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What Could Be

Melissa—This time of year, especially when considering, “How are things progressing and what will the progression be like in months to come?”, the norm is to start looking ahead.  There’s an anticipation of what is coming and what could be.  And on the spiritual side of things there is a buzz with indications of new and unconventional opportunities within our reach.  We have plenty to be excited and anticipatory about but, due to the nature of what is ahead in the next half, I believe we need to press in to Holy Spirit’s leading and stay focused on present tasks to finish it well.

Prayer for the Changing Church

Kathy—When reading Ps.81 I was receiving instruction from the Lord to invest prayer toward the church changing and that the results would be undeniable. My, my, I was amazed that the Holy Spirit would actually instruct me to pray for speedy results and pray against delay (because I definitely do have experience in that kind of praying!)  Honestly, I don’t know that I have ever heard such detailed and clear instructions. That thrilled me because I had heard the Lord say back in September that He was bringing more clarity and it was already happening!  The scripture I had been reading before I dozed off echoed through me again, “How I wish my people would obey me!”  I promptly wrote the instructions down to pray daily as I was so clearly directed.  While I am not trying to put my assignment on anyone reading this, I am trying to encourage you to expect clarity and understanding as God prompts you to pray or take action this year.  Follow His prompts and don’t waste time wondering or asking “Why me?” as I did.  We can trust the Lord to wisely assign the part we are to steward, so there’s no need to feel overloaded or unequipped, just obey.  Even if His prompts seem more vague than clear at first, rather than losing time wondering if the Lord is really prompting us, just pray or just do it. 

A Big Churning

Melissa—I feel something big churning as of late. I believe this discernment is about getting ready for what lies ahead in the remainder of the year.  I believe that the latter part of this year is very significant to how we enter the coming year. As I write this I see a picture of the American flag being raised by brave Marines at Iwo Jima during World War II. In researching this battle this statement stuck out, “The battle was won by the inch-by-inch tenacity of the foot soldier,” (Iwojima com).  The coming months will be won “by the inch-by-inch tenacity of the foot soldier,” as we battle right now. For those that struggle with an all-or-nothing drive, (like me) the statement “inch-by-inch tenacity” can be almost devastating. I really prefer a battle being done in a one-glorious-moment tenacity! Here’s the thing with the remainder of this year, the inch-by-inch is going to lead to many glorious moments in the coming year. (More thoughts on this subject will be coming in posts in the next few days.)