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Free of Life Cycles

Melissa—God is putting His finger on things that must be dealt with right now in individual’s lives. This is a tremendous opportunity to be free of cycles, issues and fears that have held you and your family captive.  I know there are those reading this right now that have had recent revelations of personal bondage that the Lord is unlocking.   He’s opening eyes and restoring lives for, dare I say, such a time as this!  So, take rest in knowing you don’t have to have it all figured out and on track before you go to bed tonight.  Just simply start with realizing that He is the One that restores your soul and leads you in paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake (Ps. 23).  It’s about that, His Name’s sake, inch-by-inch for His Name’s sake.

Restore What the Locusts Have Eaten

In Joel 2:25 the Lord Most High says, “I will compensate you for the years that the swarming locust had eaten.” When locusts swarm and come through there is not anything left. They devour it all. But God said I am going to compensate you for it. I am going to restore. Everything the locusts have eaten (and digested). And I cry out today, “Oh God, what the locusts had destroyed in me and my family and my relationships and in my nation and in my church, I cry out now restore!” Psalm 51:12 says “Restore to me the joy of my salvation and sustain me with a willing spirit”. Restore the joy of God! Restore the joy that hopelessness has taken, that attacks against the people of God have taken and the tolls they have taken on the people’s hope for the future. Restore the joy! 

Prayer for the Changing Church

Kathy—When reading Ps.81 I was receiving instruction from the Lord to invest prayer toward the church changing and that the results would be undeniable. My, my, I was amazed that the Holy Spirit would actually instruct me to pray for speedy results and pray against delay (because I definitely do have experience in that kind of praying!)  Honestly, I don’t know that I have ever heard such detailed and clear instructions. That thrilled me because I had heard the Lord say back in September that He was bringing more clarity and it was already happening!  The scripture I had been reading before I dozed off echoed through me again, “How I wish my people would obey me!”  I promptly wrote the instructions down to pray daily as I was so clearly directed.  While I am not trying to put my assignment on anyone reading this, I am trying to encourage you to expect clarity and understanding as God prompts you to pray or take action this year.  Follow His prompts and don’t waste time wondering or asking “Why me?” as I did.  We can trust the Lord to wisely assign the part we are to steward, so there’s no need to feel overloaded or unequipped, just obey.  Even if His prompts seem more vague than clear at first, rather than losing time wondering if the Lord is really prompting us, just pray or just do it. 

A Big Churning

Melissa—I feel something big churning as of late. I believe this discernment is about getting ready for what lies ahead in the remainder of the year.  I believe that the latter part of this year is very significant to how we enter the coming year. As I write this I see a picture of the American flag being raised by brave Marines at Iwo Jima during World War II. In researching this battle this statement stuck out, “The battle was won by the inch-by-inch tenacity of the foot soldier,” (Iwojima com).  The coming months will be won “by the inch-by-inch tenacity of the foot soldier,” as we battle right now. For those that struggle with an all-or-nothing drive, (like me) the statement “inch-by-inch tenacity” can be almost devastating. I really prefer a battle being done in a one-glorious-moment tenacity! Here’s the thing with the remainder of this year, the inch-by-inch is going to lead to many glorious moments in the coming year. (More thoughts on this subject will be coming in posts in the next few days.) 

Sanctified and Pure

As the people of God assemble today may His powerful, life-changing Word be preached with Holy Spirit anointing and great conviction in order that we may be sanctified and pure so we may be separate from profane things in days to come and be preserved complete in our Lord Jesus Christ.  “And may the God of peace Himself sanctify you through and through [separate you from profane things, make you pure and wholly consecrated to God]; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved sound and complete [and found] blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah).” (1Thess.5:23, Amp)

Elohim – Power of Effect

Does Elohim mean Creator? The basic meaning behind the name Elohim is one of “strength or power of effect”. Elohim is the infinite, all-powerful God who shows by His works that He is the creator, sustainer, and supreme judge of the world.  Ps.146:5-6,Amp—“How blessed and graciously favored is he whose help is the God of Jacob (Israel), Whose hope is in the LORD his God,  6  Who made heaven and earth, The sea, and all that is in them, Who keeps truth and is faithful forever,”

Instructions to Invest Prayer

Kathy—As I read Ps.81, I wondered,”Why am I hearing these things?” Immediately, I heard, “So you can invest prayer toward these changes in My Church.” My instructions continued,  “Pray, the changes and results be undeniable.  Pray that tomorrow will manifest what I initiate today in heart-thinking and in conversations and in angel assignments.  Pray that opposition and interference on every level be sabotaged in the night between today and tomorrow’s manifestation.  Pray that speedy and prevailing works of righteousness and justice be witnessed and understood so that the fear of the Lord will come upon people and their families and their nations and their generations.

Dealing With Accusation

Melissa—How do you deal with accusation if you feel like this is a force against you? The message I heard offered 4 steps to deal with the power of accusation.  (Important note: This force was built using words so you will need to use words to break it.)

1. Forgive and bless.  Things won’t change if you don’t forgive.  Wash your accuser with blessing.  “I’m asking you to bless them, their family. May your mercy come on them.”  Forgiveness and blessing are foundational for victory.

2. Realize and confess you do the same thing.  If you don’t confess you won’t have the authority to break it over yourself.  Simply ask for forgiveness then break your words off of people.  Don’t worry about going down the list of everyone you know to break words off of them.  The Holy Spirit will bring faces before you if there are specific things you need to break.  Also, it would do good for all of us to realize we have accused ourselves of all sorts of things.  I feel it’s important to break those words we’ve spoken over ourselves!

3. Be grateful.  Gratitude is important because it is the opposite of resentment.  Begin to think of the things you can give thanks for and let it out of your mouth.

4. Break those words off of your life.  This is a curse (witchcraft) sent against you (Galatians 5:19-20). You have to break it.
We are at a threshold of phenomenal breakthrough and I believe this is one big nasty force that is trying to keep us out of the next season.  It can’t.  It is not as powerful as the original intent of God.  So, if you don’t break through you just keep working at it! Be vigilant and keep working at it until you have victory because victory is God’s original intent for you.

Call Out

”Call to Me and I will answer you” (Jer.33:3). This is a covenant God speaking. I can look back at these Old Testament scriptures and I can stand on them today, right here, right now today I can cry out, “Restore God!” Restore my finances, restore my health, restore my relationships, restore my hope because I also am a covenant man. The book of Hebrews says I have a better covenant than Old Testament Israel had (Heb.8:6). That is what you and I are standing in today, right now and I am urging you to cry out today, to cry restore! Don’t just cry out for your finances but your mental health, your physical health, your family’s relationship. Cry out for your hope for the nation, your hope for the body of Christ. Ps.34:17,Amp—”When the righteous cry [for help], the Lord hears And rescues them from all their distress and troubles.” 

Praying is Obeying

Kathy—PRAYING is OBEYING, and prayer will clearly bear fruit in 2022 as His Kingdom comes and His will is done in earth.  On January 4th, six days after Marty made the declarations (mentioned in my last post), I was reading Psalm 81.  Verse 13,  How I wish my people would listen to me; how I wish they would obey me, seemed to echo in my mind as I leaned my head back on my chair.  As I slipped into sleep, I began dreaming, but then I heard someone speaking.  I opened my eyes, wondering if I was awake or asleep as I tried to listen to what was being said.  It is sometimes a challenge to transfer words and concepts to paper, but this is the gist of what I heard:  “I am bringing changes to the Church’s mode of operation.”  My first thought was that I must pray that those who faithfully sit on the church bench be able to handle God-changes rather than hold to traditions or walk away in judgment.  I took hope in what I heard next:  The prospering that comes from these changes will cause the differences to be embraced and welcomed by many.  Even the economics of the Church will prosper like harvests hidden in history.”  I had no knowledge of  “harvests hidden in history.”  I was a bit stunned at hearing such details. I thought, ‘Lord, hearing these things seems strangely beyond my usual reach and responsibility.  This is the kind of stuff that Marty hears, so why am I hearing these things?’  Immediately, I heard, “So you can invest prayer toward these changes in My Church.”  I have to admit that I felt too inexperienced for such an assignment, and that momentary feeling of being unequipped made me doubt my hearing.  But I could not shrug this off to dreaming.  I wonder how many of us have disqualified ourselves and forsaken an assignment through a reaction like mine.  The soul (the mind and logic and will) is often quick to take the wheel and drive us into a ditch of doubt instead of down the path of obedience.  It’s not that our soul cannot be part of obedience, in fact, it must.  However, the soul simply cannot be the driver-dictator-controller.  Being led of the Spirit is the means and method of walking out an obedience and getting to God-outcomes (in prayer or any other obedience).

What’s the Antidote to Accusation?

Melissa—What’s the antidote to accusation? The opposite of accusation is intercession.  The enemy accuses (Revelation 12:10) and Jesus intercedes (Romans 8:34).  Instead of accusing, criticizing, gossiping and leaving it there, it needs to be turned into intercession. Now, in the south we like to put “bless their heart” at the end of a good ol’ accusation… THIS IS NOT INTERCESSION. Perhaps an example of intercession would look something like this, “Open their eyes Lord, Your grace is sufficient for this issue.”

Right Side Up

As the people of God assemble today may they edify each other and encourage one another that where their lives have been turned upside down that they will be turned right side up again and functioning in the purposes of Father God Who delights in the victory of His people. Ps.50:15,Amp—Call on Me in the day of trouble; I will rescue you, and you shall honor and glorify Me.””

Cry Out so Jehovah Can Restore

There were times in Israel, in the Old Testament, when it seemed Israel had gotten things so topsy-turvy that absolutely nothing could ever get them turned right side up again. Then Jehovah would send a prophet to His people. It would seem as though the Lord was almost at the point of begging Israel to call on Him. The Bible says there was a time when Israel had been in a captivity period that was so bad that they had to live in holes in the ground. I can’t imagine living in a hole in the ground! Just how bad could it get? The nation was scattered and defeated. Everything they had was taken from them. It was stolen. And they were wished dead by all the surrounding nations. God said that if His people would cry out, He would restore! Lk.18:7,Amplified—”And will not [our just] God defend and avenge His elect [His chosen ones] who cry out to Him day and night? Will He delay [in providing justice] on their behalf?” 

Subterranean Giants

Kathy—Near the end of 2019, Marty made the *Declarations for 2020”.  The one that impacted me most specifically was “Subterranean Goliaths will fall!”  I took it to heart to ponder and looked up the words he used.  Subterranean means “hidden, secret or literally operating beneath the earth’s surface”.  (In one gathering, as Marty released this declaration, he paused and added, “Watch for what is happening literally in tunnels beneath the earth.”)  Fallen means “in a lapsed or degraded state, prostrated or ruined”.  So, it was a vivid picture to me of reports that came out then and are still coming out about secret giant organizations falling apart behind the scenes and powerful hidden handlers falling on their faces in ruin.  Since we can’t always see their presence and operations, I wondered if we will see their fall.

But you can rest assured that even if we don’t see or hear of the felled “Goliaths”, we will feel the effects of their demise in our world.  The declaration stirred me to agreement and prayer because the fall of subterranean Goliaths directly relates to my prayer of the last several years:  “Lord, avenge the children”.  The fall of subterranean forces will be relief from atrocities against children as God’s justice brings down the giants behind abuse and trafficking, no matter who they are or what sewer they work within. Within a week after that declaration we heard that a tunnel was discovered from Mexico into the U.S.A. in southern California. It is the longest smuggling tunnel (4309 feet) ever found in the U.S.A.; and they mentioned it was likely used for human trafficking as well as drug running. Subterranean Goliaths are getting taken down!! 

What Does Accusation Sound Like?

Melissa—So, what does accusation sound like? Literal accusation is a claim that someone has done something wrong or illegal. Criticism is an opinion or judgment of what is wrong or bad about somebody. Slander is saying something false or malicious that damages somebody’s reputation; it is also gossip or rumors.  It is even words spoken out of skepticism, bitterness, resentment or offense.
Here’s how this works: It’s repetition that builds a force against someone.  It is when the issue is rehearsed and it’s rehearsed with multiple people, when there is continual mouthing of accusations day after day, week after week.  When it’s shared and rehearsed with others it builds a force.  Some things said might be true, but words compound the issue if they are not dealt with.  Again, this is the epitome of using your powers for good and not evil.  Our words are intended to make a difference and we tend to forget that it goes both ways.

Crying Out in a Pressing Time

This is a most trying and pressing time we are living in. It is the time to heed the Holy Scriptures that instruct the people of God to cry out. In dark hours, in the dark wrestling with our souls when we have been bombarded continually with narrative, propaganda, outright lies, ordeals that cause our physical to drain us, it is time to lift our voice. At that point, for some reason, it becomes really easy to doubt. But nothing is impossible with El Elyon, no matter what absurdities the people are entrenched in. His name is Elohim the great Yahweh. Nothing is impossible with the Great God of Heaven and earth.

Jesus Proved You Have Value

Kathy—Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection and ascension were for our salvation.  That salvation includes the power to overcome any obstacle to your life and purpose.  The fact that Jesus came to die for you proves that you have value.  That’s your trump, that’s undeniable proof that you have value!  Now let’s figure out how to get our emotions to agree with that truth so that we don’t bottom-out if someone treats us as if we don’t have worth. It is a lie to believe someone else’s problem can make you worthless.  Matthew 10:30 “the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore, you are of more value than many sparrows.” We are praying you discover daily your worth to your God.

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Accusation and Agreement

Melissa—Here’s what accusation does: It builds up the power of a demonic force through agreement.  Our enemy is looking for those that carry power in their words to agree with his wrath and build a demonic force against an individual, a family, a church.  Here’s what accusation can cause: sickness, burdens, bondage, complacency, ineffectiveness, a sudden halt to progress, to name a few.  Unless it’s dealt with you will go no further or possibly get worse! 

Calling Out to God Almighty

As the people of God assemble today let them rejoice in the voice of Father God and let them urge one another to call out to Him in behalf of our families and our nation and the heavy instances of current events in the world abroad. Let the people of God lift up a concert of intervening, crying-out-to-God prayer for His righteousness to abound in the earth and that He do works of righteousness in families, churches and the hurting. Jer.33:3,Amp—”Call to Me and I will answer you, and tell you [and even show you] great and mighty things…”.

Testimonies From Kingdom Congress 2022

Some of the testimonies of healing that took place at KC2022: (1) a man came to church without his hearing aids today because he can hear just as good without them since Fri. night; (2) during the service Friday a little girl looked over at her grandmother and said, “Grandma, my leg doesn’t hurt any more”; (3) during the service, a lady was having some difficulty breathing and her heart was beating rapidly. (I had my eyes closed.) She said that I pointed back to where she was seated and said, “Be whole in the name of Jesus!”. She said the power of God hit her and knocked her back up against her chair. She turned to her daughter and said, “Whew, I’m better now!”. She was at church this morning feeling just fine. (4) During the Healing Service Friday Pastor Don Pope walked off the platform and played his soprano sax over the congregation. One lady said that she had not been able to take a deep breath in several months because within a two month span her husband died, her son-in-law died and a friend died. But when Don lifted his horn over in her direction and played she got a release and was suddenly able to breathe deep again.; (5) Don’s wife was unable to attend the meetings because she has been suffering with a lot of pain caused by gout stones. He had called her when the healing service started Fri. morning so she could listen. When he started playing she put the phone to her side where the pain was. He suddenly, very rapidly, hit several notes with force and when he did her pain completely stopped.; (6) I had a word of knowledge that people were being healed of sadness. There was a lady present who had been sad for many years over her relationship with a family member but when she heard the word, it completely lifted and she walked out of the building without the sadness. (7) An older lady who has had pain and difficulty of movement with a hip stood up and was moving around, even dancing, better than in a long time and it was without pain. After prayer for healing Fri. morning, over half the attendees raised their hand to say that they felt a touch of the Lord and improvement in their body. Blessed be the name of the Lord forever! If I were you and I had any physical need relating to one of these mentioned, I would raise my hands and claim healing in that area (or areas). If I had a need that was not anything related to one of those mentioned, I would still claim healing by the stripes of Jesus. (1Pe.2:24) PTL!

Cry Out

The Lord God Almighty is the One who actually commands us to call upon Him. Jer.33:3,Amp—”Call to Me and I will answer you, and tell you [and even show you] great and mighty things, [things which have been confined and hidden], which you do not know and understand and cannot distinguish.’” That “call to me” is in, what linguists actually call, the command voice.  The Hebrew word for “cry out”, tsa’aq, means to cry out or call out for help unto God under great distress. It also means to cry out in great desperation to Jehovah while in great need. It is the cry that calls out to Jehovah to display His power to glorify His name.

That Stillness of Heart

Kathy—When Jesus said, “My peace I give unto you,” He was not telling His disciples they would never be troubled, but He was giving them His power to be unshaken by it.  That stillness of heart and mind is not a matter of our determination but rather a matter of His faithfulness.  It’s His gift to us and it is a powerful shield in the face of opposition.  Father has not changed His mind nor His good plans because of conflicts.  So, we are watching to see a God outcome where His goodness prevails.  Luk 2:14–“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

Power of Accusation

Melissa—This is where the power of accusation comes from: Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” Proverbs 11:9 “An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbor” Prov. 15:4 (MSG) “Kind words heal and help; cutting words wound and maim.” It is the epitome of “using your powers for good and not evil”.  There is power in our words because God intended it that way so we can make a difference when we speak. The problem is that we tend to forget that it goes both ways.

Jehovah’s Names and Awesomeness

Quite often we sing that nothing is impossible with our awesome God. We worship Him as the God of the impossible and sing and testify that nothing is too hard for God. Worship is important on several levels but there is that level where we realize Who Jehovah is and what He can do. That is why Jehovah gave Israel His names. When they worshipped those names, they had opportunity to realize just how awesome and capable their mighty God was Who desired to act in their behalf.