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A Sheer Gift

James 1:2 says “Consider it a sheer gift, when tests and challenges come at you from HandHeadWoman.jpgall sides.”(Msg) So on those days when your spouse, children, mother-in-law and cocker-spaniel are all screaming for attention at the same time a check is missing in the check register and the fridge is dying and melting all over the kitchen floor…you need to think,“sheer gift”. Uh-huh… this is obviously going to take some practice! —Kathy
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God’s Dealing

rocksinalignmentGod’s dealing with men shows His character to men. It is ever steady, just and right no matter the circumstance. God’s character does not change from situation to situation, doesn’t have good days and bad. All days are the same to God and He deals out justice, judgment, mercy and blessing according to His holy character. “Every gift-from the Father-who does not change like shifting shadows.” Js.1:17

Speaking and not Striking

God will faithfully modify our thinking with reference to philosophy of life, big rockconvictions and basic views of Himself. He is ALWAYS bigger than the “box” we put Him in. God is both capable and willing to modify the expression of one’s personality. (Now that’s the untouchable one.) Moses was supposed to lead Israel out of Egypt, not choke all the Egyptians one by one. He was supposed to speak to the rock, not strike it. The end result is not the only thing important to God. If we yield, God will modify everything necessary so that we will speak and not strike when He says, “Speak.” Cf.”Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive…(Js.1:12).”

When Considering a Dream

(Kathy Gabler)—When considering a dream or vision, always ask God for wisdom.  You can be confident He will give it abundantly (James 1:5).  The biggest challenge can be to be ready to hear and receive His input because there are times this isn’t a quick process.  Sometimes, you have to leave a dream on the burner until you are able to hear His wisdom.  One reason for that is because fear or uneasiness or apprehension or atmosphere from a dream can lock us down and lock His input out.  Lock-down can happen also if we are too intense and keep rehearsing the details and coming to the same dead end or if we are in any type of “shock and awe” because of what we experienced.  (First excerpt from Kathy’s article “Continuing to Consider Dreams and Visions”)
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