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Challenge to Adjust

We all have paradigms and they are in our mental files and they affect our choices and our expectations. So, the challenge is to realize when our examples and typical patterns need adjustment.  That realization does not come by focusing on the pattern, but rather by following the Holy Spirit.  The adjustments will come and we will build newer models as we walk in fresh obedience to the Holy Spirit.  Fresh obedience will never contradict God’s principles nor His character, but it may reach past known borders and it will not bow to former limitations. (Second excerpt from Kathy’s article “Fresh Obedience”)

Issues on the Doorstep

(KG) Cain didn’t recognize the threat on his porch until God told him, “Cain, Sin is crouching at your door.” God was not saying, “You have a ticket to hell on the porch, PorchStepsBoy.” God wasn’t writing him off. He was warning Cain that he had a personal issue on his doorstep that would trip him up. It was a behavior pattern of messing up and then being offended about it. That thing would crouch on his porch and dictate his life if he didn’t master it.   Cain had a call to repentance, a call to think differently and change so that he could overcome a contradiction before it overcame him, but he didn’t and it did.   Cain’s thinking did not change and the contradicting behavior pattern of offense and anger drove him into a rage and he killed his brother.
(This is the tenth excerpt from Kathy Gabler’s article “Resurrection out of Contradiction“. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Previous excerpts may be read by scrolling down this page.)


No Fear of Being De-sonned

No Fear of Being De-sonned (Kathy)

The offensive strategy of sons of God gathering to strengthen and equip and be enabled to serve their place of purpose and calling in life is going to pivot on the individual believer getting this and maturing into a confident father-and-son-holding-handsFather/son relationship.  That’s a relationship that cannot be shaken by mistakes or failures, a bond that cannot be weakened by hard times and a relationship that can’t be manipulated by accusation or condemnation.  Condemnation is probably the #1 most successful tool against Christians because it causes people to live like yoyo’s—up one minute, down the next—vitally involved one month and feeling totally disqualified the next.  Condemnation is deadly because it measures your salvation by your behavior and disqualifies you with every error, sin or failure.  Here’s a key:   condemnation can only do you damage when your focus is works and behavior instead of relationship. Sons know they don’t get into the family by being perfect, so they don’t fear being de-sonned because of imperfection. Condemnation always connects your behavior to your self-worth, but God doesn’t.  So, mature sons must learn to think like their Father and not remain an immature son who is likely to disinherit himself.

(This is an excerpt from an article by Kathy Gabler entitled “Offense: The Kingdom In Action” in which she talks about the advantage of moving from merely a defensive strategy to an offensive strategy.)

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Fruit That Overcomes Self-Destruction

Fruit That Overcomes Self-Destruction (Kathy)

I was praying for a lady who was incapacitated and went through months of emergency room runs, hospital stays and testing, but the doctors could not bring the sickness to resolve or even a clear diagnosis.  As I was praying, the Spirit of God revealed what the doctors were looking for: they wereredbutton looking for her self-destruct button. Where is your self-destruct button? More importantly, why is it there?  Is it embedded in disappointment, self-pity, deceit, desperation, selfishness, unforgiveness, bitterness, anger or guilt?  Once your self-destruct button is pushed, can you recognize how you feel or how you feed destruction?  Have you ever connected the dots to realize that agreement feeds destruction and agreement comes with every unkind word and action, every foul mood freely expressed, every dark habit or pattern and every self-justification when you are wrong?

Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit and it is a powerful expression of self-government, a powerful, non-carnal weapon to defeat enemy strategies and strongholds.  Choices concerning our attitude, words and behavior take dominion eventually.  Over time, every ruling force and condition (good or bad, healthy or destructive) gets in control through attitude, words and behavior, and all three begin with thoughts and feelings.  The one-two punch that defeats self-destruction is: 1) recognize destructive feelings and discern dark thoughts, and 2) refuse to be controlled by them or behave as they dictate.  Self-government becomes our weapon against self-destruction.  

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