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Above all Things

All things are possible with God. The sticky part about that is, we believe the things that are possible are the things we can conceive. But ALL things are possible with God whether they are those we can imagine or those beyond our realm of knowledge and experience. Eph.3:20 “above all we ask or think”

The Extraordinary of Heaven

We are in an era of history when nothing less than the extraordinary of Heaven is required in the earth. We cannot and will not look for those things offered by mere religious sentiment that serve as nothing more than band-aids covering the unresolved issues and fruitless programs of western religion. We must lift up our heads from where we are and look to where there are Transforming Power and radical answers that change individuals and grip them with an insatiable vision for the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth.

Outside by the Fireside

Outside by Fireside

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SEEC Magazine December/January Issue


Increase in Intensity

I can’t help but think that there has to be a greater degree of the will of God Increase-man-arrowactivated in this current generation than any previous just because the Kingdom is ever-increasing (Isa. 9:7).  An increase in the intensity and extremes of evil do not change that truth, in fact they testify to darkness getting more obvious because of the Light.  When we consider the hugeness of matters such as the Kingdom coming and God’s will being done in the earth and the ever unstoppable, increasing government of God, we may be tempted to step back and think that all sounds out of reach for little ole me. Yet, if a tiny glimpse of what God wants to do in the life of a cashier in Walmart or a piece of understanding concerning God’s will about the President of the United States brings me to a prayer of agreement, that moment is a touch-point between heaven and earth.

Independence Declaration

I declare, today, my independence from the mind that is enmity toward God FlagCrossAlmighty. I declare independence from dead works and lifeless observances in order that I might effectively serve the ever-living God. “How much more surely shall the blood of Christ, Who by virtue of [His] eternal Spirit [His own preexistent divine personality] has offered Himself as an unblemished sacrifice to God, purify our consciences from dead works and lifeless observances to serve the [ever] living God?” (Heb.9:14, Amp)

In Everything Give Thanks

Beside Still Waters with Melissa Gabler
“In Everything Give Thanks”
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each Tuesday at 8:00pm CDT USA.
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Do Not be Deceived

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked [He will not allow Himself to be ridiculed, ReapingHarvest.jpgnor treated with contempt nor allow His precepts to be scornfully set aside]; for whatever a man sows, this and this only is what he will reap.  For the one who sows to his flesh [his sinful capacity, his worldliness, his disgraceful impulses] will reap from the flesh ruin and destruction, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life.” (Galatians 6:7-8 Amplified). As my hair stood on end, I realized this is the chaotic shriek we are hearing on a daily basis throughout this nation.  The wicked ARE receiving their harvest because they have mocked the Great I AM.  The humanistic spirit of this age thought it killed God.  Oops!
—Melissa Gabler (From the article “Reaping is Upon us)

Don’t Agree With the Enemy

A farmer we know had a new Doberman puppy. One morning the puppy was in the barn with the horse. The farmer’s wife heard the horse stomping around and then heard a desperate yelp from the puppy! She ran into the barn and found the tiny puppy limp and lifeless. She could see no wound, but the small pet lay in the puddle of released bowels she knew to be a sign of sudden death. She rushed the unresponsive puppy to the vet. The vet took one look at the dog and said, “The dog is dead. There is nothing I can do.”

puppydoberman.jpgWhen the farmer returned, his wife broke the news that his new puppy was on the back porch dead. The farmer knelt beside the stiff little body and studied the once shiny eyes now glazed in a dead stare. He called her name, “Princess.” He watched the motionless pup intently. Moments later, she moved her tail slightly. He called her name again, “Princess,” and began to stroke her. The tiny tail broke into a full swing, lifting her rear off the ground into a full wag! When he called her name, she suddenly agreed with her identity and purpose and future instead of what might have been. We will never know if the horse actually kicked her or just came close. Either way, the dog who thought she was dead overcame the trauma of the giant in the barn and lived to fulfill her purpose, becoming the best watch dog the farmer ever had.

Sometimes all our enemy has to do is show up. We give up because of OPPOSITION. Sometimes all he has to do is be taller. We give up because of INTIMIDATION. Sometimes all he has to do is cast a shadow over us. We give up because of DOUBTS. Sometimes all he has to do is be louder than hope. We give up because of IMPOSSIBILITIES. Sometimes all he has to do is out last us. We give up because of LACK of PERSEVERANCE. Sometimes all our enemy has to do is scare us with what might have been. If in shock we AGREE, he is successful. It is not what the enemy takes, it is what we give over! Some things were given over in past generations, but we can even take those things back through agreeing with our Redeemer!
—Kathy Gabler

Webinar Tonight: “The Word in Between”

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Have you ever been praying and all of a sudden words fall out of your mouth that HarvestFieldstop you in your tracks because they came straight from your spirit? That happened to me recently while praying over our nation. I was praying about the deep-seated darkness being exposed, then I heard myself saying this, “Angels attend to the harvest.” I all of a sudden realized that I have had a particular paradigm about “harvest” and in that moment it was turned upside down. I realized in that moment that “harvest” to me has always referred to either people getting saved or financial blessing.  In that moment, I immediately knew it was time for the wicked to receive their harvest.  In other words, it is time for the wicked to reap what they have sown, and angels are seeing to that harvesting! (Melissa Gabler, first excerpt from “Reaping”) 

That Committed to Him

As the people of God assemble today may they know to Whom they belong and to prayer_look upWhom they have committed all their yesterdays and all their tomorrows to. May they speak of Yahweh and His assurances to one another and may they worship Him in spirit and in truth. “…I know (perceive, have knowledge of, and am acquainted with) Him Whom I have believed (adhered to and trusted in and relied on), and I am [positively] persuaded that He is able to guard and keep that which has been entrusted to me and which I have committed [to Him] until that day.” (2Tim.1:12, Amp)

Hold Fast

The blimp bobbed a bit and then shot skyward in spite of its bulk. The wind picked it up like a child’s toy and handled it without difficulty. All of the crew had let go of Hot balloon3.jpgtheir lines except for one lone worker who realized too late that he was above the limit of safety for letting go. My heart leapt and I hollered out encouragement for the poor fellow to hold on. It was readily apparent that the frightened lad was “holding fast” to the line that was his only hope for safety from death. He maintained a determined hold on that line, for what seemed an eternity, until the pilot was finally able to set the behemoth safely back down. In like manner, we must absolutely “hold fast” to the Word of God which we have heard. Scrambling about, simply and desperately reaching for the handiest thing will never suffice. We must hold to the Word of God in order to be set down in the place of safety. There is no substitute or replacement for the life-saving Word of God.  Lk 8:15  “But as for that [seed] in the good soil, these are [the people] who, hearing the Word, HOLD IT FAST in a just (noble, virtuous) and worthy heart, and steadily bring forth fruit with patience.” (Amp)

Harm Not Acceptable

Injury or harm are not an acceptable part of a day or life of a son/daughter of God. MountainSunriseCloudsThis day, by faith in the name of Jesus, I draw the Bloodline (the New Testament, the New Covenant provision purchased for me by the shed Blood of JESUS at Calvary) around me and my family. We are the redeemed of the Lord and we say so. I receive my Lord’s provision and covering for safe keeping that I, and mine, may be healthy and walk fully in the fulfillment of His covenant purposes in our generation.  “and he said: “Lord God of Israel, there is no God in heaven above or on earth below like You, who keep Your covenant and mercy with Your servants who walk before You with all their hearts.” (1Kings8:23, NKJV)

Accusations Worked Against Us

Marty Gabler releases a word at Grace International Willis,TX on Sunday 6-23-19. God is intervening in our lives to cast out the accusations that have worked against us.
Click on video below to view. (Length: 9 minutes)
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Deliverance from Defeat of Generational Curses

Our merciful and caring God wants to deliver people from the illnesses and/or diseases that their parents had; e.g., heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, blood family walkingissues, mental issues. He wants to deliver people from out of the same rut a parent was in; e.g., poverty, stubbornness, temper, anger, dependency on alcohol, drugs or personalities. I declare that we are coming out of the defeat of generational curses and setting a victorious course for our generation and generations to come. We will enter into and possess promises that former generations never embraced.   “Seeing then that the promise remains over [from past times] for some to enter that rest, and that those who formerly were given the good news about it and the opportunity, failed to appropriate it and did not enter because of disobedience,  7  Again He sets a definite day, [a new] Today, [and gives another opportunity of securing that rest] saying through David after so long a time in the words already quoted, Today, if you would hear His voice and when you hear it, do not harden your hearts.”(Heb.4:6-7, Amp)

Webinars With Marty and Kathy

SEEC Institute_promo_sm.jpg

Marty and Kathy Gabler are offering webinars for teaching the Word of God for the equipping of the saints. You can remain in the comfort of your home with your coffee mug or iced tea glass and receive training in the Word of God.

(Sort of like seminars but on the web. A modern, convenient way to take classes.)
The webinars will be live 30 minute sessions taught by Marty or Kathy Gabler and an opportunity for questions at the end.
You will be able to see the teacher and they will be able to see you.
Participants will be emailed a link that will enable them to join the webinar. You must have the link in order to view and participate in the class.

SCHEDULE  —  (Some will be free and some require a fee.)
The schedule will be listed here and on Marty’s Facebook page.
There will be some classes offered as a single session while other subjects will be offered as two, three, four or six week courses. Some of the six week courses will have a text book written by Marty or Kathy included in the fee. Fees may be paid online with a credit card.
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*** The First Free SEEC Institute Webinar with Marty Gabler will be July 1, 2019 at 7:00pm CDT USA. ***
………………….This is a FREE WEBINAR……………………….

The title of our first SEEC Institute Webinar is:
“The Word in Between”
Marty will be teaching on what happens between the door God closes and the one He opens. There is always a “Word in Between” if we are listening.
(It will likely be a two-parter for such a 
subject with Part 2 on
July 3, 2019 at 7:00pm CDT USA.)

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He Will be the Last One Standing

Perhaps we could paraphrase Joel 2:25 like this:    “I will restore the years swallowed up because you did not realize the significance of MY purpose and StandingMountainLightdestiny in your life.  The circumstances were forces  that I used to change you,  to build character,  to build strength, to complete a work within you and to bring about the right timing and conditions for My purpose in you.”   Of course, when you are eating locusts without the honey and pulling crispy, creepy locusts shells out of your hair and swatting them away from your nose, eyes and ears, you wonder if you will be naked and half eaten or even be able to see the Redeemer who is coming.   If you dared open your mouth you would ask for His ETA.  However, that is the time to let the last line of Job 19:25, echo through you, “And at the last He will take His stand on the earth”.   He will have the last word and He will be the last one standing in our behalf.  So, let’s dare to trust Him to keep our accounts and wait for Him to show up as our Redeemer.  —Kathy Gabler 

Staying on the Path

This is the day the Lord has made so. . .    In this day we will rejoice and we will PathwaySunTreespractice caution concerning byways and side roads, staying on the path of righteousness by making decisions based on the Word of God. We will avoid deception and deceiving. We will recognize that the straight road is pictured as the road on which no one ever loses his way. “Consider well the path of your feet, and let all your ways be established and ordered aright. 27 Turn not aside to the right hand or to the left; remove your foot from evil.” (Prov.4:26-27, Amp)

Outliving a Siege

The last sentence in Joel 2:25 says,  My great army which I sent among you…”.   That tells us that God sent the army of locusts, the swarm of circumstance.   Did He siege_Jerusalemsend them to ultimately rob, kill and destroy His people?  No.  Interestingly, through those times that it feels like we are helpless and chaos is king, our Redeemer is watching and working behind the scenes and at every intersection.   Even during a siege there is a redemptive factor at work and, whether we realize it or not, the conflict is working something out of us and into us.  Overcoming a locust season is an opportunity for sons to build muscle and maturity.  Coming out with both is a redeeming result of difficulty.   Outliving a siege positions us for redemption of our purpose.  Matured and muscled, we are then equipped to embrace every opportunity restored, every resource restored, every potential restored, every strength restored, every harvest restored, every energy restored and the years lost in the difficult, building process. —Kathy Gabler  

Part of Something Bigger

As the people of God assemble today may each one be aware that he/she is a part of looking upsomething that is bigger than they are–that they are a part of the momentum of God that will not ever stop but shall ever increase (Isa.9:7). We will worship and honor our Lord who made us one body for His glory, so shall we move forward as one, laying down our lives (our ambitions, aspirations and personal agendas) so that body might glorify JESUS in this earth before a culture that is jaded by the fruitless philosophies and idealisms of a man-focused society.

Jehovah Making up for the Years

Holy Scripture says that Jehovah will restore what the locusts have eaten. (Joel 2:25) handtoeyeslookingHe will make up for those times that no matter how many bugs you killed, they kept coming.  He will restore those years it took to fight and endure the swarming  circumstances.   He will make up for the time it took for circumstances to consistently strip away your strength and hope.  He will make up for all those mornings when the sunrise woke up the dread in your soul again and circumstances continued to devour your day and your future.  He will make up for the months and years that opposition smothered you and circumstances robbed you through changelessness. He is, indeed, your Redeemer! —Kathy Gabler

Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus

As the people of God assemble today may they fix their eyes on Jesus who endured the cross, despised the shame and is now set down at the right hand of the throne of God as the Victorious Lamb. May they know that Jesus rose from the dead because there was more to come.  “Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,  2 FIXING OUR EYES ON JESUS, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”  (Heb.12:1-2, NAU)

Our Redeemer

A redeemer is one who delivers, avenges or ransoms as needed, one who buys back locustwhat was lost.  Think about all that can be lost to us, like lost opportunities, lost resources, lost potential, lost strength, lost harvest and lost energy (to list a few).   Our Redeemer can even buy back time, He said so in Joel 2:25,  And I will restore to you the years [I will make up to you for the years] the swarming locust has eaten, the locust larvae, and the stripping locust, and the cutting locust. . .”  This scripture does not only say He can restore the years, it says He will.  — Kathy Gabler