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Trampling of the Enemy

We can expect and decree a major restraining of violence, crime and other problems within our cities. Jesus had dominion over spirits, all manner of diseases and even over the elements of nature and weather. But we must also realize that strife and contention within churches and among the citywide church will not accommodate the Spirit in power which brings extraordinary results—the trampling of the enemy. Jezebel, Absalom and Korah must go. Even the days of false brethren are numbered. (Gal.2:4)(Fourth excerpt from Marty’s article “The New Era and the Church Trampling”)
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That Which Prevents Change

Athaliah represents that which attempts to prevent change. She was the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel. Athaliah opposed the present form of government which God had placed over Israel. She usurped power wrongfully. Athaliah will viciously fight to keep power in preferred hands for as long as possible. Athaliah doesn’t trust anyone but Athaliah. When her son died she seized the opportunity to place herself on the throne. She murdered all her grandchildren so that she would be the only one left whom the people would accept. Even if it destroys her seed and their potential, she will fight for control.
There is more than one way to murder present authority and leadership in order to prevent change. Physical destruction of persons is still widely opposed in church circles at the time of this writing. So a more convenient method of destroying persons and their vision is through words. Some do not come right into the throne room to commit murder. Some are specialists. There are some who walk out the door while slamming it loudly and then they “shoot” at leadership with a sniper’s accuracy as they come across members of the despised assembly. Remember here that I told you at the beginning of this article one of the most difficult points in dealing with these spirits is that they employ likely human personalities in order to reach their objectives. There are spirits under the employ of satan that strongly oppose change in the churches.
(This is the ninth excerpt from Marty’s article “Giants, Athaliah and Michal“ which was published in SEEC Magazine [Marty and Kathy’s ministry magazine]. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Previous excerpts may be read by scrolling down this page.)