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Communicating With the Father

Kathy—As we read Matthew 6 and Luke 10, we find Jesus teaching the disciples to pray.  The verses leading up to the actual prayer reveal firstly what prayer is not.  Prayer is not practicing your righteousness before men.  Prayer is not using surplus words trying to cover your bases.  Prayer is not from any motive that would manipulate God or man.  Then, Jesus gives directions to His disciples on how to communicate with the Father.  His instruction becomes a model for us known as “The Lord’s Prayer”.
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Trust and Life

Melissa — Trust is a principle of the Kingdom.  God knew what He was doing when He created it.  It’s life-bearing, abundant-life-bearing. How beautiful it is that the principles of God are set in place to provide the John 10:10 abundant life for all who live them.  He gave us a map for life.  Check this out, Psalm 84:12 (AMP) “O Lord of hosts, How blessed and greatly favored is the man who trusts in You [believing in You, relying on You, and committing himself to You with confident hope and expectation].” Yes, that is beautiful.  But check out the rest of Psalm 84. It literally lines out what a life looks like that trusts God. Vs. 4 “Blessed and greatly favored are those who dwell in Your house and Your presence; They will be singing Your praises all the day long. Selah.”

An Active Work of God in You

As the people of God assemble today may they allow Holy Spirit to minister to them the reality of the fact that there is an active work of God going on in them. May they declare that inward truth is undeniable even in the face of all that is contrary in the present culture, in the face of present fear-mongering and the proliferation of non-biblical belief systems.  Phil.1:6,Msg—“There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears.”

The Lord Will Accomplish What Concerns You

Though you walk in the midst of trouble, may the Lord revive you; May He stretch forth His hand against the wrath of your enemies, And may His right hand save you. The Lord will accomplish what concerns you. [***Declare out loud that the Lord will accomplish what concerns you***] Your lovingkindness, O Lord, is everlasting; Do not forsake the works of Your hands. [***Declare out loud that the Lord will not forsake the works of His hands***] (Taken from Ps 138:7-8) 


Kathy — Forgiveness untethers us so our lives do not revolve around our conflicts.

Diligence or Trust?

Melissa — Some of us have confused trust with diligence.  By “diligence” I mean we handle, fixate on, and stay worried about a problem until it’s fixed.  That is nowhere in the definition of trust.  It’s not only the opposite of trust, but it is seething with dysfunction and disease.  A lack of trust is one of our worst enemies.  We might be blaming things on the devil that are really a lack of trust in our own lives.  I’m sure the devil doesn’t mind when we blame him for such things because it makes his job easier.

Which Aggressor?

In Lk 10:18 satan is thrown down from heaven. Demons quake in fear in Mk 1:24 and beg to be left alone when confronted by Jesus. It is contrary to the theme of the Kingdom of God in the experience of Jesus and his disciples as actually experiencing violence at the hands of spirits. God is the Aggressor and evil is on the retreat. I think that maybe we should keep all this in mind as we go to intercession and declarations over our families, churches and nation.


Melissa — As of late my meditation topic has been Trust.  You know: “reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.” It should be a natural byproduct of being a believer. I thought so until God asked me if I trusted Him.  Of course… wait, do I?! That’s an answer I thought was sure at this point in my life.  The amazing thing is in that moment, trust made sense for the first time.  All of a sudden there was a relief in my core that I’m not sure I have ever felt.  Without Him saying a word, there was an understanding that actually trusting God meant to actually let go of needing to know the process of getting to an answer. 

(An excerpt from one of Melissa’s messages at a past DVP ; MELISSA will be leading us in a Worship Encounter and speaking at DREAMS VISIONS PROPHECY <> September 10-12, 2021.) All information for DVP2021 is at martygabler.com/dvp/.)

Run the Race Worth Running

As the people of God assemble today let us pray that, in coming days, they shun the distractions of culture and the lies of the evil one and “strip off every unnecessary weight and those sins that easily and cleverly entangle us, so that we can persistently run the race” that is worth running. The great cloud of witnesses surround us and our Great Intercessor is at the right hand of God on high praying for our victory! (Heb.12:11)

Conflict and Defeat

On the subject of conflict, it is the Kingdom of God which attacks the kingdom of satan. Whenever Jesus speaks of the conflict with satan and his demons, it is always in terms of their defeat. In Matt. 12:29 the strong man who is guarding his house is overcome by Someone who is stronger.
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What Gets Bigger Than God?

Kathy — Consider David. His self-government completely crashed as he committed big time sin that had big time consequences. Most people would have crawled in a hole to eat worms and die (especially after a big prophet exposed it all), but David took personal responsibility and owned his mess.  That positioned him to repent (2Sam.12:13). He didn’t act like Adam and try to hide after he sinned.  Neither did he spend the rest of his life cowering as unworthy or continually seeking reassurance that God still accepted him.  No, in fact, after he repented, he begged God to change His plan and spare the child born out of adultery.  Who would have the nerve to ask God for mercy at this point?  Even after his self-image took a big hit publicly, David didn’t allow condemnation to seep in the cracks.  It wasn’t that he was a simple-minded optimist, nor was he thinking in terms of deserving this, he  was  simply convinced God loved him.  None of David’s mess-ups ever got bigger to him than God.  He remained “a man after God’s own heart,” who continued to see himself as a son just like God did. That’s relationship.  That’s a strong family bond and some awesome sonship!
(Kathy will be speaking at Dreams Visions Prophecy – Sept.10-12 – Grace Church Willis)

When a Nugget Pops up

Melissa Gabler — Have you ever had times when a revelatory nugget pops up, then within days you hear the same nugget from other sources? That’s been happening as of late and I’m learning to pay attention to those! Following is one such instance that has been not only ringing in my ear, but answering some of those seemingly unanswerable questions.
While in conversation this was quoted to me from a book, “God hides some things for specific times so that the enemy cannot destroy them.” That stuck with me, and a couple of days later I read a quote from someone else that was expressing the exact same thought! Well, that really hit me between the eyes, especially because these came from trusted sources. It was an “Are you listening?” moment.
I began meditating on God hiding something for a specific time, and it felt like this statement began filling cracks in my understanding. If God cloaks something for a time, it is not only to hide it from the devil and his destructive minions, but it is also to hide it from our own self-sabotage. Yes, the devil and self-sabotage are two different things. However, the devil LOVES stoking the flames of self-sabotage! All we have to do is let our fears and concerns fall out of our mouths like kindling for the enemy’s threatening bonfire. So many times we make the devil’s job so easy.

Unembracing Personal Experience

Like Jesus, a Kingdom mentality puts us (1) where we are supposed to be, (2) knowing who we are, (3) what authority we have and (4) what we are supposed to be doing. Jesus did not allow evil to determine or alter His plans or actions. For some, being delivered from evil will be as simple as unembracing personal experience and embracing what God says you can be and what you can do. Jn.18:37

Into New Norms

kg-brenham-1-31-21bKathy – I have sensed for several months that the Body of Christ is in an important time of transition into new norms.  One of the new norms I believe we can expect is strategic dreams that equip us for the purposes of God.  I consider strategic dreams to be those timely telegrams that confirm direction or give instruction or release insight and understanding for a mandate and call to action.   (Kathy will be speaking at DREAMS VISIONS PROPHECY CONFERENCE 2021.  All info is at martygabler.com/dvp/)

Prophetic Living by the Spirit

MSG_Grace_May2014Melissa —I’m going to address the Prophetic Lifestyle.  Let me start by saying this is a lifestyle for all of us to live not just those called to be a Prophet. This is my definition of the Prophetic Lifestyle: It Is LIVING BY THE SPIRIT and sensing, hearing and seeing God’s intention about the here and now, and what is to come. It’s also about carrying that God-intention to its manifestation AND letting that intention do its work in us.
(An excerpt from Melissa’s message at DVP2019; MELISSA will be leading us in a Worship Encounter and speaking at DREAMS VISIONS PROPHECY <> September 10-12, 2021.) All information for DVP2021 is at martygabler.com/dvp/.)

The Lord Restore

As the people of God assemble today may they take the opportunity to call upon the Lord Most High to restore what they have lost in recent months. May they confidently call upon His name and confidently expect to see the goodness of the Lord as He restores.  Ps.23:1-3,TPT — “Yahweh is my best friend and my shepherd. I always have more than enough.  2 He offers a resting place for me in his luxurious love. His tracks take me to an oasis of peace near the quiet brook of bliss. 3 That’s where he restores and revives my life.

What Will we Allow or Disallow?

The Kingdom of God is the rule of God, the authority of God, the presence of God and the influence of God. Evil cannot stop the establishing of the Kingdom. There will be resistance in this present age against the sons of the Kingdom but whether or not it turns into defeat for us as individuals is up to us. What will we allow and what will we disallow? What will we bind and what will we loose? Matt.16:19

Identity, Affirmation and Boundaries

Kathy — Self-image, self-worth and self-government cannot be determined by your IQ or strengths or looks or successes or skills, but neither are they determined by experiences or failures or opinions or lies.  The thing that outranks all of that is your relationship with the Father and guaranteed daughtership or sonship.  Identity, affirmation and boundaries are powerfully established through that relationship. 

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Our Stance in This Season

Melissa Gabler — Our stance in this season is standing—standing on the truth that our magnificent God is doing something BIG.  He is establishing His plan for the last half of 2021 and beyond.  Again, we GET to be a part of this.  We GET to be a change agent simply by standing.  Yes, YOU have what is needed for this moment.  Now is not the time to throw your hands up.  Now is the time to take a deep breath and watch the glorious show unfolding in the days ahead.  Yes, there will be shockers.  BUT all we need to know is that those shockers are proof that God is shaking what can be shaken (Heb. 12:27-28)!  Thankful to be Your daughter, my King.  “The kingdom of God doesn’t come by counting the days on the calendar. Nor when someone says, ‘Look here!’ or, ‘There it is!’ And why? Because God’s kingdom is already among you.” (Luke 17:21 MSG) It’s time to wake up, and be who we were born to be.  Let’s win this war, as God has intended.

Waves and the Kingdom

What did the waves of Mk 4:37-41 do to Jesus? They did nothing whatsoever to Him physically or even emotionally. He was able to rest in the midst of them! But the same waves brought up fear in the disciples so that they were unable to function. Jesus had a Kingdom mentality. We must embrace His Kingdom mentality: He was completely convinced of His authority in the midst of, and indeed, over storms.

Outgrow Feelings of Unworthiness

Kathy Gabler — I know a lady who was raised on the church bench.  She had such a heart for God when she was young, that she truly considered marrying a minister.  She is wired primarily eagle, who tends to require perfection in self.  She is also ox, wanting no conflict, and she has a motivational gift of serving as well.  She went right from high school to being a secretary.  As choices flowed in her life, she married young and went through two divorces.  Being a conscientious church girl, she saw herself as disqualified and a failure.  She struggled with thinking that her potential and purpose were lost.  For years, her self-image and self-worth were shaken.  However, even with those two elements shaken, she was one of those exceptional people that had enough strength of character not to allow her self-government to take a dive.  She remained diligent in her career and rose to executive secretary.  After dealing with taunting questions like “Who am I now?   Why am I here now? (since I’ve messed up so badly),” she came to the realization that God had not changed His mind about His original intent for her and her gifts and calling were still intact.  Today, she has overcome and is an awesome intercessor, just as she was originally intended to be.  She realizes now that even her time as a secretary was actually intercessory in nature, building bridges between problems and their resolve.  She outgrew her feelings of unworthiness to even allow the Holy Spirit to stir gifts in her of discernment and prophetic proclamation.

Unshakeable Kingdom

As the people of God assemble today may they radically praise, worship, preach and prophesy of the righteous order of God coming into the heart of this nation. May their hearts never wilt because of the unrighteous and the plans of the unrighteous but know and trust that “we are receiving our rights to an unshakable kingdom [and] we should be extremely thankful and offer God the purest worship that delights his heart as we lay down our lives in absolute surrender, filled with awe.” (Heb.12:28,TPT)

Power Acts, Powerful Reactions

Some say Matt.11:12 refers to a battle: “the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by force.” There is no language in the Bible which shows evil attacking the Kingdom. But properly put: the Kingdom of heaven acts powerfully and requires a powerful reaction. Jesus taught that because the dynamic power of His Kingdom has invaded the world, men are to respond with a radical reaction (Matt.5:29-30).

Too Fragmented to Function

Kathy — When our self-image takes a hit, it is tempting to feel so fragmented that we stop functioning.  If we do, then condemnation seeps into those cracks and tries to “kill”  (Jn.10:10) our relationship with our Father and tries to “steal”  (Jn.10:10) our sense of worth and tries to “destroy” (Jn.10:10) our self-government.  Condemnation is one of the most lethal weapons the devil uses because it carries a mixture of truth and lie that is particularly toxic.  Condemnation’s first punch is usually true, like, “You know you messed up. You’re guilty.”   However, it’s second punch is a poisonous lie like, “There is no way out, no healing for a damaged self-image.  There is no way to redeem value that was lost and no restoration of broken boundaries.”  Those lies should make you want to spit!