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Morning sessions 9:30am. Evening sessions 7:00pm. No Fee to attend.
15th Annual Kingdom Congress. All KC2022 information: martygabler.com/kc2022/
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The Kingdom — The Realm of God

Marty, Kathy and Melissa Gabler, Dr. Greg Crawford, Dr. Don Crum, Jim Hodges, Larry Burden.  No fee to attend.
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Jesus Exposes Darkness

Kathy — I believe it is essential that we know and teach the word and thereby expose and destroy the works of darkness. Nothing was ever created in hell. All hell can do is misuse God’s stuff. So, I pray we realize there is no need to forfeit God’s stuff just because it has been perverted or misused by lovers of LightDarkTunneldarkness. Even if warfare does not end quickly in this present darkness, the ground taken in each battle is an investment for future wars and wins. 1Jn.3:8, Amplified — “The one who practices sin [separating himself from God, and offending Him by acts of disobedience, indifference, or rebellion] is of the devil [and takes his inner character and moral values from him, not God]; for the devil has sinned and violated God’s law from the beginning. The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil.”
(Kathy will be speaking about “The Kingdom and The Awakening” at Kingdom Congress 2021. Kingdom Congress…. For What is to Come. The full schedule of KC2021 and all other pertinent information may be seen at martygabler.com/kc2021/)


Kingdom Congress — Plan Now!

KC 2020 __ March 4-6

Kingdom Congress Mar.4-6,2020 __ Grace International Willis,TX
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Must Speak and Act

Storms have been diverted, effects of storms have been shut down and flood water has been held back by the hand of God. Not long ago, one of this nation’s enemies was testing a bomb underground and it accidentally blew up destroying the facility along with many of the enemy. Missiles aimed for strategic areas of Israel have been diverted to explode harmlessly in the desert. An illusive attacker of many women in London was finally caught by a Christian policeman after a church in the area prayed and declared his capture would be by a Christian. All of these things happened when prayer groups agreed and decreed. We can pray and declare that murderers, hijackers and rapists will take themselves out with their own weapons. We have power over the enemy but we must speak and act. (Marty will be speaking at Kingdom Congress March 6, 2019.)

Kingdom Congress 2018 — PLAN NOW

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Kingdom Congress 2017 Schedule


**NO FEE**

Wed. March 1 – 7:00pm – Sam Brassfield

Thur. March 2 – 9:30am – Melissa Gabler

Thur. March 2 – 10:30am – Simon Purvis

Thur. March 2 – 7:00pm – Jim Hodges

Fri. March 3 – 9:30am – Kathy Gabler

Fri. March 3 – 10:30am – Larry Burden

Fri. March 3 – 7:00pm – Marty Gabler

Hotel Room Discount: 79.00

More Info: martygabler.com/kec2017/

Engagements Father Designs

Marty recently dreamed that he, Melissa and I went into a region of the U.S. to free a young woman from a prison of prostitution.   looking out window2Praying in the Spirit, we were all propelled through barriers, breaching the stronghold she was in.  The battle was an intervention and the details were so specific and graphic that he awoke in a sweat and sought me out to see if I too had had the dream.  While a rehearsal dream can be as impacting as a night vision, its purpose is to equip us for the future and we awake with a deposit of confidence that comes because we have already experienced something.  The night vision is not only about equipping, it is about accomplishing a task.   Such divinely orchestrated assignments can move us through dimensions to a God-appointment with stealth.  The enemy doesn’t know we are coming, and he cannot explain the defeat his stronghold suffered when we leave.  The follow-up action to a night vision is an “amen,” a “so be it,” to seal the outcome that was literally acquired.  Could such translation to complete a task happen in daylight hours?  Yes, mature sons can get mature results in whatever rules of engagement Father designs.    

(This is the twelfth excerpt from Kathy’s article “Mature Son Results” * SEEC Magazine Volume 17 Issue 6 * Previous posts from this article are available by scrolling down this page.)

**Kathy will be speaking at the SEEC Kingdom Conference March 5-7, 2014.

Conference details are available at:  martygabler.com/ctk-conference/