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Shorter Mileage to Victories

There will be shorter mileage to victories. Kid’s Version: We will not get lost on our way to God’s promises. There are areas where “mileage” to victory will be much less than in previous situations. In many cases we have gotten distracted and had to go around numerous obstacles, challenges and roadblocks to get to victory. We have zigged and zagged. In the coming year we will discover that we are able to go in more of a straight line to victory thereby cutting out “extra mileage” as we learn more about Kingdom authority and our position in Christ to speak that authority and act in that authority. The defeating sense of unworthiness will be displaced by a righteous sense of royalty as sons and daughters of the King. Isa.66:8, Amp —Who has heard of such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall a land be born in one day? Or shall a nation be brought forth in a moment? For as soon as Zion was in labor, she brought forth her children.  Isa.30:21, Amp—And your ears will hear a word behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it, when you turn to the right hand and when you turn to the left.

The God of Miracles

The Lord God Jehovah, the Lord God Almighty, Elohim, He is this day, not just in the Old Testament, not just in the New Testament, not just in moves in Europe hundreds of years ago, but is this day, worldwide, the God of miracles. Not only is He the God of miracles of the faith healer but He is the God of you when you need a miracle. You can take all of your needs, every one of them no matter how severe and you can pile them up in one pile and they will not even be a molehill compared to the power of your miracle-working God Who spoke worlds into existence, Who parted the Red Sea when a Hebrew stretched a stick over the waters. It was not the Hebrew who parted the waters, it was your miracle-working God. You can take all of the stresses of all of the complex personalities involved in your situation and you can put them in the pile and they won’t even be a speck compared to the power of your miracle-working God. The Lord your God would even note to you that you can stack up all of the stresses that are known this day in international news around the globe and they will still only be a speck compared to your all-wise, loving, beneficent, heavenly Father. So load me up today, says your God. Try me and see if I cannot fulfill my Word, for I can fulfill my Word. This is a day of reckoning for the powers of darkness and I would have my people call upon me to do great and mighty things that they have not yet seen me do. (Marty gave this word 4-23-17 at Grace International Church in Willis,TX)


God of Miracles Audio

God of Miracles Audio Click on link to listen to three minute word: http://tinyurl.com/m6z9puh




Link to God of Miracles video: https://www.facebook.com/martygabler/videos/1186856964774262/


What We Give Over

A farmer we know had a new Doberman puppy. One morning the puppy was in the barn with the horse. The farmer’s wife heard the horse stomping around and then heard a desperate yelp from the puppy! She ran into the barn and found the tiny puppy limp and lifeless. She could see no wound, but the small pet lay in the puddle of released bowels she knew to be a sign of sudden death. She rushed the unresponsive puppy to Dobe N Horsethe vet. The vet took one look at the dog and said, “The dog is dead. There is nothing I can do.”

When the farmer returned, his wife broke the news that his new puppy was on the back porch dead. The farmer knelt beside the stiff little body and studied the once shiny eyes now glazed in a dead stare. He called her name, “Princess.” He watched the motionless pup intently. Moments later, she moved her tail slightly. He called her name again, “Princess,” and began to stroke her. The tiny tail broke into a full swing, lifting her rear off the ground into a full wag! When he called her name, she suddenly agreed with her identity and purpose and future instead of what might have been. We will never know if the horse actually kicked her or just came close. Either way, the dog who thought she was dead overcame the trauma of the giant in the barn and lived to fulfill her purpose, becoming the best watch dog the farmer ever had.

Sometimes all our enemy has to do is show up. We give up because of OPPOSITION. Sometimes all he has to do is be taller. We give up because of INTIMIDATION. Sometimes all he has to do is cast a shadow over us. We give up because of DOUBTS. Sometimes all he has to do is be louder than hope. We give up because of IMPOSSIBILITIES. Sometimes all he has to do is out last us. We give up because of LACK of PERSEVERANCE. Sometimes all our enemy has to do is scare us with what might have been. If in shock we AGREE, he is successful. It is not what the enemy takes, it is what we give over! Some things were given over in past generations, but we can even take those things back through agreeing with our Redeemer!

(This is the first excerpt from the article “Threshold Wars” by Kathy Gabler.)