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Kingdom of God Can’t be Stopped

The Kingdom of God does not take its measure from power, money or influence. breakthroughWhen the prognosticators proclaim that powers, pressures and intimidation from “this quarter” and “that quarter” are pressing the church to conform to the demands of culture, and consequences will not be desirable if they do not bow, the people of the Kingdom of Light declare, “It does not matter what powers and pressures are applied. What God has started cannot be stopped!” (Isa.9:7). With that declaration on their lips stands a people who will not forfeit His covenant.

Increase in Intensity

I can’t help but think that there has to be a greater degree of the will of God Increase-man-arrowactivated in this current generation than any previous just because the Kingdom is ever-increasing (Isa. 9:7).  An increase in the intensity and extremes of evil do not change that truth, in fact they testify to darkness getting more obvious because of the Light.  When we consider the hugeness of matters such as the Kingdom coming and God’s will being done in the earth and the ever unstoppable, increasing government of God, we may be tempted to step back and think that all sounds out of reach for little ole me. Yet, if a tiny glimpse of what God wants to do in the life of a cashier in Walmart or a piece of understanding concerning God’s will about the President of the United States brings me to a prayer of agreement, that moment is a touch-point between heaven and earth.

Part of Something Bigger

As the people of God assemble today may each one be aware that he/she is a part of looking upsomething that is bigger than they are–that they are a part of the momentum of God that will not ever stop but shall ever increase (Isa.9:7). We will worship and honor our Lord who made us one body for His glory, so shall we move forward as one, laying down our lives (our ambitions, aspirations and personal agendas) so that body might glorify JESUS in this earth before a culture that is jaded by the fruitless philosophies and idealisms of a man-focused society.

What God has Started

What God has started cannot be stopped. “Of the INCREASE of [his] government and peace THERE SHALL BE NO END, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts WILL PERFORM this.” (Isa.9:7; also 2Chron.6:4; Isa.46:10; Rom.4:21) He has started a work in believers and that impacts their environment. Our cities, our communities, our nation must be recaptured. We cannot be held captive by criminals, whether they are in the streets and alleys or whether they are in political office. Our prayers must change to become prayers of decrees and commands. The church finds itself in a new era and must co-labor with the purposes of our Lord by speaking and acting in the power He has given us over all the power of the enemy. (Lk.10:19)