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Seek Wisdom

As the people of God assemble today, may they incline their ears to hear the wisdom of the Word of God. May they seek that wisdom like silver and like hidden treasure. May they adjust their thinking and declarations to align with the Wisdom of the Ages and may those around them benefit as well. “He hides away sound and godly Wisdom and stores it for the righteous…” (Prov.2:7a, Amp)

When Battle Heats Up

WELDING: Linn-Benton Community CollegeLife’s battles do not intensify just because the devil gets mad or has a personal grudge.  No, the battle heats up by reason of the needed outcome.  As surely as heat can determine the strength of a weld, so does the intensity of battle establish the strength and longevity of the victory.  The vehemence of battle welds the outcome in undeniable purpose rather than just leaving us with fragmented memories of war. Heat is one of the components of long-term victory and intense battle yields intensely awesome results! (Kathy)

SEEC Ministries 10th Annual Kingdom Congress 2017
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2017 Declaration #2

seepotentialothersIn 2017 you will be reminded of potential in people.  Kid’s Declaration: 2. People are awesome and God will help us see that. Looking beyond their faults, our eyes will be opened to their potential. We will be enabled to do that by Holy Spirit, by compassion of Christ; that means we will have to lean on Him for that. We will become aware of potential in them that we were not previously aware of. We will speak to that potential, we will have words of wisdom for them, words of release that will propel them into potential. ”Be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love.”(Eph.4:2, Living Bible) 
(Declaration #2 from the 2017 Declarations. The Kid’s version was written by Brian and Hannah Sherman.)


2017 Declaration #1

walkoutholeThings you have had to dig your way out of in the past, you will just step out of this year.  Kid’s Declaration: 1. It will be easy to get unstuck.  “I have declared the former things [which happened to Israel] in times past; They went forth from My mouth and I proclaimed them; Suddenly I acted, and they came to pass.” (Isa.48:3, Amp)  (Declaration #1 from the 2017 Declarations. The Kid’s version was written by Brian and Hannah Sherman.)
Read the 2017 Declarations including the Kid’s Declarations: https://martygabler.com/2017-declarations/


Powerful Name of JESUS

ChainsBreakingI DECLARE:  **2.  You will find the Name of JESUS to be very powerful.
—You will invoke His Name and see Him heal,  see Him deliver others out of impossible strongholds of bondage and strongholds of fear.

—You will invoke His Name and see how marvelously He delivers you from the threat of harm,  from bullies,  from a violent spouse or parent or other relative.
(God is delivering elderly people from abuse by their children and others.)
—You will invoke the Name of Jesus and the atmosphere will change.

(Each year these declarations come out of seasons of prayer for those with whom Marty has a degree of influence. If you would like to read all five CLICK HERE)


Rescuing From Graves

–There are those who are reaching up out of “graves” to be free.
They have been buried in the “graves” of life, circumstances, troubles and misfortunes of life.
HandReachingHandThey are reaching to grab hold of anything that resembles life.
–Just one touch, finger to fingers, just one hand shake.
A simple handshake will go a long way with the hopeless conditions people are living under.
The least bit of opportunity to grab hold of something stable will be gladly taken.
–This season of history is marked by people who are buried by stuff that life has dumped on them.
“They are reaching out for the life that I have put in you,” says the Lord.
“I have put that life in you for such a time as this for the influx of people who are coming to your region, let alone the ones who are already there.”
“I have prepared you and put before you a path and steps to take.”
They are everywhere reaching out from under the stuff, trying to get out, groping for life because they know that they yet have life ahead of them.
–I am taking you to those who yet have life to live,   who yet have destinies to fulfill,   who have yet to realize that there are giftings and callings in their life and you are going to touch finger to finger, hand to hand and they are going to come up and out and they are going to begin to walk in those callings.
2016 is the year of touch-to-touch for the callings that are coming forth from out of the graves.

(Each year these declarations come out of seasons of prayer for those with whom Marty has a degree of influence. If you would like to read all seven you may go to this link: 2018 DECLARATIONS)


God Is Digging Deeper


God is digging deeper into our lives to get more out of the way this year.  

Digging deeper into layers to get out those things which are unnecessary. 

dig shovelSo we can get more done, so that we may function to a greater degree in the coming year.

So that where we haven’t accomplished anything we will be able to accomplish something.

So that where we have accomplished something, we will be able to accomplish more.

Scraping more layers off so we can be in the Kingdom what we are supposed to be so that we may have the effect we are supposed to have.

Heb.12:1 “Therefore then, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses [who have borne testimony to the Truth], let us strip off and throw aside every encumbrance (unnecessary weight) and that sin which so readily (deftly and cleverly) clings to and entangles us, and let us run with patient endurance and steady and active persistence the appointed course of the race that is set before us, (Amp)

As you are able to agree with and own these declarations you will be built up in your most holy faith (Jude 1:20) and you will have a tool to war with that can defeat the enemy at several points in the coming year.

Each year I pray and ask the Lord for declarations to make  (1)  over people within my sphere of influence, for  (2)  those with whom I have some degree of influence and for  (3)  those who desire to claim them and come into agreement with them in prayer. I am making these declarations to those with whom I have a degree of influence (Paul said, “I stay in my metron (Gk.)”—2Cor.10:13-15).  

These declarations are for prayer points (points that we pray over regularly) and points of agreement (points that we put agreement to in the atmosphere—agreeing with the purposes of God and with one another).  If you desire to be a recipient of and a participant in these declarations, you must  (1)  agree and you must  (2)  pray them through and you must  (3) declare them (cf.Paul in Acts 27).  These will come by prayer (and perhaps fasting) and applying ourselves.

Each year individuals, churches and prayer groups join us in prayer and agreement throughout the year over the declarations believing God for HIs (1)  redemptive intervention in our lives,  (2)  our churches and in  (3)  our nation and for  (4)  enablement for our Lord’s Kingdom purposes.  Each year individuals contact us to tell us about the declarations coming to pass in their lives after they have claimed them and prayed them through the year.

You may read the 2015 Declarations in their entirety at: