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Father’s Intent Not Voided

Kathy — Having  a cracked self-image, a shattered self-worth or a failed self-government, does not void our Fathers love or intent, nor His good plans for us!  If we learn to think in our hearts like that, that truth will free us up to walk in destiny and keep us from giving up before we become all God had in mind that we were born to be.  Father, may my life glorify you to the fullest extent.  Let me see me as You see me.  Cause me to value as You value.  Grace me to live honoring Your boundaries for my life.  May I live in the truth and may it be not only my freedom, but also my legacy.
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Father’s Hearts Affirming

As the people of God assemble today, may hearts of fathers be turned to the coming FatherArmAroundSongeneration. May fathers in our congregations discern the potential of the youth around them and let their hearts be turned to affirming them, encouraging them and enabling them on to their destiny in Christ. May this be the most memorable Father’s Day with fathers and children turned to each other in love and in honor, grasping the heavenly Father’s heart for the generations to glorify His intent. “May the Lord richly bless both you and your children.” (Ps.115:14, TLB)

Scriptural Courage

When God is keeping His people on His timetable it will require constant change on the part of those people. If we take an honest look at Eph 4:13-16, we will admit that we have not arrived. Change in the Church across the board is what we have to look forward to. Sameness is not the answer. As we hunger for the Holy Spirit’s presence in carrying out our Heavenly Father’s mandate, there will be likely human personalities who will resist. As we continue to receive prophecies that propel us forward into our destiny, there will be opposing forces that will attempt to intimidate and discourage us from doing mighty exploits. The 10 spies will cry, “Giants!” The Athaliahs will yell, “Treason!” The Michals will tauntingly proclaim, “Vile!” And the Sanballats will accusingly shout, “Rebellion!” If we check our mandate and our motivation and find them to be scriptural as David did, then let’s allow it to become our courage.




“And Now, Here Is His Son”

father with sonChristian apologist, Ravi Zacharias, was invited back to the country of his family’s origin to speak at a conference. The people there did not know Ravi. When it came time for Ravi to speak, the conference host spoke about Ravi’s father for ten minutes. At the end of that time the only thing the host said of Ravi was, “And now here is his son, Ravi, to speak to us.” In that culture, they are accustomed to the son being of the nature of his father so that what you got in the father, you get in the son. Though the host did not know Ravi, he knew Ravi’s father and therefore did not hesitate to turn the podium to him. Jesus said, “Anyone who has seen me, has seen the Father.” (Jn.14:9)

(This is the sixth excerpt from Marty’s article “Launching Into A New Era” in Volume 17 Issue 6 of SEEC Magazine * Marty will be speaking at the SEEC Kingdom Conference * Mar.5-7.  Conference details are at  https://martygabler.com/ctk-conference/ * You can hear a short audio file of Kathy Gabler on “Escaping Victim Syndrome”:



No Fear of Being De-sonned

No Fear of Being De-sonned (Kathy)

The offensive strategy of sons of God gathering to strengthen and equip and be enabled to serve their place of purpose and calling in life is going to pivot on the individual believer getting this and maturing into a confident father-and-son-holding-handsFather/son relationship.  That’s a relationship that cannot be shaken by mistakes or failures, a bond that cannot be weakened by hard times and a relationship that can’t be manipulated by accusation or condemnation.  Condemnation is probably the #1 most successful tool against Christians because it causes people to live like yoyo’s—up one minute, down the next—vitally involved one month and feeling totally disqualified the next.  Condemnation is deadly because it measures your salvation by your behavior and disqualifies you with every error, sin or failure.  Here’s a key:   condemnation can only do you damage when your focus is works and behavior instead of relationship. Sons know they don’t get into the family by being perfect, so they don’t fear being de-sonned because of imperfection. Condemnation always connects your behavior to your self-worth, but God doesn’t.  So, mature sons must learn to think like their Father and not remain an immature son who is likely to disinherit himself.

(This is an excerpt from an article by Kathy Gabler entitled “Offense: The Kingdom In Action” in which she talks about the advantage of moving from merely a defensive strategy to an offensive strategy.)

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The Radiance of His Glory

The Radiance of His Glory

When Heb 1:3 says He is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature, one thing it is saying is that Jesus never misrepresented the Father. That is why when  Philip demanded, “Show us the Father” Jesus could say, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.”(Jn14:9) As the radiance of His glory Jesus did not glow but He lived out the character of God where it could be seen and benefited from. The character of the Father radiated out of the life that Jesus lived. That is the purpose of the Word of His power working mightily in us.