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Thanksgiving Family Communion

Beside Still Waters live stream tonight was Marty, Kathy and Melissa sharing their Thanksgiving Family Communion. 
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Thanksgiving Family Communion

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Christmas Communion

Christmas Communion with Marty, Kathy and Melissa Gabler
Click on video below to view.

Praying for Miracles This Christmas Season

(Kathy Gabler)— Miracles are begun in grace and perfected in glory.  They start with God’s supernatural enabling and come to complete manifestation through His intent and purpose and timing. As I wait on God, I shall continue to pray for miracles this Christmas season because the coming of the Christ is still in effect as well as God’s goodwill toward men.  May His presence and power and purpose and timing change your life as His goodwill touches the earth again.

Kathy, Melissa and I invite you to join us live on Christmas Eve at 8:15pm Central Time for our annual family Christmas Eve Communion. We will be streaming live from our living room on Marty Gabler’s Facebook page reading the Word, singing, worshipping and taking communion. Join us live on Christmas Eve.