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Meeting Challenges

There are great challenges before us now and challenges yet to come upon this
world. Those challenges must not go unmet. And who better to meet them than
those who have been with Jesus? Each son of God and daughter of God is being
tested by Holy Spirit because Jesus wants each of us to participate (Jn.20:21; Gal.4:1-7).

(This is the eighth excerpt from Marty’s article “Present Challenges and the Prophetic
Mindset“ which was published in SEEC Magazine [Marty and Kathy’s ministry magazine].
More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Previous excerpts may
be read by scrolling down this page.)

11th Annual Kingdom Congress
March 6-8, 2019
Info and updates: KINGDOM CONGRESS 2019

Drawing for Participation

JesusFeed5000Jesus wanted Philip to participate in the miracle which He had in mind which would meet the need of all 5,000 gathered on the hillside in John Chapter Six. He wanted Philip to participate in everything He had been doing and in everything He was going to do. In the Gospels we can’t help but notice that Jesus spent three years building a legacy for 12 average people (and those who would believe upon Him through them) to advance His Kingdom and turn the world upside down (Jn.20:21; Acts 17:6). They had watched and heard many times as Jesus spoke to diseases, demons and nature with astounding, decisive, victorious results. After those command-and-action-filled confrontations there was no doubt that the government of God was superior. And now, He was seeking to draw Philip and the others into participation that was to become a lifestyle for them as they pierced the darkness of a kingdom that comes to steal, kill and destroy (Jn.10:10).

(This is the fourth excerpt from Marty’s article “Present Challenges and the Prophetic Mindset“ which was published in SEEC Magazine [Marty and Kathy’s ministry magazine]. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Previous excerpts may be read by scrolling down this page.)



God’s Active Government

people prayingGod’s government is active in this world today. It is not by something on the order of the waving of a magic wand. That government is active through sons/daughters that are indwelled by the powerful Person called Holy Spirit. Every son/daughter of God carries the same authority that Jesus did (Jn.20:21). Everything that needs to be done in this earth is already in you and I. Compare the example of Adam naming the animals. God turned him loose to name the animals because it was already in Adam. All it needed was for the Governor to authorize the release. God releases us to “get it done” by the empowering of the Holy Spirit (Acts1:8).

(This is the eleventh excerpt from Marty’s article “The Governor’s Power” taken from Marty & Kathy’s ministry magazine, SEEC Magazine Volume 17 Issue 5. More excerpts will be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The article in its entirety may be read at this link: https://martygabler.com/articles/)

The Real Need

The Real Need

Is the real need of this nation a great politician or a real church? Politicians would hardly ever get a mention in the news media if the church was being and doing everything Jesus was and did when He was on earth. Jesus was shaking the present religious and political scene when He was recorded to say, “All authority (all power of rule) in heaven and earth has been given to Me. Go then…” (Matt.28:18-19a) and “…just as my Father has sent Me forth, so I am sending you.” (Jn.20:21) Key factors we must be aware of: “all authority” and “just as” and “go then.”

One of the major factors that got Jesus crucified was that He was getting more press than Caesar.  People were following and clamoring after Jesus because of His acts which so effectively represented the Father. When Jesus confronted and contradicted darkness through redemptive acts it got the nation’s attention. After consistently revealing the Father in this manner, there was a snowballing effort to make Jesus king. Simply put, Jesus was more representative of life and productivity than was Caesar with all his financial resources and all his millions of citizens. Needs were met and problems solved that Caesar had no capacity for.

When the church is truly the church, in all its God-ordained function and authority, and takes her place in culture, culture will place so much attention on the life and productivity that is flowing out of the church (please refer to the entire Book of Acts) that politicians will be reported and lauded very little. In the book of Acts the church was getting more press than were government officials. “…These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also.” (Acts 17:6) No politician or governmental entity was being given credit for “turning the world upside down” but the disciples of Jesus that He gave His authority to and the disciples He sent out. Jesus and His disciples (count them: 12) impacted the mighty Roman world and jolted its foundation so, that He and they were deemed a national threat. It was not because they directly threatened Rome or Caesar but because they acted in an authority that, because of its results, was obviously a higher government than that of Rome. 

Rather than Christians and the church intimating a dependency upon particular politicians and  government in general (as has obviously been the case since 2007), we should be displaying the results of the government of heaven. The authority of the government of heaven is not the ability to get particular politicians strategically placed but it is to do the works of Christ that make the need for such desired persons and positions much less necessary. (Matt.11:12; Eph.2:10)
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