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“The Kingdom In Action” Audio Excerpts

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Below is a link to a short audio file of excerpts from Jim Hodges’ “The
Kingdom In Action” message at the SEEC Kingdom Conference in 2013.

For the 2014 Conference Apostle Hodges says:

“The question is not how much does the Kingdom advance before the King returns.  The question is how much will the Body of Christ pray and participate in the agenda of the Kingdom of God in the culture.  An increasing Kingdom that was prophesied by Isaiah demands an anointed, activated, and fearless people of God”.

To hear audio excerpts of “The Kingdom In Action” CLICK ON THIS LINK:

See conference details at this link:  martygabler.com/ctk-conference/

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Confident Of The Outcome

holding out hand stopThe curtain rising on equipping insight may come in a dream. Recently a friend had a dream that laid out priorities for dealing with an attack.  As she was being shot at on the way to her car in a parking lot, she never stopped walking toward her assailant and she simply deflected the bullets with her hands as she kept moving. Three equipping strategies came from the dream:  1) Do not allow the enemy to determine the rules of engagement.  She did not respond with the weapon he chose.  Instead she responded with a supernatural tactic.  2) Though the attack is personal, don’t lose time and momentum by feeling like a victim.  She did not run or hide to become the hunted.  3) Wield your supernatural authority offensively, deflecting and defeating every obstacle between you and your goal. We are about to grasp equipping that produces confidence.   Confidence comes when we realize the enemy does not get to decide the rules or the outcome and neither will statistics or the odds determine the outcome.  Equipped as mature sons, we can go into battle fully confident of the outcome.  She woke up rehearsed and equipped.  The follow-up challenge, of course, is to walk out that equipping and watch God happen.

(*In this dream we are, of course, dealing with typology and not suggesting you walk toward someone who is shooting at you with an actual gun.–MG)

(This is the forth excerpt from Kathy’s article “Mature Son Results” * SEEC Magazine Volume 17 Issue 6)

Kathy will be speaking at the SEEC Kingdom Conference

SEEC Kingdom Conference * Theme: “The Advancing Kingdom”
March 5-7, 2014 * Grace International Church * Willis, TX
Speakers: Jim Hodges, Dr. Don Crum, Marty Gabler, Kathy Gabler, Melissa Gabler, Simon Purvis
“. . .he talked to them about things concerning the kingdom of God.” (Acts 1:3)
seecministries.org   *   www.graceic.org