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Heard a Slingshot

MELISSA — After having some wearisome days I was praying and I heard a slingshot being pulled back slowly to the point of release.  I could hear the sling snapping as it was being pulled to the its limit in order to hurl the stone at peak velocity.  Then I heard the Holy Spirit say, “You are feeling this way because this is where you are.” We are being stretched to the limit for the greatest outcome.  Don’t forget what happened when David released that stone — a giant fell! 


KATHY—Goliath played “King of the Mountain” in the valley!  As big as he was, his greatest strength lay not in his muscles but in his schemes, (sounds like a present-day, ongoing face-off if you ask me.)  He was a giant in stature yet an even bigger bully in character.  His essential nature was that of a bully with the goal of control through manipulation.  He basically walked out on the battlefield and manipulated an entire army into a stand-off! The shock and awe of a giant yelling the rules of engagement paralyzed the troops.  The audacity of such unfair odds like one giant to one average sized soldier was never negotiated and never will be with an unscrupulous enemy.  We have to wonder why King Saul did not send a platoon to rush the giant and change the rules of engagement (but time will tell).  Instead, a nation’s army was arrayed for battle yet one bully used his manipulative mouth (and minions in media and machines) and convinced them the outcome would be the same whether they fought or not.  (Don’t ever expect bullies to tell the truth.) An experienced bully will exert as little effort as it takes to be successful, and sometimes the mouth is a big enough weapon.  Goliath bullied an entire nation with the power of his tongue.  Has the enemy raised up a bully to steal your destiny?  Gather up his EITHER’s and OR’s and shove them into a good hiding place, out of view, so you can get a clear view of God’s instructions.

Facing Goliath



We aren’t weenie-armed sissies facing giants in an immoral world, we are DAVIDS facing GOLIATHS! Do you hear the difference? —Kathy Gabler

Courage Accompanies Purpose

In the Bible God gives us the example of a young teenage boy with very limited abilities. He shows us this David who will not tolerate the bullying and tyrant posture of opposition to the will of God. Courage accompanies purpose. When we do not understand God’s purpose and God’s ways, not only will giants intimidate and prevent us but anything which poses as a possibility of change or adjustment in our comfort zones. When we receive a prophecy, the elements of that prophecy will require adjustments in some area. From the moment David received his prophecy, his life was in continual change being propelled toward destiny. Consider the story of Joseph’s life if you still have questions about change and adjustments.