Daily Devotions

Hearing In Dreams

Hearing In Dreams

Dreams are a vivid example of how we communicate in sounds and pictures and senses. Just like reading words on a page, seeing the look on someone’s face or having a conversation, dreams can speak tonight us. Most people dream, just like most people have ears and the ability to hear sounds. But sometimes we do not pay attention to our dreams, just like we do not really hear the meaning of words that pass through our ears. For example, it is possible to have several people in the same room with a television on. Even though they have ears to hear, there is no guarantee that everyone will hear what is said. If they pay attention and understand the meaning of the words and the images on the screen, then they are hearing. So it is with dreams. I believe that in dreams we have an ear to hear; and if we will hear, God can and will speak to us. If we expect to hear from God in dreams, our faith ushers Him in.

(This excerpt is from Kathy’s article “Dreams–He That Hath An Ear, Let Him Hear” taken from SEEC Magazine.)

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