Daily Devotions

Awareness and Change

Melissa— We can detrimentally become self-focused or we can become self-aware. Here’s the beauty: awareness can cause a change of emotional state instantaneously!  It can do so because it is the bigger picture.  You can see that beyond this moment there are many reasons to get out of self-destruct mode.  There are greater things to behold and be a part of.  Awareness sheds light on the little foxes that do mess things up (SOS 2:15).  First steps: grab that bad mood, anger, frustration, fear and keep it from manifesting outwardly.  It’s not worth the consequences. A great help is praying in the Spirit!  That gift sheds light on things we had no idea were at work in us.  Of course it does!  Our gracious and merciful God made sure we have what we need to do this life, and do it well.  Awareness is such a gift.  It is key in not only living an abundant life, but also in depositing the Kingdom wherever you go. Don’t lose heart!  As long as you are alive, moment by moment, there is an opportunity to change.  Moment by moment there is an opportunity to become aware!
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