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Returning to Fellowship

ChurchShakingHandsAs the people of God assemble today, may there be faith stirred in hearts concerning those who have been absented from the local fellowship. May there be expectancy that they be returned to the fellowship to edify and, once again, take their place on the wall.  “May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent and hidden one from another.” (GEN. 31:49, Amp)

Set a Guard on my Mouth

Let us be careful what we say. The Lord doesn’t want what we speak falling to the ground. (1Sam.3:19)  “Set a guard, O Lord, before my mouth; keep watch at the door of my lips.”Ps. 141:3, Amp)

Legacy of Anticipation

Marty Gabler gives a word on “Legacy of Anticipation” at an FMCI Conference.
4 minute video.


Especially For an Audience of One

While watching his father’s sheep, David was nurturing that intimate relationship with prayers and songs.  The cathedral that echoed his vocal praises was the cathedral of air and hillside which was far removed from gilded halls.  The audience upon whose ears the melodious praises fell were only animals who were not able to boast of his talents nor were they able to appreciate these acts the way religious devotees laud those who practice what is expected of them.  For David, it was honest and grateful expression of his relationship with God, whether God was the only audience or not.

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Trusting God in all Circumstances

Long before David ever became king of Israel, he had a secret relationship with God.  There was relationship, communing between David and God, long before he wrote the beautiful Psalms which are part of our worship and meditations today. The Psalms were not the result of a weekend revival nor the result of a trip through a falling-down prayer line. They are the result of a life of worship and trusting God in all circumstances. ”I was once young, but now I’m old. Not once have I found a lover of God forsaken by him, nor have any of their children gone hungry.” (Ps.37:25, TPT)

Worship, a way of Living

When Jesus began to deal with the real need in the life of the woman he met at the well, she tried to get him sidetracked by raising an old argument about worship.  The conversation had become uncomfortably personal.  But since the controversy over where to worship was endless, she hoped to divert Jesus from the subject at hand.  Jesus didn’t allow her to control the situation and divert him from the real need.  The real need was honesty with God in life, in worship.  Worship is not something that takes place in a “sacred location” or “sacred building” or “sacred ceremony.”  Worship is a way of living before God as well as offering songs, readings, wave offerings and other such acts of adoration.  The true worshiper deals honestly and openly with God at all times, not just in certain locations or at special times.

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Worship That Ministers to God

We know that God desires “true worshipers” and Lev. 3:41 captures a true combination when Jeremiah urges, “Let us lift up our hearts and our hands to God in heaven…”  We truly want to worship God in a way that ministers to him and the Scriptures clearly show us numerous ways which are acceptable to him.  As the loving spontaneity of children delights their earthly father, so our Heavenly Father delights in the spontaneous praising and worshipping of his children.  A worshiping example is “Praise the Lord.  Sing to the Lord a new song, his praise in the assembly of the saints.  Let Israel rejoice in their Maker;  let the people of Zion be glad in their King.  Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with tambourine and  harp.  FOR THE LORD TAKES DELIGHT IN HIS PEOPLE;  he crowns the humble with salvation (Ps. 149:1-4).