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Redefining for the Next Generation

I knew of a pastor who spent his life building a great church in a large city.  Many lives were impacted by his faithfulness and the largeness of his vision.  However, there came a time to redefine his role and be repositioned for the effectualness of the vision to future generations.  The pride of being self-made gathered from the recesses of his years of experience.  Fear of losing his personal investment caused him to go back on promises to the next generation of leadership.  Pride, fear and self-determination kept him from synergizing with the potential of the future.  He held tightly to the heart of the church that he had built, and when he left, feet first, it went with him.  He started it and essentially ended it in one lifetime.  

“What used to be” is not the witness that will impact a community or a region for the Kingdom.   I AM is being misrepresented if He is not present-tense and awesome.  If we refuse to allow pride or fear to keep us from fresh and timely obedience, sons of God will be redefined and repositioned as needed and we will flow into a momentum that causes the good plans of God to manifest.  The groaning communities and regions will reel with the supernatural results and exponential harvest that He has planned. (Last excerpt from Kathy’s article “Fresh Obedience”)

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God Who Breaks in Upon His Church

Our God is a self-disclosing God who reveals Himself in acts of power by forcefully breaking into our otherwise routine existence (cf.violent tempest blast”-Acts 2:2, Amp). He breaks in upon His Church (which most certainly is His privilege) with memorable moments that breathtakingly remind us of our destiny and which propel us out of comfortable routine into that destiny. Being conformed to the Image of Christ and ruling this universe with Him is our destiny. Day to day maintenance of mundane comfort zones does not allow propulsion into that destiny. Cf. “The Lord of life leaves enough mystery to be intrusive, disruptive and surprising in order that He might shatter our tendencies to predictability and, yes, even boredom. Saints die of many things, but to die of boredom is the ultimate insult to the God of an ever-expanding glory!” (quote from Mark Chironna)

November is for Collectively Moving Forward

The month of NOVEMBER IS FOR COLLECTIVELY MOVING FORWARD with each of us in our place so that the Body of Christ is stepping in a coordinated cadence into the coming season of challenges that oppose the righteousness of King Jesus. “…holding fast to the Head, from Whom the entire body, supplied and knit together by means of its joints and ligaments, grows with a growth that is from God.” (Col.2:19, Amp)

Not Easy Being Green

“It’s not easy being green”. The truth is that even if redefinition does reveal a right motive, a right heart, being repositioned is still a horse of a different color.  At that point, Fear usually steps up to filibuster, talking incessantly to delay action and cooperation, like a child wanting to learn to swim but staying on the side of the pool in indecision, talking fast about everything that comes to mind, asking a thousand questions to delay the process. No, it’s just “not easy being green”, especially after you have already ripened in another place.  The truth is however, that repositioning and redefinition into a new place does not mean we are “green” or the “new kid on the block.”  A new place does not make a diligent man of destiny a novice starting over.  On the contrary, God moves us to new opportunities because He knows we are prepared for it.  (Twelfth excerpt from Kathy’s article “Fresh Obedience”)

You Haven’t Seen Everything

Sometime back we were battling with considerable financial and physical matters. Every solution I could think of was blocked and I couldn’t see any resolve, even on the horizon. Through the course of those days it seemed that a sense of panic would creep up in my gut. Honestly, I had come to the conclusion that we were in a pit that was hopeless.

After wrestling with this insurmountable dilemma for about two weeks, and arriving at certain negative conclusions (trying to choke back panic and hopelessness), I dreamed that I was standing in a huge, wide-open warehouse. I noticed a man walking toward me. When he got right in front of me he stopped and looked me right in the eye. He raised his hand, pointed at me and, matter-of-factly said, “You haven’t seen everything.” Then I woke up.

My foregone conclusions had me convinced that I had exhausted all possibilities because I felt I had seen everything (in all my musings and mental exercises) that might be brought to bear on the difficulties, and those things just simply were not available to us as a solution.

A trembling began down deep inside as I realized that the word in the dream was absolutely correct. I had not seen everything. Within 72 hours the whole thing turned around! Please understand that you have not seen everything. Not only have you not seen everything, but there are things that have not yet been formed in your behalf. (Compare Job 26:12-14; Isa.48:6-7; 1Cor.2:9) The cloud “the size of a man’s hand” did not begin to form until Elijah’s servant walked down to the sea and looked the seventh time (1K.18:44). Because the Kingdom is advancing and bringing with it facilitation for purpose “some of the best days of your life haven’t happened yet.” The Kingdom is advancing and, as you are in the Kingdom, it is advancing you with it.

I Can Run Through a Troop

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Available for New Experiences

For God to get something transitioned from His heart into the earth, He must find someone or several someones to cooperate. In order to cooperate, those someones must be willing to add to their present experiences. They must be courageous enough, hungry enough to accept new experiences from God! Some people have nailed down the lid on their “experience box”. Others have closed the file on further experiences from with God. Some have closed the books to any more entries. Jesus commanded 500 of His followers, “Tarry in Jerusalem until….” Yet only 120 went to Jerusalem and “waited until”. Why should 380 people who have the attitude “Been there, done it, got a T-shirt” “wait until”? The Promise of the Father came. A group of people still received power from heaven. But the point is: 380 people didn’t get over their bewilderment and receive. 380 people ended up merely reading about what happened to 120!
Beside Still Waters with Marty Gabler
An evening devotion of reading the Word and prayer.
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