay lem), which means to strengthen or restore to health or facilitate recovery.  Any way you look at it, dreaming is a blessing from the Lord.  Even nightmares or upsetting dreams or bizarro dreams can be a positive because they bring things stored in our core closet out to the living room where we can be aware of them and we can confront them for relief or resolve. (Fourth excerpt from Kathy’s article “Considering Dreams and Visions”.)





Hearing In Dreams

Hearing In Dreams

Dreams are a vivid example of how we communicate in sounds and pictures and senses. Just like reading words on a page, seeing the look on someone’s face or having a conversation, dreams can speak tonight us. Most people dream, just like most people have ears and the ability to hear sounds. But sometimes we do not pay attention to our dreams, just like we do not really hear the meaning of words that pass through our ears. For example, it is possible to have several people in the same room with a television on. Even though they have ears to hear, there is no guarantee that everyone will hear what is said. If they pay attention and understand the meaning of the words and the images on the screen, then they are hearing. So it is with dreams. I believe that in dreams we have an ear to hear; and if we will hear, God can and will speak to us. If we expect to hear from God in dreams, our faith ushers Him in.

(This excerpt is from Kathy’s article “Dreams–He That Hath An Ear, Let Him Hear” taken from SEEC Magazine.)

The Search Builds Relationship

The Search Builds Relationship 

God often communicates with man in symbols and parallels. As Jesus spoke in parables, on one level, the natural mind could simply remember an interesting story; but the spirit of man could discern real-life truths within the story and act on them. Being stirred in spirit enough to search out and lay hold of the truth builds relationship with Truth, just as His disciples built relationshipmoonlight with Him as they sought Him out wanting to understand the truth. God still speaks through symbols and parallels whether in dreams or visions or parables, to lead to understanding – the intimate understanding and conversation of friends. Godly dreams display strategies, confirm plans and direction, and reveal overcoming truths. As we realize this, we realize how intricate and awesome our God is, and our understanding and love for Him grow in the search.

“It is the glory of God to conceal and keep close a word, a matter, advice, counsel, a thought; but it is the honor, glory, abundant riches, and splendor of kings to search out his word, his counsel and his thoughts,” (Prov 25:2-paraphrase). 

(This excerpt is from Kathy’s article “Dreams–He That Hath An Ear, Let Him Hear” taken from SEEC Magazine.)