Daily Devotions

Thy Will be Done

Kathy — We must understand the power of what Jesus told us to pray, because people don’t plug into the power of praying, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as in heaven,” if they do not understand it or don’t know they can! Bear in mind also that God’s will being done in earth does not hinge on our significance. It hinges on our obedience. Like Jeremiah 11:4 said, “Obedience seals the deal.” Whatever Father is doing that you see or perceive, then doing just your part seals the deal to usher in some degree of the God-results. So if we simplify a Kingdom lifestyle down to an A-B-C format, A) is staying aware of God at all times, B) is simple obedience, and C) is trusting God. That adds up to participation in what Father is doing whether it is through sudden miracles or incremental God-changes over time. 

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