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Which is More Costly?

When wading into war became obvious on the present course of progress, 10 spies decided to change course for a whole nation and a whole generation. Not desiring to deal with any difficulties, they began to yell, “Giants!” Taking that lead in opposition to the will of God became very costly for them – much more costly than the war which was waged for the promised land (Num 32:13). But Caleb’s response to the opposition was, “We are able to overcome it.” Caleb and Joshua, who gave the good report, were the only two out of that generation who possessed the promised land.

Scriptural Courage

When God is keeping His people on His timetable it will require constant change on the part of those people. If we take an honest look at Eph 4:13-16, we will admit that we have not arrived. Change in the Church across the board is what we have to look forward to. Sameness is not the answer. As we hunger for the Holy Spirit’s presence in carrying out our Heavenly Father’s mandate, there will be likely human personalities who will resist. As we continue to receive prophecies that propel us forward into our destiny, there will be opposing forces that will attempt to intimidate and discourage us from doing mighty exploits. The 10 spies will cry, “Giants!” The Athaliahs will yell, “Treason!” The Michals will tauntingly proclaim, “Vile!” And the Sanballats will accusingly shout, “Rebellion!” If we check our mandate and our motivation and find them to be scriptural as David did, then let’s allow it to become our courage.