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To Him That Believes

As the people of God assemble today, may they encourage one another to look beyond the limits of their own experiences and disappointments to see what none of their eyes have seen and what none of their ears have heard and what none of their minds have imagined (1Cor.2:9). May they see and hear and wrap their minds around all that is possible to him that believeth. (Mk.9:23) “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.”

Eyes to See the Non-typical

1Cor.2:9 does say, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined.”  I wonder if when we see that, we should say to ourselves, “Up until now.” It does NOT say that we will not see—it’s just that we haven’t before now. Don’t feel like you are out in left field, unknowing, ignorant or unspiritual. Paul says that NO eye, NO ear, NO mind has imagined—not even the big name Christian celebrities on Christian TV. Every single one of us must open up our hearts and minds and let the King of glory come in with His plans and possibilities so we can come into agreement with those things “God has prepared for those who love Him.” (No matter how foreign they are to our typical way of thinking.)


Anticipate the Inevitable, Supernatural

A bit more strategy.  In 2017 we will realize we have massive amounts of help from a God-created angelic company.  It’s time to be aware that God has created an angelic army doing His will on this earth right now.  It’s time we realized we are intended to network with them because they know our destiny and it is their job to help us get there.  Just like Elisha’s servant in 2 Kings 6, it is time for our eyes to be opened to this partnership God intended.  At the end of 2017 we will look back in amazement at what He has done and where we are. So, go ahead and ANTICIPATE the inevitable, supernatural intervention of God!  (Last excerpt from Melissa Gabler’s article “A Drawing Salve Kind of Season”)


Today is a Good Day

Today is a good day. May this be your good day in realizing and embracing the blessings and protection of Jehovah God. Circumstances for the people of God turned completely around, from evil trying to wipe out the Jewish people, to everyone wanting to become Jews and partake in their favor and blessings. Attempts to destroy the people of God, end up increasing them.  (Esther 8:17, Jubilee Bible) “…in each city wherever the king’s commandment and his decree came, the Jews had joy and gladness, a banquet and a good day. And many of the people of the land became Jews, for the fear of the Jews fell upon them.” We are praying you discover daily that you are having a good day in spite of what has tried to take you out.  (Marty’s Daily Discovery as heard on TEXAS PRAISE RADIO at the bottom of the hour 24hrs/day.)


A Bit of Strategy

Here is a bit of strategy.  At the beginning of the year the Lord told me to take this year week by week.  That has been an absolute life saver.  There have been several weeks that have ended on a rough note, but the Holy Spirit reminds me of the instruction and it brings hope because I don’t know what God has planned for next week.  Next week does not have to look like this week, and won’t.  Two days after hearing the “week by week“ strategy I heard the Lord say, “You are tiptoeing into something big”.  Tiptoeing? What an interesting word choice.  It simply means stealth/cautious.  So, we have to take this year week by week because we are tiptoeing into position! The Lord is carefully putting us into a place He created us to fill.  This is the year of placement and revealing.  (Fourth excerpt from Melissa Gabler’s article “A Drawing Salve Kind of Season”)


Keep Looking

Not only have you not seen everything, but there are things that have not yet been formed in your behalf.  You can’t see them because they have not yet been formed. You haven’t seen what God is doing behind the veil that fear and doubt and obstacles have woven in your life. Consider the “cloud the size of a man’s hand” (1K.18:44) that God formed for Elijah. The servant had to go and look seven times in order to see what he had not yet seen the first six times. Even when the servant saw the little cloud, it was nothing compared to what it soon would be. Be careful to not stop looking for God’s intervention just because you have not seen something that looks like what your mind can imagine (1Cor.2:9).

Dreams Visions Prophecy Symposium
September 22-24, 2017 *** NO FEE
Kathy, Melissa and Marty Gabler
Teaching Worship Ministry Activation
Grace International Church    Willis,TX
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You Haven’t Seen Everything

2nd Anniversary of CRF Libres En Cristo in Houston,TX.
Pastors Jorge y Lorena Gamboa.
Marty Gabler speaking and Daniel Gamboa interpreting.
“You Haven’t Seen Everything”
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