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Desperate for Change

(Kathy Gabler)—Our Battles this last year may have been physical or financial or attacks from people or harassment in circumstances or a siege of constant pressure. Whatever the conflict, I think battle-weariness sets in at the point there seems to be no let up, no end. Changelessness is exhausting. It can make us too tired to muster hope, but like David, that’s the time to talk to God openly. In Psalm 55, David told the Lord that he just wanted some peace and quiet, a walk in the country and a cabin in the woods. He told Him his heart was desperate for change(MSG). When we come to God in exhausted desperateness, He does not meet us there as a stonewall of resistance. That place of meeting with Him is a threshold, a starting place, a second wind. Just breathe.

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An End to Old Patterns

pencilerasing(Kathy) I perceive it is time for overused weapons (interference and harassment) to backfire.  Also, it is time for sieges to end and old patterns of defeat to be broken. We have been equipped with wisdom and awareness to refuse to be conditioned for delay and disappointment.  A new thought for me is that the way to win some wars is to end them!  Many wars lose their presence and meaning when we refuse to allow them to go inside our attitude and condition our life.  Shutting them out shuts them down.
(This is the eighth excerpt from Kathy Gabler’s article “Hands Off!“. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.)


Harassment and Coincidence

While writing this article, I was interrupted by the insurance lady. When I went back to the computer, this article file would not open again!  Finally, after many attempts and maneuvers, it opened. Then, in broad daylight, a roach ran up the slick metal tube leg of my TV tray and on to my computer fightingroachscreen!  You have to know me to fully appreciate the adrenaline implosion and the level of harassment that bodacious devil represented! (At that point I figured I must be on the verge of divulging one of hell’s favorite operations with this threshold interference ploy!) Of course, I had to stop writing to vacuum under everything that could be moved and then exterminate the house to build up enough nerve to go back to the computer.  It was frustrating and the thought actually passed through my mind to put the whole subject down and walk away, but I suddenly realized the timing of this personal-harassment-roach was not a random coincidence! When I could breathe normally and was over my terror, I realized personal harassment and interference are like a double-barrel shot gun.  Interference works on circumstances and harassment works on us.  Both are fighting dirty in an attempt to condition our thinking and attitudes and opinions and conclusions with the ultimate goal of taking advantage of our superpower which is agreement.
(This is the sixth excerpt from Kathy Gabler’s article “Hands Off!“. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.)


Patterns and Expectations

patterndrawingThe purpose of the pattern of a prevailing spirit showing up at threshold moments is to thwart times of fulfillment or transition and purpose. If the hits of a prevailing spirit become a life pattern, that spirit often remains unchallenged because it is hidden in familiarity.  Patterns that are familiar mold our expectations which become unconscious agreement. That is why people find Murphy’s Law comforting.  Their expectations agree with the pattern that whatever can go wrong will.
(This is the fourth excerpt from Kathy Gabler’s article “Hands Off!“. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.)


Interference at a Threshold

(Kathy) Interference at a threshold can be the machinations of both men and minions.  Men under the influence of their own thinking (spiritual wickedness of their own high places) or men under the influence of powers of darkness can build blockages.  It doesn’t take a big devil to cause interference, just a cunning devil that thrives on timing and manipulating circumstances for the perfect storm. Melissa’s birthday package loss exposed a pattern of a prevailing spirit that only shows up at threshold moments to cause chaos or loss. 
(This is the second excerpt from Kathy Gabler’s article “Hands Off!“. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.)


War at a Threshold

A friend of Melissa’s (our daughter) went to great lengths to prepare her birthday gift. The gift was a unique collection of items that connected promise and timing and encouragement specifically for Melissa in her plans for this year. The package was mailed from Mississippi to Texas and doorthresholdmade it to the end of Melissa’s driveway, but she never got the gift. Every step of the gift’s route was traced, confirmed and documented by the post office from the sender to being set upon Melissa’s mailbox. The mailbox was the threshold of fulfillment, however, there was an unpredictable, unprecedented and unreasonable culmination of circumstances at that point. The mailman said the driveway was too flooded to deliver the package to the porch and so he set it on the mailbox and honked to notify the man he saw on the porch. Spring rains had indeed flooded the drive, but there is no explanation for the “man on the porch,” since there was no man on the premises (that had any right to be there).
This incident was interference becoming a weapon used in a threshold war. A “threshold” is a doorway of decision or choice, a place of entry into new potential and change, an opportunity for fulfillment or taking new ground or laying hands on promise or crossing a line of no turning back, but interference causes circumstances to collapse or go awry in war at a threshold. It is like standing on the shore seeing ships in the distance that are headed inland, but do to navigation errors or sudden weather or tide changes, they pass on by or disappear into the night. 
(This is the first excerpt from Kathy Gabler’s article “Hands Off!“. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.)


Don’t Quit In The Heat

If we study the progression of Romans 5:4, (trials then perseverance then character then hope), we begin to understand the real issues. Threshold wars are waged when the heat of trials gets our character to a red-hot blaze, like the point when metal can be changed and re-shaped. That is the point when the heat flames-red-hotmakes it tempting to quit and run to the nearest place of relief rather than complete the process by submitting to the Blacksmith’s hammer. So these wars are screaming the question while we’re in the heat of battle: “Will you do the right thing, let God change your heart and mind where necessary? Will you choose to respond to trials with wisdom and develop godly character; or will you remain the same person, refusing to be conformed to His image?” And our answer at this point will either propel us on to hope and toward promise, or cause us to fall short of hope and promise.

(This is the fourth excerpt from the article “Threshold Wars” by Kathy Gabler.)
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