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The Future and Expectancy

As the people of God assemble today, may they build one another up in hope as they look to the future with expectancy for the purposes of God Almighty to be fulfilled in their lives and in their church family. ”So then, let us pursue [with enthusiasm] the things which make for peace and the building up of one another [things which lead to spiritual growth].” (Rom.14:19, Amp)

Chaos and Fulfillment

Abraham walked thru chaos on the way to the fulfillment of the word over his life and Joseph did, Moses did, Joshua did, David did. Our nation/world is walking through chaos on the way to an awakening. God speaks the progression of time and events and His authority and power bring them into being. That is why we must cling to God’s Word and get into alignment with it (speak it, pray it). He already has a plan and He is looking for those who will align/act on it. Isa.14:24 — “Just as I have intended so it has happened, and just as I have planned so it will stand.”  Jehovah plans and declares tomorrow for our benefit, for His declarations free us from our limitations. He wants us to see beyond immediate circumstances. His declarations (what should be/shall be) clear the atmosphere for receiving His inevitable works of wonder. 

Chaos to Fulfillment

Planet Earth FreeThere was a move from “chaos” to “inhabited” to fulfillment in the very beginning. When Yahweh starts a thing, that is the way He intends for it to go. When God Almighty starts something, He finishes it. When people are wearying over matters, over determined personalities, over the seemingly inevitable outcome of present circumstances, God’s power and His plans are not in the least damaged or thwarted. God can bring fullness of order out of chaos as easily as He can bring it out of slight disorder. Isa.45:18, ISV — “For this is what the LORD says, who created the heavens— He is God, and the One who formed the earth and made it, and He is the one who established it; HE DIDN’T CREATE IT FOR CHAOS, but formed it to be inhabited— ‘I am the LORD and there is no other.”

From Chaos to Fulfillment

Marty is encouraging us that God Almighty is moving us From Chaos to Fulfillment.
Click on the video below to watch.

Not Shrink Back

Hopefully, we will not shrink back and think we can opt out of choosing to respond to our Lord’s “Come on” (Matt.14:29). If we refuse to cooperate shrinkawayfromwith God’s intent stirring within us, there will be repercussions. For one, not moving forward in God’s direction can leave us to simply become a victim of our present circumstances instead of changing them.  For another, we get cheated out of destiny and fulfillment that would make our lifetime bring glory to God.  For another, we suffer the consequences of disobedience, (which are too varied and numerous to list here.)  Believe it or not, just like it was hard for Jonah to fight cooperating with God, it is not easy for a son to ignore or defy the cry of a son’s heart.
(This excerpt is from the article “Bid Me Come” written by Kathy Gabler.)


Getting Over the Hump

HumpinroadMay the people of God reach that point which takes them over the
frustrating hump of not realizing goals. And may they experience
the sweetness of desire fulfilled while maintaining self-government
and the precepts of biblical values.

”A fulfilled desire is sweet to the soul, but turning
from evil is disgusting to fools.” (Prov.13:19, GW)



Be Successful In It

Be Successful In It

This is the day the Lord has made.
I will rejoice and be successful in it!