Daily Devotions

God of the Moment in the Abdomen

In a meeting recently I had a word of knowledge about a raw stomach and raw intestines and Kathy had one about problems with the mind and with thoughts. PraiserejoiceThat was in the service on Saturday night. For three years a lady’s stomach and intestines have been raw and she was able to eat only certain kinds of food. She had to carry her food with her everywhere she went because certain foods could have caused her death. She said that her body was eating itself. She also had a swollen liver that protruded from her abdomen about the size of half a grapefruit. Everything going on in her body and all the medications were having an effect on her mind and thought processes. She was having great difficulty at work because she could not keep her thoughts on a concept long enough to get it written out in a complete thought. But when she heard the words of knowledge, the pain stopped and her swollen liver went down. Sunday morning she testified that she was still without pain and that she had eaten sausage and cheese for breakfast which she had not eaten in three years! Her thoughts were clear and she had no pain. He is the God of the moment. (3rd excerpt from Marty’s article “God of the Moment”)

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