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God’s Will in the Now

KATHY GABLER — His Kingdom has already been in effect, now is in effect and will be in effect always. That contradicts that silent “someday” that would keep the Kingdom of God out of reach during our lifetime, or keep “righteousness and peace and joy” in His presence only a future, someday realization (Rom 14:17). How messed up is it to think that righteousness, peace and joy are unreachable until you die? That thinking would make “Thy Kingdom come” a death request. Could we get any more perversely opposite to the heart of God than that? Could we deny His New Covenant provision any louder than that? If we think that His Kingdom (meaning His rule and His order) cannot come into earth now when we pray, is it any wonder that manifestations of His power show up piecemeal rather than bulk, or sporadically rather than continually? Poor God. When His stewards on earth think like that, they only accidentally stumble into agreement that opens the earth to God’s will in the now.   (Hear Kathy at KINGDOM CONGRESS 2023.  For info click on this link: martygabler.com/kc2023/)

Phone Call With Jim Hodges

A video of a phone call with Bro. Jim Hodges.
Marty talks to Jim Hodges about his upcoming teaching at Kingdom Congress 2023: “The Presentness of the Kingdom”.
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Departure Platform or Kingdom Mandate?

As long as there are a people who feel they have their “ticket stamped” to go to a “much better place,” there will be no reform of what they deem to be merely an exit platform, rather than a Kingdom mandate (cf.Jn.20:21;Lk.9:2;Jn.16:7). If the departure platform is somewhat rickety, people will just try to stand still and hope the train out of there arrives soon. With such a view, no one reforms or rebuilds the platform; they simply grip what is available to grip and hope to be off of it as soon as possible. The emphasis today upon the sudden coming of the Lord isn’t about Him, it is about us. The religious pundits pounding their pulpits exclaiming the quick return of our Lord are getting hearty (and well financed) “Amens!” in response to their promises of sudden escape from disappointments, rudely jostled comfort zones and nerve-racking prognostication. We have been taught by pop-theology to use faith for immediate relief, not long-term endurance, not long-term results (Heb.11:13 does not figure into Esau’s demands for immediate relief).  The Esau mindset of blowing off the coming generations and spending what you’ve got on relief for the present generation flies well in today’s skies. Joseph did not get immediate results (or relief) after his prophetic dream and prophetic pronouncement. He and Daniel and Esther were sent ahead to “preserve a posterity,” “continue a remnant” and “save lives.” (Gen.45:7 Amplified) Joseph stood and stood and took ground “until the Word of the Lord proved him” and he was not proven to guarantee him plenty of airtime and notoriety but for the survival of a nation (Ps.105:18). He was not dealt the luxurious right of faith for immediate relief or escape. But the result was the salvation of a nation and its being propelled into the future of its destiny for Jehovah’s purposes and Name’s sake.  (On March 3, 2023 MARTY will be speaking on “The Kingdom in This Present World” at Kingdom Congress at Grace Church in Willis,TX. The meetings will not be livestreamed. No Fee. For detailed information go to martygabler.com/kc2023/)

Invitation Kingdom Congress 2023

Marty offers an invitation and information for Kingdom Congress 2023 at Grace Willis.
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MPG KC2023 Pulpit Pic

SEEC Magazine January2023-March2023

Marty, Kathy, Melissa, Jim Hodges, Dr. Greg Crawford, Larry Burden, Dr. Lynn Burling,
Joe Bogue, Brian Sherman in SEEC Magazine Quarterly Issue January2023-March2023.
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15th Annual Congress

Marty & Melissa Gabler are excited about seeing what the Lord will do in the meetings Mar.2-4,2022 at the 15th Annual Kingdom Congress. They are talking about some of the awesome things Almighty God Jehovah has done in past meetings and some that the healing, delivering Jesus has done in recent days. They are looking forward to the remainder of 2022 and to the future and to the equipping of Holy Spirit for the Kingdom purposes of King Jesus. No Fee to attend. All info for KC2022 is at martygabler.com/kc2022/


SEEC Magazine December2021/January2022

SEEC Magazine Latest Issue   Volume 25  Issue 4 __ August/September 2021
*** Our 25th Year of Publication! ***
Marty and Kathy Gabler invite you to read this issue for your edification.
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Vol25 Iss6 Cvr_500

SEEC Magazine Volume 25 Issue 2

SEEC Magazine Latest Issue   Volume 25  Issue 2 __ April/May 2021
*** Our 25th Year of Publication! ***
Marty and Kathy Gabler invite you to read this issue.
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Marty and Kathy’s Magazine

Read the latest issue of SEEC Magazine, Marty and Kathy’s ministry magazine.
This is our 24th year of publication!
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April/May Issue

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Read: “Who Knew it Would be Like This?”
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Marty Gabler Bringing 2020 Declarations

Location: Grace International Willis,TX just north of Houston.  Date: 12-29-19
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God Releasing Over Our Nation

(Melissa Gabler) — Even though the sky is clearing there may be a storm or two that pops up as we head into the God ordained days ahead. No worries though, the storms have to “be still” and bow to the intention of God. In prayer the other night I heard this after it came out of my mouth, “Your Kingdom is over this nation and you are releasing another increment upon us.” What if we are that increment?! What if we are the stealth measures He is putting in place to release a deeper increment of His Kingdom on this earth? Me thinks we are!  (Melissa will be leading worship and speaking at KINGDOM CONGRESS 2018 March 7-9. Church No.: 936-856-2455)

Come to Kingdom Congress 2018 and be Strengthened, Encouraged, Equipped!

SEEC Magazine Volume 21 Issue 6

SEEC Magazine Latest Issue  **Our 21st Year of Publication**
Marty and Kathy Gabler invite you to read
SEEC Magazine  Volume 21  Issue 6.




The Holly Project

This is live worship with Melissa Gabler and
the team from Grace International.
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Marty and Kathy Articles Volume 20 Issue 3


Marty and Kathy Gabler invite you to read SEEC Magazine  Volume 20  Issue 3. This is our 20th year of publication. May you be strengthened, encouraged and equipped.

SEEC Magazine _ Volume 20  Issue 3

Bringing Sons to Glory….Kathy Gabler
Worship in Revelation…..Jim Hodges
Walking in the Spirit…….Lynn Burling
Reformation on the
     Horizon………Simon Purvis
Turn off the Projector….Joe Bogue
Where did the
    Promises Go?………..Larry Burden
Live a Legacy to
    Leave It………..Melissa Gabler
Amazed and
    Perplexed…………….Marty Gabler

Current Articles * Marty & Kathy

Vol17Iss3Marty & Kathy’s latest SEEC Magazine.

Volume 17  Issue 3

We pray you are strengthened, encouraged and equipped by the articles.

God grant you His enabling blessings for His Kingdom,

Marty & Kathy

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