Daily Devotions

Testimonies From Kingdom Congress 2022

Some of the testimonies of healing that took place at KC2022: (1) a man came to church without his hearing aids today because he can hear just as good without them since Fri. night; (2) during the service Friday a little girl looked over at her grandmother and said, “Grandma, my leg doesn’t hurt any more”; (3) during the service, a lady was having some difficulty breathing and her heart was beating rapidly. (I had my eyes closed.) She said that I pointed back to where she was seated and said, “Be whole in the name of Jesus!”. She said the power of God hit her and knocked her back up against her chair. She turned to her daughter and said, “Whew, I’m better now!”. She was at church this morning feeling just fine. (4) During the Healing Service Friday Pastor Don Pope walked off the platform and played his soprano sax over the congregation. One lady said that she had not been able to take a deep breath in several months because within a two month span her husband died, her son-in-law died and a friend died. But when Don lifted his horn over in her direction and played she got a release and was suddenly able to breathe deep again.; (5) Don’s wife was unable to attend the meetings because she has been suffering with a lot of pain caused by gout stones. He had called her when the healing service started Fri. morning so she could listen. When he started playing she put the phone to her side where the pain was. He suddenly, very rapidly, hit several notes with force and when he did her pain completely stopped.; (6) I had a word of knowledge that people were being healed of sadness. There was a lady present who had been sad for many years over her relationship with a family member but when she heard the word, it completely lifted and she walked out of the building without the sadness. (7) An older lady who has had pain and difficulty of movement with a hip stood up and was moving around, even dancing, better than in a long time and it was without pain. After prayer for healing Fri. morning, over half the attendees raised their hand to say that they felt a touch of the Lord and improvement in their body. Blessed be the name of the Lord forever! If I were you and I had any physical need relating to one of these mentioned, I would raise my hands and claim healing in that area (or areas). If I had a need that was not anything related to one of those mentioned, I would still claim healing by the stripes of Jesus. (1Pe.2:24) PTL!

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